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  • Forum Feature Requests

    Comrade Tiki - - Website Issues


    I think the PM character-limit should be doubled. 5000 characters is extremely restrictive to prose.

  • Quote from Jethrosoup: “You can't imagine how much I missed this while you were gone. (It was zero much.)” I've been working on a similar pickup line. "Do you know what I like most about you?" > No, what? "...No? Ah, I guess I can't expect you to know everything." So far I'm waiting for a girl to ask me that question so I can use my pickup line of "No, what?" Heads up! Mergin' goin' on in dis bitch -Max

  • I will probably die while attempting to reproduce this movie-scene in real life (with minimal success):

  • Quote from brokenfridgehinge: “Mute the one on the left.”

  • Quote from TheeGoatPig: “I had work for my job to get to.” "To" is a fucking preposition.

  • Post your picture

    Comrade Tiki - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    Oh, hey, I'm back, and I'm making my first post since being back or something. Quote from Eric Fong: “373984_3711141948832_1553809157_n.jpg "you can't get get this kind bag anywhere now"” Why they stopped making three-kilogram zippers, I'll never know.

  • I liked Brosnan. Quote from garrthbarrttinn: “Me looking awkwardly excited next to Richard Dawkins!” Wow, lovely! Poor guy, he looks like he was reading and got interrupted. Also, he looks very blurry with the full-sized image. I mean come on now, crap-cameras don't deserve that resolution. Quote from TheeGoatPig: “I shaved my head, and we still have a rotary phone in our house.” I had no idea you were that old. Anyway, I hope somebody has said something about Mr. Clean.

  • Quote from k3nny1550: “Quite good, even if the romance subplot is just plain creepy.” But is it really rape if it's just a machine? It was certainly... an interesting part of the movie.

  • Maybe I could try that... It would fix my framerate issues but I'd only try on Easy.

  • Quote from sersoft: “Seriously though I think you should have omitted the "100%" from the title, that way people wouldn't immediately jump to the conclusion that you can't see anything at all.” As opposed to... 80%? Hmm... I'm all-for someone trying a playthrough with something like a 10 degree FOV.

  • -snip- This is misrepresentation of the forum rules. They can be found here. If you have questions or concerns about moderation, PM the mods and we are happy to discuss it with you. -Max *sigh*

  • Am I the only one...

    Comrade Tiki - -


    1. That's actually underground and within the facility 2. Going by this chart and the non-obsolete design, I'd guess between 0.5 and 1 megatons 3. Going by these specifications, though, it could be more: Quote: “The W56 was manufactured in a series of models, all the same rough size and 1.2 megaton yield. [...] All versions were 17.4 inches (440 mm) diameter by 47.3 inches (1,200 mm) long.”

  • Quote from danielsangeo: “"danielsangeo" is now sufficiently unique that I get it whenever I request it.” You're lucky that you use it all in lowercase and don't use any spaces... Despite being so unique, many websites screw up my username by abandoning spaces, case-preservation, or both.

  • I imagine Gordon Freeman as a normal guy under an HEV-suit helmet. Underneath he'd be that kind of guy you meet and think maybe you'd be good friends with him if you had gone to high-school together but you just never get a chance to hang out with him so you move on with your life without getting to know him any better.

  • Quote from MaxTheLimit: “Not gmail or youtube though...which has me bummed.” I was about to change screennames once to something short (7 characters), simple (structure: CVCVCVC), and nearly unique. Unfortunately, due to its simple structure, someone in a spanish-speaking country grabbed it on Google services. I was prepared to perform a hostile takeover, having comprehended the user's security question (and waiting until I could start guessing one of the few possible answers from a public IP)..…

  • Quote from sersoft: “the most interesting one I guess is deathrun, where CT's have to make their way through deadly obstacles triggered by a single terrorist.” Aha, I've played maps like that for TFC! There's the heavymachinery series (and a lone map which is Simpsons-themed). Because fallen runners respawn in TFC, a small team of trigger-men is allowed in these. They can be very fun. TFC allows 4 teams to exist, so some maps have 3 colors of runner representing different difficulty levels: Scou…

  • Really bad balancing

    Comrade Tiki - - In-game Issues


    It's hard to keep track of how many houndeye remains I've tossed to the abyss.

  • Quote from Jethrosoup: “My Netflix top 10 has managed to pick the ten shows I'm least likely to watch.” You must have watched everything else.

  • Am I the only one...

    Comrade Tiki - -


    Quote from Dias: “They haven't (on record as far as I know) but they can be equipped with B61 nuclear bombs.” Maximum yield 0.34 megatons? To fix Black Mesa? hahano.jpg

  • Quote from Dr. Strangelove: “My head is aching and my hands are burning with the need to write more of these but I know that I can't lest I face the punishing sabre of banishment.” What is man, if he is not the only creature of this earth capable of pursuing his dreams unto oblivion? If fear keeps us from pursuing that one thing we each are meant to reach, then we are nothing but instinctive beasts.