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  • PotatoMuffin

    Old Hermit wrote:

    Bulk up the armor a bit more, looks really thin as-is.

    9seed wrote:

    If I may, I suggest giving it more armor along the waistline.

    Knew something looked a little off, just really couldn't point out what it was. Here's a chestplate that doesn't look so skin-tight:

    I hope I have appeased the Black Mesa forums.
  • PotatoMuffin

    Actually, doing a quick search on GameBanana reveals that it's already been done.

    Display Spoiler

    Look how the Hivehand doesn't stick out like a sore thumb anymore.

    Perhaps I'll do my own remodel of the Hivehand following the release of the Alien Grunt. No promises, though, but still a consideration. Would also help make my portfolio look better if I showcased a Hivehand model that didn't already belong to someone else.
  • PotatoMuffin

    Old Hermit wrote:

    PotatoMuffin wrote:

    Still a work in progress. Should make the skin a little more tan to keep it in line with MenteR's original concept artwork, as the colors should be similar ‍ to a vort but not identical.
    Really liking the materials thus far. Are you thinking you'd like to try your hand at the hivehand as well, or are you going to match the armor to the vanilla's materials?

    I think I'm just gonna take the Hivehand from the vanilla model and put it on this one for the sake of consistency. I might work on a Hivehand model in the future but don't expect any promises. The only thing I really see "wrong" with the current Hivehand is the oversaturated colors, as it seems to be a mix of both the original and HD version. This results in making the Hivehand stand out too much when put on the Alien Grunt.

    In my opinion they should've just stayed with the original colors. The HD colors can probably ‍ work too, but idk the pallete resembles too much of a pizza to me.