Pre-release Archive

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Process For Reporting Issues Post Steam Release [In-game Issues] (3)
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Falling down long ladders and die (with dedicated graphics card on) [In-game Issues] (2)
Black Mesa: Lambda Bunker [Show Off] (2)
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Weird crash during the big fan room in Blast Pit [In-game Issues] (2)
[FIXED] Exploit: Triggering rocket engine by grenade during Blast Pit episode [In-game Issues] (2)
Loading zone not working in Surface Tension [In-game Issues] (4)
Jump height problem (not what you think) [In-game Issues] (6)
Crash going down ladder in blast pit [In-game Issues] (3)
Missing Textures - Fix [In-game Issues] (1)
No Chapter Titles FIX [In-game Issues] (3)
Pink checkerboards and DirectX stuck at 7 [In-game Issues] (2)
Blurry screen after loading saved game [In-game Issues] (4)
SteamStartup() failed: Missing Interface [In-game Issues] (2)
White risk on screen of menu and game [In-game Issues] (6)
Chapter Messages not appearing [In-game Issues] (7)