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Originally Posted by RandomGuy View Post
This is where we ask questions? OK, will the AI in this game be original, or recycled from the Combine AI in Half Life 2 with modifications? That AI would work as long their power and running speed is increased to compensate for the fact that there is less of them.....
Originally Posted by Mr. Someguy View Post
The Marine's AI is modified Combine Soldier AI, and yes, they can run and shoot.
The Marines do not use combine code. However, it uses the some of the same behavior code. Remember folks behavior code is separate code that can be used by more than one NPC.

Honestly the combine code is a mess. It is over 4000 lines of spaghetti code where as our grunts contain a little over 500 lines.
The grunt code rely on behaviors more than the combine, so not only can other NPCs can share the behaviors, but we have cleaner code too.

Originally Posted by RandomGuy View Post
.....Also, why was the M4 cut if it was already modelled and textured? And will the HECU Grunts be able to move and shoot at the same time and throw grenades farther? That always bothered me about Half Life.
2) Call us lazy, but we have other stuff to get done and the M4 is not on that list. Why? Well, because we can.
3) HECU can throw grenades, but not too far nor too close.

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