Crysis 3

    • Crysis 2 didn't suck that much. But you can feel that it's made for consoles. But the series is dead for me, since they made a complete new story for Crysis 2 and didn't make any connections to the characters from part 1.

      Hopefully the third one will be more oriented to the first one in gameplay.

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    • The comment in another forum fits to my opinion to this pic:

      "The bow and arrow looks so out of place no matter how futuristic its design. "

      It's also the official box art.

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      My appetite for transvestite penis is never satisfied.

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    • Crysis 2 was lots of fun, guys. Stop filling up the hate tanks. I could never get used the the radial wheel thing that Crysis 1 had for suit powers, so having a button for each major suit power helped a lot. I enjoy going back and replaying chapters from time to time. Sure, it was linear, but you must realize how difficult making the entirety of Manhattan completely explorable and non-linear must be, compared to an island. It's easier to make believable nature than it is to make believable urban environments, technology allowing. The natural environment just needs to 'seem' random, whereas urban environments need to feel truly lived in to be believable. They did a damn fine job making Manhattan feel real, and it had to come at the cost of linearity, but it was still a fun game.


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    • I had no problems whatsoever using the nanosuit in Crysis 1 - while I did like Crysis 2 I didn't feel nearly as powerful as when I figured out how to use the suit creatively in the first. I did enjoy it despite the ridiculous hand holding the game did in some parts, but I still didn't like the city setting at all. The engine wasn't even adapted to make making a city environment easier - it is still leagues better for expansive natural environments.

      At least this is showing it might be in a forest/jungle, but I still don't see why a bow and arrow

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    • So typical of EA, they haven't even released the game yet, and they have like 5 dlc's planned (and I bet they cost 15$ each)
      Why can't more companies be like Valve? If you are going to make people pay for dlc's at least make the game free...or how about no dlc's at all?
      How about some working servers without lag for a change? They should fix existing games like mass effect 3 and battlefield3,which is still as buggy as the beta version.

      Also punkbuster sucks, it's an effective anti-cheat client and all, but does it have to die every two weeks (just got kicked for losing pb packet 9003 wtf) so I have to perform some obscure fixes??
      How about integrating Origin and Battlelog???

      Here is how it will go down:
      > EA releases Crysis 3, the price of which will be 50€ for the PC and 60€ for 360 and PS3
      > Day one DLC named "Operation Dickbutt" which will cost 15€, and also contain 30% of the game
      > Two months or so later they will start releasing multiplayer dlc's which will also cost 15€ each
      > Weapon packs 5€ each
      > More singleplayer dlc's of course 15€ each
      > The game itself will be buggy as hell because it was rushed, and in dire need of patches that will eventually get released but won't fix anything
      > Servers will be laggy, punkbuster will fail
      > One year later Crysis 4 gets released
      > while (1) repeat (bscly repeat infinitely)

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    • sersoft wrote:

      Damn that means my PC is out of date soon...

      Luckily I can always find cheap parts thanks to idiots who moved on to iPads.

      I found Crysis 2 to be optimized quite well. Even better than Crysis 1. (Well you couldn't destroy that much and the levels were smaller though).

      I've read on a site that it "takes place in a heavily destroyed New York which has become "almost a jungle", thus combining the settings of the first and second games."

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