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  • Not that I want to reignite a flame war, but to be perfectly honest, the biggest danger of nuclear power is not making new plants. Modern reactor designs are a lot safer and produce a lot less waste than the older ones, but because older reactor designs had a handful of issues worldwide, nobody wants to OK the construction of new plants, meaning that the old ones are kept running to fill energy quotas instead of being decommissioned in favour of more environmentally sound designs. I just ran the…

  • Titor_insignia.jpg

  • Isn't the BM vort model just the Episode 2 vort model using the slave shackle variant you see in HL2? (The Ep2 vorts having been backported into HL2 in the '09 update) Not that I don't think HDTF is crap, or that I doubt that there's fishy stuff going on, but between that and the HL2 trainstation maps that are part of the SDK content as examples there are some thing being thrown about as evidence that... isn't. I'm not 100% sure about the Adobe FUSE stuff, but I seem to recall the license for th…

  • Did it make you feel like a badass? I hope it made you feel like a badass. Would have offset the annoyance.

  • I suppose I'll have to look into building a manifest externally then, since I do have a few sounds I play from the beginning. It looks like if you call snd_restart before loading the map the sounds will be fixed for that entire instance, including through load screens, until you restart the local server by loading a save file - but I don't want to put the burden on the end user if I can avoid it. If the devs can re-add snd_writemanifest, that would be very helpful! EDIT: Actually, after a few at…

  • Sound mounting via the workshop appears to be broken. When mounting the content as a folder directory using gameinfo.txt, or using a vpk and mounting with gameinfo.txt, the audio plays fine, but the same vpk mounted via the workshop system will not play any custom sounds, instead spitting out error messages with the following format: Cannot figure out which search path sound\stojkeholm\sh_sinetone.wav came from. Absolute path is A:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\362890\1282390981…

  • Not currently, but I'm sure as soon as there is we will get a post about it.

  • Happy Birthdays!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • "2009" build of Black Mesa

    JeffMOD - - The Cafeteria


    The devs have more important things to do than cover every thread on the forums, like actually finishing the game. I highly doubt they even have VMFs from that far back, and if they do, it's likely they're not the "1:1 remake" you're envisioning. I don't recall Ram saying anything of that sort back when he was around. I remember the phrase "orangemapped the whole damn game" and them saying that OAR was cut down because most players despised it, but the whole point of BM was to be a re-imagining …

  • Buying new CPUs would be pointless though, because the new CPUs also have this issue. They're going to have to entirely change the way CPUs work, and then test them to make sure they do, roll out a new manufacturing line process, etc. - It will take at least 3 years, possibly closer to 10 for this to be fixed. Tarnishing your reputation now for a possible boost in sales a decade on doesn't make any sense at all. The "this is just a marketing stunt" line of thinking is "The commies put flouride i…

  • I mean, technically, under the circumstances being unpatchable is the best security for that issue.

  • Black Mesa Classic Weapons

    JeffMOD - - The Test Chamber


    Yeah, I'm pretty sure they said that because CC keeps tweaking how weapons work (such as the crossbow scope, which was just now revamped) and they didn't want to redo work every update.

  • point_camera angles are broken

    JeffMOD - - In-game Issues


    Oh, I must have missed that one. Alright, I guess we can assume it's being worked on then. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • I'm hopeful it will get sorted with the UI update that's reportedly planned (along with a custom game menu) but we don't have confirmation about that.

  • point_camera angles are broken

    JeffMOD - - In-game Issues


    It appears that the angles and possibly zoom level of point_camera have become bugged, as cameras no longer point to the area determined in their angles selection, but towards and area offset from that. I have yet to determine the offset, but this is definitely a bug in the code rather than something that got knocked around in a map, because it's happening in all maps that use point_camera, including custom maps. I've made a screenshot with a quick test map, with a bullseye, monitor, camera, and…

  • Often after closing Hammer, and occasionally after closing the game, Steam will continue to register Black Mesa as "running", preventing BM and any other game from being launched until Steam is forcibly killed in the task manager. As much as I would love to be able to claim I have over 800 hours logged in Black Mesa, at least half of that time is a result of this bug happening and me not noticing until later.

  • I'm not sure if this is due to PVS calculations, it being a screen-space effect, or whatever, but it seems that lens flares in the 3D skybox will not render properly unless you're physically inside the 3D skybox and looking at their original position. The flares can render superimposed into the scene when the 3D skybox is being rendered as a duplicate, but it also has some odd offset that changes drastically when the player shifts their view. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this isn't…

  • Tutorial - Ingame Light Editor

    JeffMOD - - Developer Updates


    Is it intentional that the newLight_spot entity doesn't have any Godray options, or did that just get left out of the FGD? Also, how big of a hit on performance do the shadow maps take? I've been considering modifying my copy of the FGD to make that "on" by default.

  • Alternatively the devs could probably just use a math_counter and a failsafe logic_relay to trigger the blast if all the NPCs set to fire on it die. The NPC Osprey does sometimes get fairly close to the player, though - I'm sure a little window tint or something would prevent that from being an issue, however.