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  • Quote from Mangled*: “Because I sure as hell didn't. In fact, running it was more effective than sneaking. Every time I tried sneaking (crouch-moving) it just knew where I was and killed me. I only got past by rushing it. Also the perfectly uniform crushed railings look weird as hell. Oh and the 'banging' noises weren't loud enough, they should be deafening. It was perhaps the most disappointing bit for me.” I had the same issues. In the end, I sprinted and didn't even have to use grenades. For …

  • Physics Problem in Opening Tram

    jteter - - In-game Issues


    When you jump while on the tram ride during the intro, the tram continues to move forward and you do not so it seems as though you are jumping forward/backward. Gordon should just jump "in place" because he is moving forward at the same rate as the tram. I have a feeling that this is a problem with Valve's engine since it most likely handles the physics but I figured I'd bring it up. EDIT: No getpos or status messages. TO REPLICATE: Replay the opening tram ride. While the tram is moving forward,…

  • Gordon Freeman Letter on Homepage

    jteter - - The Cafeteria


    Hello Forum! I posted this yesterday but I believe it was deleted during the migration to the new forum, so I'll try again. In the letter that is posted on Black Mesa's homepage to Gordon Freeman, it is signed ota: tb. I assume ota is Office of the Administrator but I'm not sure who tb is supposed to be. Am I missing some important clue??

  • Hello everyone! This may be a stupid question but I couldn't seem to find the answer. The letter to Gordon Freeman on the home page of black mesa source is signed ota: tb. I assume ota is Office of the Administrator but who is tb? The director at Black Mesa at that time was Dr. Wallace Breen but that obviously wouldn't work. What am I missing??