Pre-release Archive   In-game Issues

White risk on screen of menu and game (6)
Chapter Messages not appearing (7)
hl2.exe has stopped working (17)
Getting locked in the Lambda lab elevator (3)
Can't load lump 53, allocation of 17411653 bytes failed!!! (15)
Strange bounce bug in Residue Processing. (1)
Railway tram breaks when you put it into reverse (1)
Various Sound script and sound issues (2)
effect at the end of game (3)
Alot of Black mesa Errors (1)
"HL2.exe has stopped working" when loading 'Surface Tension' maps (9)
Weapon Textures Not Appearing ( 2 ) (38)
No HUD with Parallels (3)
Save games ruined (3)
The Tram Shutdown (11)
Crash in Antimass-Spectrometer Room (1)
weird mouse issues (4)
Noise Shader cannot be disabled (6)
Main Menu=White Screen (7)
Game crashes @ C1A3A (1)
Everything turns black on Blast Pit - HELLP PLEASE! (7)
can't get off the train (5)
Light on weapon black one side graphical glitch very annoying (6)
graphical glitch (13)
game crash after few seconds (1)
Fix this (3)
Game only using one core and HDR slowdowns (12)
Unpassable fight on hard skill (9)
Surface Tension ending (1)
Power Up Garg missing effect (9)