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  • Hmm, perhaps add a security office sticking out of the corner where the garage doors currently are? Maybe some crates in the middle of the room, or perhaps a support pillar?

  • 7349D5EEDDD6B940F4A6F2E7F48CF3A468DE3452D65F756E9DC4415BF445B9B282D93886A62F271D Originally, I didn't want to make this area at all (instead the hallway that leads to it would just go directly to the decontamination room), or at least wanted to radically change it up from my original design and make it much smaller, drabber, and less elaborate. The skylights were actually the very first thing I thought of including here and I kind of designed the rest of the room to be amenable to them, but at t…

  • I like the idea of the trusses, yeah. It seems like the beams going down as the blue lines describe here would get in the way of cargo heading onto the elevator, but I could just as easily have them come down from the hangar roof. Definately worth experimenting with.

  • 64F07E1C211F6FAC9C65F0F3AF1A53F4B930F148A628737D62E636EE5408D80378841F11D7AFC5BA Yeah the pillars are what turned out to really make this area. If I wanted to I could add some more detail- signs, posters, electrical boxes, etc.- but not every area of a map has to be jammed full of stuff and indeed a lot of the stations in Inbound are pretty bare. Also might end up replacing the billboard with bathrooms as you suggested but I don't think it looks too out of place here.

  • I could buy using it on the first hostile headcrab in UC if it provided a way to kill the headcrab (which currently the game lacks) but you've already got a new crowbar by that point in RP so I don't see the need.

  • 6F513F3743B182574E8FB9882292150FFA251B57F3288644F2CB52EEEB5AEA5936B585D36432C492 Very much not happy with this area up here, however. I think the arangement of the benches and even the vending machines are fine, but I just do not like the screens, bulletin board, and plants on the walls. It all looks out of place in the dirtier, more industrial tram platform. What else would I put there, though? It looks really weird if it's just empty... (The red section is just a temporary brush where there wi…

  • One of the things I am very much enjoying about the 'documents' system is that it allows me to fill in all sorts of information about the BMRF to explain extremely odd elements from the games- for instance, the question of why there's all of these random lasers on the top floor of the advanced biological research labs. I sort of managed to come up with an explanation for this when I put the organic Xen crystals in the back generating the lasers, but I'm also familiar with a number of relatively …

  • I think he might have been one of the engineers who worked in that area normally, got kicked out, and only went back in to investigate after the Disaster.

  • I was planning to address the ichy tank's security measures by saying that it was actively in use as a submersion testing lab for vehicles and equipment, then someone from the Biodome had all of the engineers kicked out of it to temporarily accommodate an ichy that they could not fit in the hydrofauna studies lab's preexisting specimen pens. It was only supposed to be there for a week or so until the Biodome staff could clean out another pen.

  • General Xen Chit-Chat Thread

    Admiral Sakai - - The Cafeteria


    The language files include a hint to "TAP %+attack% UNTIL HEADCRAB IS REMOVED", so I think it was sort of like a reoccurring Quicktime event. That does not sound particularly fun.

  • There was a scrapped feature where headcrabs would latch onto Gordon and need to be pulled off. It's been there at least since the Steam release; I think since the first release as a mod.

  • Dy_lasers Prototype

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    Had a bit of a flash of inspiration regarding this level and the laser puzzle and thus have resurrected it. Tried to get Alyx to spawn in Black Mesa and it seems that she and other HL2 NPCs are not present in the game's code. Stuff like Combine mines and antlions might be, but those really are not useful to me. I'm not particularly disappointed by that, though, as I wasn't sure if I wanted to bother trying to include a co-op or persistent NPC system even if it was possible. Part of that I'll adm…

  • Was having a hard time determining just what to do with this lab up here. 589A3EC4DF0A32BE0C62D8F425CA98ADD2BA7227 I'd like to make it accessible from the main body of the level, but cannot think of a particularly good way to do so without impinging on the sections seen in Decay's Dual Access map which I decided I wanted to leave open for people making Decay remakes. SbQDlIb.pngIt's fairly obvious that the areas of the AMS complex seen in Decay are to the west of this map, because that's (more o…

  • My model for this area makes it one of the deepest in Black Mesa, with the QE labs being the top floor of a biological research sector that includes the Alien Quarantine Labs from Decay, the Biodome, and the Hydrofauna Studies Labs (in that order).

  • Yeah actually a lot like Lambda Complex.

  • All right! Wasn't able to get into a few of the labs I was planning to because they were locked, but I did make a pretty good circuit of my building and find some interesting environments: A very industrial section of corridor near the metallurgical labs; note in particular the exposed concrete floors and poor lighting: (Hidden Content) Some kind of shipping area with Ye Olde doors, Apprehension-style metal railings, and supports for a crane. I've seen the actual crane in use but today it was pu…

  • I was actually wondering if the area might be used for some sort of engineering or hardware development, as similar areas around my workplace can in fact get pretty grimy even when in active use (I'll be able to post some photos when I go back in Monday) and a lot of the heavy equipment gives me a similar design vibe. The existence of modern computers (some of which are still on) in later areas of the complex supports the assertion that it was in use relatively recently. I am wondering in partic…

  • Well obviously this is just starting out but I think it's a decent very early design. I typically do this sort of design just on pen and paper or in a vector drawing program, but there's nothing wrong with using Hammer brushes for it. One thing I'm wondering about is what you plan to do with those large flat areas on the top and bottom. At this point it's not super-clear what each part of the map actually signifies; are these storage areas or a tram station or something?

  • I'd suggest going for broke in terms of making the place actively used. Don't be afraid to lighten/desaturate some textures to make an area look more livable, as a lot of the BM textures seem to have been designed with the lighting conditions where they were to be used already in mind and I've for a long time been operating under the assumption that the lighting/atmosphere of a post-disaster map may be some kind of low-power or backup-power mode and not the way the area originally looked pre-dis…

  • pd_c1a0a is in a good state, but since the working AMS is probably the project's single biggest draw I think I'll knock off B Map as well before I release it: 8017A26E3BD38D567B366CE02E946AD2FB56BB61