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  • 10. Some wall signs have dual images when illuminated with the flashlight. 11. Some handrail inter-connections are semi-translucent.

  • 1. Fire sprinkler head clips into fluorescent light fixture. 2. Incorrect male NPC dialogue occurs on several occasions, but the same female dialogue is correct. 3. Leg of NPC scientist clips into bench seat. 4. Numerous elevator control pedestals float above their elevator floor. 5. Pipe interconnection joints clip into their adjacent walls. 6. Connection brackets for electrical boxes don't contact their wall. 7. Fluorescent light fixture doesn't contact the ceiling grid work/framing. 8. As pre…

  • Are you BMS Devs still monitoring and acting upon the newly reported game issues still being posted on the old Atlassian Bitbucket website? No BMS Dev or Rep has responded or posted a comment for quite some time concerning the many newly discovered game issues. Has the time come to shutdown the Atlassian Bitbucket website, considering that it appears that it's no longer being actively supported?

  • Quote from Kaltsu: “Would you have noticed any of these small gaps that you reported unless you weren't looking for them? ” WHAT ? . . . . . As a dedicated game/mod supporter/member, I'm looking for ALL issues, always. I'm not only a player, but a fixer too! One can understand that the early part of the BMS Devs focused on fixing the major issues within BMS. My assumption was that at a far later date that the Devs would return to tidy up and fix the reported residual finer details within BMS tha…

  • Quote from Johnwalter: “Dadster, honestly have you got any common sense? Are you so obsessed with those minor "bugs" that you still expect them to be fixed right now? I mean sure, even i posted minor bugs on the forum, many of them not making the game unplayable, like for example: shining a wall sign with a flashlight while the sign doesn't light up. And those small details are fine to publish on the forum, so it can be stored for later. But i have never written a sentence saying something like:…

  • OK, I get it - Iksnay on reporting out-of-the-way floating objects issues. However, the several floating elevator pedestal switches should be fixed. And I hope that you'll be correcting the misspelled "FIRE EXTINGUSHER" sign to "FIRE EXTINGUISHER". It should be a no-brainer.

  • Quote from Crypt: “Hi. Having done quite a bit of work with BM's assets, I too noticed these issues. The problem is that the models' geometry relative to the origin is ever so slightly off the mark with Hammer's grid points. Any designer who ever uses the props would notice it. However, I - like the LDs over at CC - knew that 98% of players wouldn't notice, 1% might but wouldn't care, and then there's guys like you who expect perfection. Developers rarely cater to that 1%, Dadster. Because it's …

  • So which of the above issues have the potential of being fixed, at this stage of the BMS development process?

  • Quote from CatzEyes93: “aw crap. Now xen is gonna be delayed another year in order to fix this stuff. Thanxalot dadster! ” Please cut your hair bangs so that your beautiful sexy eyes are more visible.

  • So the message to your BMS retail customers is to ignore the MANY basic issues that still exist within the recent version of the game, as stated with the issues above? I've respected your long-term request to not contact/comment on your BMS mods. But the negative attitude towards fixing these basic issues makes no sense.

  • I found these small gaps LONG ago, some of which I have previously reported. At the time, I was reporting this specific issue based on the "BMS mod" version of the game. It's obvious that these issues were never fixed. I'm now reporting these same issues based on the STEAM version of the game, which is supposedly a higher standard of BMS - in some regards, NOT. The public are now paying for the game and I'm hoping that the BMS Devs give a higher priority towards fixing these lingering types of i…

  • Connect this floating fluorescent light fixture to the ceiling's grate.

  • Elevator's pedestal switch post floats above its floor. THIS OCCURS on several instances elsewhere.

  • Scientist's leg clips into the bench seat.

  • Male scientist spoken dialogue is incorrect here, and by several other male scientists elsewhere. Later on, the same dialogue is spoken correctly by a female scientist.

  • Fire water nozzle fixture clips into fluorescent light housing.

  • ALL air duct support posts don't contact the ceiling.

  • Here's another PA speaker that's floating in mid air.

  • This warning siren doesn't contact its wall.

  • Throughout the game, there are MANY fire extinguisher boxes that don't contact their walls. Here are many instances early on in the game, including a floating warning bell in bm_c1a0a0010_proc.jpg. Also, the "FIRE EXTINGUSHER" sign is misspelled. It should be "FIRE EXTINGUISHER", which is humorously displayed on the side of the fire extinguisher box. I'm not going to report any further fire extinguisher boxes that are floating away from their walls. It appears that this is a widespread EPIDEMIC …