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Originally Posted by Maxey View Post
Is there significantly more science in BM than there was in HL1?
Originally Posted by Cheshyre Parrot View Post
Will the Houndeye's shockwaves push any physics objects back? It would be cool if it just broke glass.
The houndeye's shockwave attack affects all physics objects, including dead bodies.
Originally Posted by uk_sniper View Post
is this statement still true?

If so, can we expect BMS before end of June 2011?
We weren't able to continue to hit milestones at that rate of progress. So who's to say, really?
Originally Posted by koolkalang View Post
What constitutes meeting a deadline in Black Mesa? Getting a bug fixed? Making a particularly tricky part of the mod come to life? Deciding on design elements where everyone is happy? Having a meeting to agree that the next meeting is next week? Meeting the monthly trolling quota?
It's mostly centred around having sections of the game ironed out; level design, art, gameplay, AI, choreography, etc.
Originally Posted by Bamako View Post
Are the developers going to release some of the mod's beta/cut/unused content at some point?
No, a lot of it's been lost to the aether. The rest isn't worth digging up, that's why it's been cut and is unused.
Originally Posted by Lego View Post
I'm not sure if someone asked this already, but commentary nodes will be featured in the final product?
We haven't started writing or recording any yet.

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