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  • Maybe we should stop with this, if we continue we might set things in motion we cannot undo, god knows what could happen to us, to the world

  • latest The whiteboard says Cascade Cypher and states AES | 2F (probally Twofish) | SP (probally Serpent) now i know nothing about how to cascade a cypher, but af far as i could find for now it means you have to run the output of one cypher through an other cypher So my best gues is we realy need to use AES > TwoFish > Serpent (it seems to be a commen way to encrypt harddisk data if three different cyphers are used. they can each be used with a different password, for example the first cypher cou…

  • Quote from thewizard99: “After looking back, someone mentioned about SP/Twofish a while back ( 2 years ) and someone brushed right past it. With this board and it being noted. We seem to be on the right track. Now how does Serpant/Twofish work? That website allows you to do both Twofish/Serpant at the same time, using the Halos File, and what ever password ( im assuming BENALOHPAILLIER ) as the Key, though could be something else. Is there away t…

  • There is an other script like that on kxbm, maybe its different or maybe its just differently encoded atleast its using unicode charecters like "\u2593\u2593\u2593\u2593\u2593\u2593" instead of hex represitation

  • static sound could still contain data as for kxbm proof, the facebook link on the page does link to the black mesa devs facebook page

  • [ARG] The Pizza Code Mystery

    P(PORTAL)RTAL - - The Cafeteria


    Quote from flavrans9: “ Here's something I noticed some time ago, but then completely forgot about it: The digit sum of Dr Horn's number 1001085139140914 is 47, and the number of distinct digits is 7.” so the password for the hex file is just 1001085139140914

  • Quote from wrkq: “Quote from P(PORTAL)RTAL: “the only way for it not be valid base64 is if it contains invalid charecters” ... or if the number of characters is not multiple of 4. But this one is correctly padded with "=" at the end.” some base64 standarts do not require the padding as mandatory

  • base64 reprents an array of bytes in readable / printable charecters, since writing it as 0010101101101 would be long the only way for it not be valid base64 is if it contains invalid charecters

  • realy nice indeed, does seem the spam protection isnt fully working in this version

  • Quote from pointless: “@AngelSG ??? It doesn't even make sense to use that javascript decoder on a message more than twice the lenght of the "public key" field because it treats everything as a single block. See how it works. In the javascript decoder, "public key" corresponds to "n" and the implementation actually hardcodes the free parameter "g" to "n+1", so it won't ever decode anything where the "g" parameter is different. The "lambda" is…

  • Quote from BuzzKillington: “Has anyone tried converting this HEX segment into a base64 string? It could, possibly, be a hidden PNG or Binary segment hidden by converting it to HEX.” i lost you here, hex or nbase64 are just different readable ways to display bytes if its base64 or hex its still the same bytes right? so how could you all of a sudden find an image

  • Quote from thewizard99: “And just something reguarding the "Tempus Omnia Revelant" The Section "It is one thing to communicate with something mysterious but it is quite another to be silently observed by it. I am concerned whether it understands the same concept of reason that we do." is spoke by Captain Picard in episode 9 of Season 1. the full quote should have "Captain's Log, Stardate 41255.9. Whatever the object or vessel in orbit with us, it hangs there like a nemesis." Its talking about th…

  • about, it has a looping sound: those beeps at the start sound a bid weirs there could be data inside it but i dont know how to analyze sound files

  • Quote from 1942rob: “According to the documentation "?OTR,3,4,?" would mean message fragment 3 of 4, which would imply that there are 3 more fragments somewhere (IRC clue 5 refering to HALOS files, anyone?). If this is the case, then maybe finding the other fragments should be the highest priority?” Hmm indeed.... but if there are more halos files, i am sure we would have found them by now... (unless they will be included in xem :D)

  • Quote from JazzOwl: “I found a video on Youtube explaining how to set up an OTR account/client, when I noticed something very...familiar: Look at the generated Key, "Fingerprint"; it has the same structure as the sections of the HALOS file.attachment.php Here is the video:” well the full halox.txt (including the OTR tag) does seem to meet the OTR protocol since it does not specify a version it should use OTR 1 now we jsut need to fin…

  • Quote from JazzOwl: “In light of the prototype decyptor, I will go ahead and display my current translations for the TEXT MANIFESTS 1 & 2. TEXT MANIFEST 2 TEXT MANIFEST 1” are you actualy translating the chinese?

  • looks good, i want to look around in those maps

  • it looks good, i find it hard to say that since its still pre-aplha but i already got the idea that i want to walk there as a player

  • i bet it all be done on cristmass 2016!

  • The Story of Gasworks

    P(PORTAL)RTAL - - Developer Updates


    it looks good man. i realy got the feeling like omg i want to play it