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  • I've got most of the level geometry for ev_office now transferred over; I have to say I really like how the pd_c1a2b areas look turned back to post-disaster. I still don't have a great idea of how to do the NPC talley board at the end of the level, but that is going to be my next big priority. 6C374482B9E7184C6AA471DDA49466D55B8DF6C5A329B8ECC813F31D35958799D8964E3FCAF73DB3A089E56C97275D72F8F8A32461DADEC45318E17F756E7A93BE97F7F49D2EFAE9647BBA4E498C1F196D3FD97621CDAF69D9959E925E06A7FEE057B8241F3AB…

  • I have to say they've done an admirable job of polishing this area; the original looked extremely spare and kind of generic, but this definitely looks like Xen. The glowy bits on the ceiling and the alien plants on the side really add a lot.

  • This will be super helpful for any number of things!

  • I've had so many I don't know which one you are referring to specifically, but I have made many changes to the way I am doing lighting to fix a lot of things I was unhappy with.

  • I was actually operating under the assumption that these areas were teleported from place to place within Xen; there is no texture at all corresponding to those tile walls in Black Mesa currently (although there are some, like lab/c3a2a_w1j and tile/tilewall006d, that come sort of close to some elements of them). It is entirely possible that those textures just have not been released, although many Xen textures actually have- some with interesting names like mold_clusters_decal, xen-maggot, xen_…

  • General Xen Chit-Chat Thread

    Admiral Sakai - - The Cafeteria


    Curious that the wall textures used are never seen anywhere in Black Mesa proper. There's also a lot of research equipment and large machines in the modelfiles if you know where to look; perhaps these segments are part of a large and well-established Xenside facility?

  • Just a quick headsup that I've finished my first pass on the new Map B and plan to have it up along with a tweaked Map A in a week or so. 5FA1BA80F2489CB37D9F221B3AFCF1352B057C82

  • Work on the fundamentals of ev_office is coming along fairly well, with a current group of four scientists and a security guard at various levels of savability ranging from effectively guaranteed to nearly impossible (I managed to do it once, on easy mode, with cheats) able to be led to an elevator at the end of the level. 06304471519653AA9E7F03514485219EB5871534 I plan to add more as I expand the area out, of course (which also achieves my somewhat paradoxical longtime dream of seeing one of my…

  • This one uses a script_intro entity displaying some sprites against a black background on Render Mode 9 (which uses the luminosity of the secondary image as its alpha when deciding what to overlay).

  • Opting to proceed without the HUD for the time being, but not discarding it completely- there may yet be a way to project dynamic materials onto the player's view, but it's going to take some time to find. Instead, I am planning to put together a prototype "ev_office" using the areas I developed for pd_c1a2b (since I currently have that handy and in a nearly finished state.

  • Put together a little HUD addition that displays a light for the relevant NPCs in a level- green if one is in a predefined 'safe' area (set by a trigger), red if dead, and orange if they are still at large in the map. I have to say, it looks pretty damn identical to the existing HEV visual components: A3246ED3C297AB595C0A2AE9D0ABECDC40ADB336 The only problem is, it interferes with the rendering of viewmodels! ED1CFC8C626126CEFC3B6F615B587599C0FD1F89

  • I've been tossing around for a little while now the idea of a type of singleplayer map where the objective is to hunt down as many friendly NPCs as possible in various locations throughout a map and bring them safely to an elevator, evac chopper, or other safe area. There's levels somewhat like this in Half-Life and its expansions, but to my knowledge it has never been attempted in quite the same way: - Office Complex in Half-Life/Black Mesa allows you to accumulate quite a number of friendly NP…

  • Got it to work by scaling the entire model up by a factor of ten instead of five and also changing the units in the export settings from feet to inches. I could probably do more tests to see which issue was actually responsible for the problem, but I'm just happy to see the back of this thing.

  • Went through both of the above and got the same result as before. Notably, despite having scaled the model upward by a factor of 5 I am still getting "WARNING: Model has 2-dimensional geometry (less than 0.500 inches thick on any axis)!!!" errors, which makes me suspect that something else is going on with the model itself. Not sure what that would be, but I'll keep looking. EDIT: Recompiled with just the two largest mesh elements and it went fine, so I'm gonna add in convex sections one at a ti…

  • I figure that those would be the 'fleshy' areas, since it's a factory and the Xenians use largely organic technology.

  • Falloff For NewLights

    Admiral Sakai - - In-game Issues


    Not sure if this is a feature that's supposed to be in the game (making its absence a bug) or just something that was never implemented (making this a feature request) but the falloff parameters on the newLight_spot and newLight_point entities do not work- their falloff is always quadratic.

  • OaR - Loop Mod

    Admiral Sakai - -


    Have you considered using a tool like Propper to convert some of the expensive sections into static props?

  • So I'm making a modified version of a prop (a mirrored "table_l" desk) in Blender using Crowbar decompilations, and am having some problems with the collision model. I am for whatever reason not able to split it into convex parts properly, and the recompilation just produces a "shrink-wrap" collision which needless to say is effectively unusable for this highly concave prop. The ancient SDW tutorial describes a way to export multiple groups in one model file using a 'set smooth' tool, but this s…

  • One response I would like to see that would actually be helpful in determining the direction I want to go with mods is what the Black Mesa team's plans are after Xen is released and reasonably stable- a yea or nay on stuff that's been on modders' wishlists for a good long while like map-specific playermodels and custom LCSs. Other than that, I'm totally happy with the way the game is developing.

  • Dy_lasers Prototype

    Admiral Sakai - -


    The results of my messing-around-in-Hammer period weren't great. It may be possible to set up a completely free-moving laser system that bounces off of physics props, but I don't think it's tenable for the multi-stage beam in dy_laser. Therefore, I am thinking that I'll be going with the option of having the mirrors be wedged at predetermined locations in the environment. There's only three mirrors total in the original, so I actually have room to get somewhat inventive with their placement. The…