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  • making the windows a funk_brush seems to have fixed it but i still dont know how this occurred in the first place i cant reproduce it outside of the afflicted file im reverting to a previous version just for my peace of mind

  • Quote from jadebenn: “Quote from SincerelyHuman: “Why are these props blinking? bc8iavctpm201.gif ” Z-fighting perhaps? Or it might be some of the weird behavior that I've found when you make glass a world brush. Have you tried tying the window to a func_detail? That might help if you haven't done so already. ” confirmed funkdetail and checked for z fighting good guess though

  • Why are these props blinking? bc8iavctpm201.gif

  • Quote from Admiral Sakai: “I was referring to the fact that there are two "labcrete" textures, one darker and one lighter. Black Mesa typically makes beams and structural elements out of the darker one while large wall surfaces are the lighter, although in this case since both are just shades of gray it wouldn't really help with the lack of color issue. The lighting, though, actually looks extremely good and I'd very much like to see how you did it in a little more detail. ” i dont think theres …

  • Quote from Admiral Sakai: “One thing I find a little odd about this area is that it's extremely gray, and the walls are made almost entirely out of that same labcrete texture. Possibly mix it up a little with the lighter concrete and maybe some of the other Lambda, Anomalous Materials, or Questionable Ethics textures on some parts of the flatter walls? Overall, though, the sheer level of detail in the brushwork is just incredible. ” do you think the "grey" issue is merely a low level of detail p…

  • tumblr_oyrlpza6kb1r35vgeo1_raw.jpg I settled on creating a more appropriate door from brushes and some door knober model boys tumblr_oyrlpza6kb1r35vgeo3_raw.jpgtumblr_oyrlpza6kb1r35vgeo4_raw.jpgtumblr_oyrlpza6kb1r35vgeo5_raw.jpgtumblr_oyrlpza6kb1r35vgeo2_raw.jpg

  • Quote from Admiral Sakai: “How do the doors retract? ” they dont, the door to the parking lot is at the maps border i was hoping they would read as rotating doors or something but ill look into alternatives

  • reduced HDR and remembered to enable skybox fog tumblr_oylo6pXsKN1r35vgeo2_raw.jpgtumblr_oylo6pXsKN1r35vgeo1_raw.jpgtumblr_oylo6pXsKN1r35vgeo4_raw.jpgtumblr_oylo6pXsKN1r35vgeo3_raw.jpgtumblr_oylo6pXsKN1r35vgeo5_raw.jpg

  • feel free to tell me what you think give criticism or show me your pog collection tumblr_oxgumudNtF1r35vgeo1_1280.jpgtumblr_oxgumudNtF1r35vgeo2_1280.jpgtumblr_oxgumudNtF1r35vgeo3_1280.jpgtumblr_oxgumudNtF1r35vgeo4_1280.jpgtumblr_oxgumudNtF1r35vgeo5_1280.jpgtumblr_oxgumudNtF1r35vgeo6_1280.jpgtumblr_oxgumudNtF1r35vgeo7_1280.jpgtumblr_oxgumudNtF1r35vgeo8_1280.jpgtumblr_oxgumudNtF1r35vgeo9_1280.jpgtumblr_oxgumudNtF1r35vgeo10_1280.jpg

  • interestingly enough however copping a scripted_sequence and it respective NPC from the example file bm_c1a0b.vmf does seem to force a specific skin but there are no parameters that cause this as far as i can tell

  • if i were to make a pre incident map how do i prevent the scientist and security guard NPCs from spawning in with the bloodied textures?