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  • Quote from Dr. Maxwell: “ . ” I'm just going to say that I am currently incapable of reasoning and/or arguing any given side here. It's late, I'm tired, I'm sick, I have not played Black Mesa/Half-Life in far too long, and I regretted responding the moment I saw that you had responded from the index. I'm going to get off the forums before I dig myself in a deeper pit.

  • Quote from stormseeker: “-best reply ever-” Halleluiah. I have a question myself (which hopefully is much easier to answer). I'm very curious as to whether HECU marines will be less overpowered or more vulnerable to aliens when the next update to Black Mesa comes out. What has always irked me about Black Mesa was that the army crushes everything and there are seemingly fewer Vortigaunts.

  • I don't even know what to make of this now... I sure hope it's not delaying the mod. Best of luck, I don't care about it anymore.

  • I have suspected this for years now, so this comes as no surprise. Though open world might possibly be a bit much. I'm sure it will have more than one ending and/or several ways of doing things. The way valve makes stuff could turn this into such an awesomegame though. Just imagine how many hours of stuff you missed the first few playthoughs would be in the game...

  • It seems to me that that image has pusedo-technical information. It should be a refrence to how the things in there work but in-game it doesn't work out like that. The date, if it's in that same picture, could be the date when the picture was made... A refrence to how outdated some stuff in the facility is? Quote from ev1te: “If I understood the files correctly, it is the gibbed already dead model of an scientist in that room that is Dr Horn (I guess the alive NPC is only there for the recorded …

  • What? No. While it's a great game and all it has far too many minor (and major) flaws for me to call it "Valve Quality". That's not to say it isn't a great game or anything, it's just that it is not Valve quality and is riddled with flaws.

  • Aha! Great find! Now I can create my own personal army and have serious battles with the HECU.

  • Quote from Final_Username: “I also searched for "pizza" and these files were found: grd_pizzaguy01.vcd grd02_pizzaguy01.wav pizza_box.dx80.vtx pizza_box.dx90.vtx pizza_box.mdl pizza_box.phy pizza_box.sw.vtx pizza_box.vvd pizza.vmt pizza.vtf c2a4x_pizzalie_graffiti.vmt c2a4x_pizzalie_graffiti.vtf” So do we have multiple kinds of pizza boxes we can spawn? Regardless, someone needs to take a look at the pizzaguy01 files. And if there is a scientists labeled "Dr. Horn" in that room, shouldn't we try…

  • I got around to trying to gib the stuff today. Nothing turned up in all the places I checked. Quote from UnhingedMouse0: “Eion Kilant 739 - What on earth are you talking about?” In IE9, next to the URL is a little icon. When I posted that I was on a Macintosh computer with safari, so due to the way Macs work I accidentaly grabbed the URL in the URL bar. The little, little picture moved with it and it turned out that some parts of it were transparent rather than white.

  • I think Windows 7 has its own mouse acceleration built in, or it could be your mouse. Have you noticed this problem out of the game or in others in anyway?

  • The scientists pre-cascade can also be killed without problems. Personally, I don't consider the game to be finished. There are still plenty of flaws that need to be addressed and this is certainly one of them. Quote from TheBunnyKicker: “Does it matter? Dont shoot the guy and you wont have any problems.. I dont even understand why shooting him would pop into your head” Why are you so hostile?

  • Uplink Remake

    Eion Kilant 739 - -


    Really good job so far. Don't beat on yourself if you can't keep up the pace, stuff happens.

  • Those videos were both really good. That spin transition is an excellent idea, I may just use that myself. I think demos would be the best way to show off the mod because it's actually game footage. SFM stuff is like enhanced CGI. I have a bigger problem with editing clips together though, what did you use Bloodshot?

  • Crouch-jump: all about it!

    Eion Kilant 739 - - Help!


    Quote from TheBunnyKicker: “I think some of you guys should stop crying about it and just crouch jump. Complaining about crouch jumping is like complaining about having to press a button to start the game when it should be obvious when you started the game up that you wanted to play” What? One is because there are options to set and the player may want to play a certain mode inside the game. It's like folders. GAME>OPTIONS and GAME>MULTIPLAYER or GAME>SINGLEPLAYER The other is because of general…

  • G Man Sightings

    Eion Kilant 739 - - The Cafeteria


    I saw him twice pre-cascade. Once on the tram and another talking with the scientist. The only other time I saw him was in that area you get grenades... I think. I have yet to see a thread just about this, incase you were wondering.

  • Quote from Mangolier: “Why is the way to the fridge in Office Complex blocked off so you can't take anyone with you? It just breaks my immersion a tiny bit in an otherwise fairly realistic situation (well as far as real as HL gets). I liked that at the end they comment about how they can't make the jump to the ladder but leaving my guys behind in the cafeteria several minutes before just seemed odd.” You can get them through, there is a door. I think you stumbled across the alternative way of ge…

  • Quote from UnhingedMouse0: “I just tried gibbing the pizza. I also tried taking it down to the furnace before the surgery room. Ya know, because the pizza says it's hot... but the pizza is a lie... so its probably cold... so I went to heat it back up. But neither of those things worked... go figure.” I think it's more of which pizza you gib. I am unfortunately unable to test with the game myself but I was planning on going to as many special/hidden locations as possible and bombing the crap out …

  • Quote from UnhingedMouse0: “So we should gib the pizza?” It's simple. We Gib the Pizzaman. :P

  • Quote from UnhingedMouse0: “[IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Then, when someone asked who TB was, the signature on the letter from the main page pre-launch. Ram answered saying it was Toma Basarab.” Interesting. Thanks for answering that off-topic question. I also had a thought. Has anyone tried gibbing some stuff? I recall that in a video they destroy a prop and get other stuff... I believe it was used to demonstrate the versatility of the gibbing system. youtu…

  • Personal Reviews

    Eion Kilant 739 - - The Cafeteria


    Soldiers are too omni-knowledgeable, I preferred Half-Life's AI. Not enough aliens. Not enough mano-ey-mano fights with Agrunts. Too few Vortigaunts. I also think my crouching does not affect the proper height of my character's hitbox. This is a major pain while fighting Vortigaunts and makes crouching behind something useless if it needs to be done right then and there. Loving the detail, the voice acting, the animations, etc. The whole game is straight up awesome. Eli's voice could use a scrat…