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  • You wouldn't believe how clean it is once you get past the false front they put up. So clean you could eat off the floor if you wanted. Them underground mutants certainly know how to keep tidy.

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  • To be fair, you can't play the 3DS line of games on the Switch, and there are a lot of 3DS type games out there so a foldable 2D-only option with a larger screen does make some kind of sense.

  • Doesn't NOT make you a furry either. *squints eyes*

  • Wendy's reaction to the previous posts: (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from chococile: “Hi there, ive just gotten to the part in black mesa were I am given the jetpack thing, and told about the xen boss, so i assume that im very near completing whats currently available in the game. So I want to know if its worth waiting for xen to arrive before moving on to half life 2, are there any crucial occurrences? ” There is, in my opinion, a rather crucial story element in Xen that will help you with Half-Life 2. As Maxey said, you could either wait for the devs to f…

  • ^ That. Let's keep this to the discussion of the screenshot provided. Thanks, everyone!

  • can I run this game?

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    There are two versions: 1. The mod for Half-Life 2 (not Half-Life 1) which was released in the latter part of 2012 and is free, but does not and will not include the Xen chapters and will remain how it was released. 2. The standalone game which is in early access right now and retails at US$19.99 on Steam, and will include the Xen chapters when they're done and updates including bugfixes.

  • Every time I watch Samurai Jack, I can't help but think it's the fantasy daydreams of Professor Utonium from the Powerpuff Girls.

  • Quote from TextFAMGUY1: “Our screenshot has no HL1 counterpart. It's an entirely new area. ” Oh my. Forget I said anything then. I am even more stoked for the upcoming Xen chapters now!

  • Here's a screenshot from the Xen chapter:(Hidden Content) Seems like a normal cave to me with blue water and default rock textures. In fact, it's a possibility that this is the area in the game that the Black Mesa screenshot has expanded upon. Let's see how it looks in context with the rest of the game. EDIT: (This is me speaking as a member of the community, not a moderator, not a developer--because I'm not a developer as TextFAMGuy1 said.)

  • Windows 10 is my OS of partial-choice.

  • I didn't want to make a new topic for this since it seems like a relatively simple piece of software. I have only a couple people that I follow on Twitter. I don't think to check them every five minutes to see if they've made a new tweet. Is there a piece of software that I could download that would allow me to see new tweets made in real time in a sort of popup box or something? For example, user @random123 tweets. I see their tweet in a popup window and I can click it to go to the tweet if I w…

  • Raminator was one of the lead developers of Black Mesa, but when the mod version came out, he left the team to pursue other interests. I shall miss his pretty nose.

  • The Happy Topic

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    Thanks! Here's mine: (Hidden Content) Not as insane as Tiki's but it makes me happy.

  • The Happy Topic

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    How do you get above 72.5fps? I know my computer is capable of doing that as the Lost Coast stress test reported over 200fps but Half-Life 1 seems to be locked at 72.5fps when vsync is off.

  • Quote from Maxey: “Hello, is my birthday. Have some figurative cake on my dime. ” Merry Birthday, you filthy animal.

  • Looking good, but yeah, the maintenance areas seem a bit bright. You could pull back on the lighting a little. Also, I believe the cafeteria area could make for some interesting conversations between the scientists, and between scientists and guards, and between the guards. It could be a focal point for that section of the facility. Scientist: "They just got a new sample they're taking down the test chamber in a couple days. The results could prove very interesting." Guard: "Just as long as you …

  • My screen/account name is in three parts. daniel = My actual first name san = Japanese honorific* geo = A reference to my very first webhost: Geocities** How about you, Raziel_ZV? * I'm not Japanese. When I was first presented with being required to create an account name way back in 1994, I was trying to think of one. The Karate Kid was on TV and, well...there you go. ** My original email address with them was [email protected] Then Geocities was bought by Yahoo and then they shut down …

  • Quote from CyankeeMassey: “Has anything bad happened yet to you guys? I want to make sure I drink myself to death if need be. ” My digital camera was stolen out of my pocket during a concert I attended today.