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[Steam release version] A map of BM's Black Mesa Research Facility



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  • darkone -

    Replied to the thread Feature Salvation Awaits.

    Crashes instantly if you try to pull it up on an Iphone. Lags like crazy on a computer. Other then that looks cool. Also nice updated xen image on the bottom.
  • darkone -

    Replied to the thread General Xen Chit-Chat Thread.

    H0WDVRm.jpg Bottom bit of the front page, that is an updated version of the first screenshot we got. the ceiling and new plant life show that.
  • Hubicorn -

    Replied to the thread Feature Salvation Awaits.

    Quote from RedEye: “The mains page (blackmesasource.com) is pegging all 4 cores on my AMD A6-3420M APU cpu on chrome (Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and trying to with firefox (60.0.2 (64-bit)). Oh, and it likes the ram to. afraid to…
  • RedEye -

    Replied to the thread Feature Salvation Awaits.

    The mains page (blackmesasource.com) is pegging all 4 cores on my AMD A6-3420M APU cpu on chrome (Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and trying to with firefox (60.0.2 (64-bit)). Oh, and it likes the ram to. afraid to try it on my tablet. :(
  • RedEye9 -

    Replied to the thread OMG "x" is on sale thread..

    callersbane.com/2018/06/the-game-is-now-free/index.html The Minecraft Website announces the release of Scrolls as a free game, reviving the virtual card game that was abandoned a while back by the Minecraft developer. Bethesda Softworks will be pleased…
  • uniquenewyorke -

    Liked Admiral Sakai’s post in the thread "Evacuation" / "Rescue" Singleplayer Map Mode.

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    Put together a little HUD addition that displays a light for the relevant NPCs in a level- green if one is in a predefined 'safe' area (set by a trigger), red if dead, and orange if they are still at large in the map. I have to say, it looks pretty damn…
  • uniquenewyorke -

    Liked Hubicorn’s post in the thread Feature Salvation Awaits.

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    Hey Community, I know there has been a bunch of things occurring recently that's preventing this community from growing, such as the looming forum software bugs and lack of spam prevention tools. This has not fallen on deaf ears. I cannot share much,…
  • Dragunov2 -

    Liked .RK’s post in the thread [Steam release version] A map of BM's Black Mesa Research Facility.

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    Hey all, A few years ago, I put together an overhead map of the mod version of Black Mesa. Said map can be found in this thread: forums.blackmesasource.com/ind…k-Mesa-Research-Facility/. Since the steam version has come out, I took some time to make a…
  • Shaddy -

    Replied to the thread Anime/Manga Thread.

    twitter.com/YonkouProd/status/1009692504965332992 IT HAPPENED MY BLAND BOY IS HERE AND HE IS FUCKING PURPLE
  • drgibbles -

    Replied to the thread OMG "x" is on sale thread..

    Im reinstalling. Any game that you can play, finish every round, with the sense of did I really just pull that off? Win or lose, is still winning for me. They really got done ugly with their release


  • ello Guys, Since a lot of people were asking how to implement new lights I have uploaded some of our internal tutorial/test maps on Dropbox.
    I would recommend checking out tut_nextgen_lights_optimised.vmf since it contains a lot of examples in a single map. Then you can check one of those specialized example/test maps too.
    Please note that these maps are not the most optimized version of maps and they were just created to test/demo specific bugs/features.

    To help us configure new lights in a faster way we have implemented Ingame Light Editor. Here's a quick tutorial/documentation from our internal forums -

    In game Light Editor - a Convar based system for easily selecting new Light entities and edit their properties via convar. (Whenever alex get free from UI he will look into UI for editor and even saving to vmf if its easy)

    Here's the overall workflow -

    1) le_editor_selection_mode_enabled - Enable Light Editor selection mode. It will show you xyz axis and a box around light…
  • Going to do things a bit different than what I usually do, I'll give some background on how we are doing the levels and then show some of the small props I have been making. So we posted new images today to go along with the summer sale showing new images from the map Xen. C4a1a which is where all the images have come from so far (except for my wire frame shots) is a desert like area that is quite rocky and has many different islands. Adam, Shawn and I have been detailing the map using 3dsmax and a plug-in called WallWorm (WW) developed by Shawn Olsen (a team member and creator of the program, buy it it is great you will need Max though). Our process is to import a vmf that a LD has already made and has been divided up into a instance for ease of bringing back into hammer later. Once in Max we can turn all the displacements into a sculpt mesh and sculpt it very easily. We also can vertex paint 4way blended textures onto the mesh. We also can sculpt the mesh to form around pretty…
  • I have been slowly replacing old models, and slipped in the crown vic in the last CU, but the real big one is this one. Couple of years ago before I really started to model a lot I got Robert to make a new jeep. This was before the steam release and with all the replacement I ended up doing, I didn't have the time or experience compiling to really do it justice. Well while working on the STU stuff I made the trucks and a lot of the skybox props and ended up fixing up a lot of the old source game models so they all matched the style of the CSGO ones (i.e. very dark interiors,little detail and very dirty windows). These include the big gray van and the little utility truck. Those were released with the last CU. I had been using the parking lot in QE for my testing and noticed some things that really didn't fit in with the rest of the updates I was doing.
    For instance. Hummer didn't have a dedicated interior. This was something I left out when I redid those models a couple of years…
  • Coming Soon!

    Here’s a quick glimpse of what we are polishing for our next update. You’ve hopefully already seen our preview of Surface Tension: Uncut over at Lambda Generation. We are very excited to see how the community likes the uncut levels. We’ve done a ton of work since we’ve shown those screen shots, and even improved our AI for the Alien Grunts and Vortigaunts to help make this chapter be as fun and engaging as possible.

    Our BIG announcement though, is that we have implemented Cascaded Shadow Mapping, or CSM into the Black Mesa Engine. CSM brings the visual quality of the game to a whole new level. It’s hard to describe in words what CSM does to the game, so we’ve added a few screenshots below to give you a better idea. Notice the crisp shadows on the world and weapons, that originally weren’t there.

    Cascade Shadow Maps!

    New Shadows work on viewmodels too!

    Dynamic, Crisp shadows

    They work in real-time, they are not prebaked!

    Why work on this?

    First, there were…