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  • VladmirGamer -

    Where is the Surface Tension update?

  • MegaKosan -

    Happy Birthday

  • VladmirGamer -

    Hellow, a question. when will be the release date for the December Update?

    • Dustin -

      I wouldn't normally respond to a question on another person's wall, but the developers have made it clear on multiple occasions that while the update will released at some point in December, they aren't willing to give the exact day. Also, assuming no plans have been changed, a "The December Update, Part 3" thread (or something similar) will be posted before the update is actually released.

  • MisterDigitalGuy -

    Have a quick question about BM- does the game support any user-generated content at this point (custom models, custom textures, etc.)? I ask this because I am currently unable to get custom models to work correctly in BM, and I'm not sure if it's because the game doesn't support custom content at this point, or if it's a problem on my end.

  • rabinovich -

    Установка Black Mesa Dedicated Server (Windows)

  • Solareclipsed -

    Hi, I added some more information on the thread about opening .dmx files, would you mind taking a look and see if you can help?

  • blackmars -

    multiplayer tab no showscore display
    how to fix this game no option tab?

  • mychaelo -

    Hi, who should I talk to about submitting a localization package?

  • XxX_BuGWorKs_420_XxX -

    Hey Text!

    I have some problems with BMS "just a bug" When you see scientist his tie are moving to one side to other and that do the game lags please fix as fast you can :D

  • Medkit -

    Hey Text!

    I'd like to ask if we can expect the steamworkshop release of your awesome uncut mods in the following days, or it takes longer (weeks - months). I hope I don't sound rude. I am not rushing you, the simple case is I'm waiting at the end of the Power Up chapter, because I' have no intention to play the short, black mesa version of OAR ever again.

    • TextFAMGUY1 -

      Weeks. I'm waiting for the workshop rewrite to be pushed out with the first big update, which removes the 100mb file size restriction from the workshop. Once that is done they will go up. The only reason they're not up now is because of that.

    • Medkit -

      Ah I see, thanks for the answer! We'll wait as long as we have to.

    • masterofthedead -

      Hi Text, is the 100mb file size restriction being rolled out for all games on the steam workshop? I had a look and it seems they have only mentioned doing that for Skyrim?