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  • Got gifted No Man's Sky to play with a friend. It looks nice (posted one or two to the screenshot thread) but it suffers from the usual open world fatigue where you find yourself saddled with a plethora of inconsequential tasks, not to mention the bugs. I'm huge into sci-fi so the ships and planets and aliens and whatnot are right up my alley but I don't know if i'll stick with it through all the tedium. I was thinking of trying out the Yakuza 0 port. I'm not into fighting games but the whole Ja…

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    Mr. Blue Sky

  • HL PS2 Hazard Course intro

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    Wow. I'm flashing back to being in the 5th grade, stuffing my face with liquorice and popcorn at a friend's house, trying to beat HL on the PS2. Good stuff.

  • If teleporting is good enough for the black mesa devs then i think it is appropriate to implement where you see fit. 1:1 recreation of a realistic space is admirable but probably not worth the set-backs and frustration. I'll say the same as wayne, even if you're not fully satisfied by the lighting I can see a clear progression from the weird bloom and saturation to something more complimentary to the maps and it's great.

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    Yep, just MEUITM. It's a little cumbersome to install but completely worth it imo.

  • I'll be a Roland TB-303 in the next life.

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    NAtXB5H.pnggoing back to original flavour after not digging andromeda. It'll be ten years old in november... NAtXB5HNAtXB5H


  • I was envisioning the continuation of the story to be Anya and the gang avenging Blazkowicz but i'm pretty on board with everything i saw in the trailer. Id Tech 6 is just icing on the cake. Doom 2016 ran so good and hopefully this will too.

  • sure cantina #1 gets the spotlight but you can't deny good ole' #2

  • Throwing a frisbee around with my friends by the river cleared my depression right up. (Hidden Content)

  • I would always stop by the recreation module even if it wasn't near my current goal, just to sit and listen to this. The in-game filter really adds to the piece. If only I could play piano. My favourites are Recreation, the end music then Greenhouse.

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl. It's appropriately bleak given the freezing wind and snow outside my window. I like how the dialogue is primarily text based other than a few barks and at some story moments. I want to see a modern shooter try that route, the developers could save a few bucks instead of hiring some celebrity to yawn through a script. Stalker's dialogue isn't good, or even the main focus of the game but for some reason I enjoy having to read instead of being talked at in an fps.…

  • Quote from Kamikal: “This is incredibly stressful, but I guess it's fine because she isn't somewhere she feels unsafe, but I can still see this wearing me down ” I had a similar experience a couple months ago. This was an adult with resources and responsibilities so they only ended up staying with me for a week and a half while a more independent living arrangement was worked out. You're doing the right thing by providing a threat free environment. We have the reasonable expectation of being saf…

  • I always thought of ravel as a sensitive quiet soul. After reading a biography of him he came off to me as an entitled snob. asshole or not he's still my fav composer.

  • Mine is a line from Anchorman. I like Radiohead and the lead singer's last name is Yorke so i put them together.

  • Quote from Crypt: “I have my first vocal lesson tomorrow. Classical training. For me, a shy, super quiet, self-conscious, anxiety-riddled mess. ” For what it's worth that's a smart move to take lessons. So many people fuck up their voices through years of improper technique. You'll have a leg up and if you don't like it at least you'll learn some good warm-ups.

  • Minerva works, that's the only one I've tried recently though.

  • Quote from wayne_acoba: “This year I'll be working at the boxoffice/front counter, selling tickets, serving drinks and coffee, laughing at people who try to get tickets 10 minutes before the film starts (the festival is usually REALLY crowded) and stuff like that, but in the past few years I took care of the projection in one of our theatres. So I got to see most of those films, too, for better or worse. ” Sounds interesting. I associate pornography with the internet and film with high-falutin' …

  • In what capacity do you work? Usher, IT, professional porn critic? Also I like crypt's pumpkin and that's not a euphemism.