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  • If I never see another purple hat again in my life, it will be too soon. After all that, I need a rest.

  • Hidden hat moved?

    UnhingedMouse0 - - The Cafeteria


    Got the achievement yesterday. If I never see another purple hat again in my life, it will be too soon. A tip for anyone else attempting it, you CAN leave the hat in places you loop back around to. It will stick around and then you save yourself some carrying. Also, make sure it won't roll away... the damn thing loves to roll. You can also set your difficulty to Easy if you want to rush through things. My dumb ass didn't think to do that until I was already 2/3 of the way through the game, lol. …

  • First Issue: I can not open the console no matter what I do. Changing it in the key bindings does nothing. I also tried the advice listed here, but it only toggles on/off once before being broken again. It also won't let me bind to ~ (tilde) since hitting that key wipes whatever is in the console text field. Edit: Apparently my game now set it to F8 which seems to work... for now. Still really bizarre. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…

  • I haven't been around for a while. Is the Emergency Broadcast Message on new or old?

  • BBMIP: Part 2

    UnhingedMouse0 - - Developer Updates


    The new models are nice, but I actually prefer the aesthetic of some of the old stuff. I can't put my finger on why though. Also, not sure if I like the darker orange on the hud either. When it comes to game time I probably won't care much either way, but that's my two cents for now.

  • Lovin this idea. Good guy Brian!

  • Here's a question that I don't believe has been asked yet: Now that you have been Greenlit and have some sort of deal with Valve, has Valve set a specific release date goal for you, or is when you release still entirely up to you? Anyway, I'm glad to hear things are moving along somewhat smoothly and I am also quite happy to shell out $$$ for this when it hits the shelves. (metaphorically)

  • Congrats sir! Despite having not come on these forums for some time, I've secretly been following your wonderful work. It's great to now see you as part of the team! I don't even care if you're not working on Xen, you helping get the multiplayer done just means that those who are working on Xen can focus on it and not have to deal with MP also before releasing everything. Ultimately I think it should help things come out faster, so hooray for that!

  • Wow. I can't believe it's been over a year since I first posted this thread and this thing still hasn't been solved yet. That's insane! Quote from stormseeker 22 Jan @ 10:05pm: “ There will indeed be a conclusion to the ARG, when people have moved beyond the current gateway puzzle, but it might be a while before you get to it. ” This almost makes me think that Xen will hold the key to said gateway puzzle, but who knows...

  • That doesn't make sense though. You teleport to Xen, you don't travel through a wormhole.

  • Electrorock: Celldweller Julien-K Prodigy Ambient: HECQ Deathprod Not perfect, but somewhat similar...

  • terminator-im-back.jpeg ...Sorta. I'll try to update the OP shortly. I thought people had just switched to using the wiki. I clearly have a lot to catch up on though.

  • Bitches be crazy & dudes are assholes. Generally I get along better with females, but otherwise I feel like johnyo: Quote from johnyo: “I have yet to meet anybody with whom I'd actually want to spend prolonged periods of time with, male or female. Don't get me wrong, there are people that I like to hang out with, but they each have some qualities/opinions/beliefs that just annoy the fuck out of me. There's no way I'd agree to put with it for the rest of my life.” Still looking...

  • ...or knowing Valve, Source 6.

  • Visible legs?

    UnhingedMouse0 - - The Cafeteria


    Half-Life does not have legs. Half-Life does not have 3rd person.

  • OP needs to learn the meaning of the word "stylization." And everyone who likes to nit-pick about things like this need to learn that: REAL ≠ FUN As far as replacing the textures goes, the BM textures have the liquid flowing, the HL2 ones do not. It wouldn't look right even if it was as simple as swapping them out.

  • Knowing nothing about how mapping works I have two points/questions for ya: 1. Isn't it entirely possible that the map was already at its limit for entities and so you adding anything to it causes errors? Maybe those entities were originally supposed to be in-game but were intentionally trimmed out to meet the limit. 2. Wouldn't adding a delay in the 'white room' cause problems for the player as far as timing goes? You'd have to freeze the rotating platforms for the same amount of time you're in…

  • On A Rail

    UnhingedMouse0 - - The Cafeteria


    I loved the old On a Rail, but I'm okay with the new one. What bugged me the most was Surface Tension. -- I swear the parts that everyone hated about the original were some of my favorites. I personally LOVE First Person Platforming...

  • Quote from Maxx Skywalker: “As far as LP's are concerned, I prefer CaptainSparklez over anyone else. He's not particularly funny, but when he gets together with his friends, AllShamNoWow, and Nick Fenton, hilarious shenanigans ensue. Especially in SkyBox 2.0. Otherwise, he's got a nice narrarator voice.” Even though it did have witty banter throughout most of it, I unfortunately still found skybox to be uneventful and thus boring. =/ -- Overall I do like the capt. though. He's got a charming per…

  • ChristopherOdd is awesome. You all need to go check out his YouTube channel immediately. He's new to the HL games and has been playing them all in order, he just recently began EP1. He's got a great voice, he's pretty funny, he uploads every day, and he takes feedback from comments into account. He is also a smart player so he doesn't get frustrating to watch like some people who do Let's Plays. All in all, VERY GOOD stuff, go check him out. Quote from Bloodshot: “Also Joel, you have a nice voic…