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  • Some current films: End of Watch was really good, but I don't know if it's on dvd yet. Oh... and Ted.

  • Quote from Pyro: “Ugh, no. Q exists mostly to enable humorous/unlikely plotlines. Using him as a plot generator would just be shitty writing.” Right..... Except for when Q got mad and introduced humans to the Borg in TNG... But that wasn't even really a story suggestion, more like a single example of how they could have tried harder to adapt to the already in-place story.

  • Quote from xalener: “The storyline allowed it to. And don't fucking act like time travel and alternate universes never happen in Star Trek. Also, every time I read this movie's title, all I can think is "Star Trek can into space"” I know it's allowed. It's just bad writing. Where the fuck are the Q? Why haven't anyone done anything with them? If they wanted to do time travel, then have Q get bored with Picard to the point of sending a Borg cube back in time to fight Kirk/Spock. I'm not saying it…

  • Quote from Maxey: “ doesn't affect me much if they deviate a bit from what makes it a loyal Star Trek movie.” Last movie killed off Spock's entire civilization. So yeah, that deviates *a bit*.

  • Quote from TheeGoatPig: “I had a dream where I was sitting in the back of a school bus at night, and Dave Mustaine was two seats in front of me.[...]” I had a dream where Ted Nugent killed my best friend with a crossbow just after we survived crashing the Enterprise (yes, from star trek). Then I shot Ted Nugent with a phaser. I'm not sure what I was on that night. If I could beat up any famous person, it'd be Jay Leno.

  • Tripmine Speedrun

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    Quote from dky.tehkingd.u: “ Time from start of video to Hivehand pickup = 19 seconds. :P” Awesome.

  • Nj2fs.jpg Cascade. qUz9f.jpg Me V. Garg C0mUU.jpg I dunno why, but I really liked this particular shaft.... qEDjj.jpg Nice hallway. Lasers, etc. e8xEk.jpg Iconic jets. 4h4pK.jpg Hehe.

  • Quote from kupocake: “They'll be alright. It's only seven maps or so until the end of the game. However, learn what the quicksave / quickload keys are - late 90s FPS autosaving wasn't quite as fair as it is now.” I should've added a smiley at the end. Just pretend I did.

  • Use the cheats to get to Xen, then don't use cheats once you are there. But warning, Xen will be difficult (in terms of knowing what to do), and since you are only used to BM's version of Half-Life, you will probably cry and give up.

  • a few thoughts

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    I think I found a crowbar holding a door shut. It was my first weapon also... The ladders did seem touchy, but after a while I got used to them. Jumping was biggest annoyance. Trying not to set off those trip mines.. ahhh... I think I spent over an hour in that one room alone.

  • So strange.. I have nvidia gpu and quad core system and I'm not experiencing this. I will keep this in mind, though.

  • Make sure you are sprinting.

  • Really bad balancing

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    My fiercest enemy was the turrets. They activated in that one hallway and it took about seven reloads before I could take them out. Otherwise, I think some of these players are trying run 'n gun tactics. You guys need to take cover more. Pop out and fire a 357 round into a soldier's head and they are done. Don't panic and take them out one at a time. Game feels good to me (normal difficulty).

  • I had some stutters at first, then I lowered my textures from Very High to High. Also, I defragged after install to decrease load time.

  • Quote from mankyman6: “I could have sworn that Ram said a while back that many of them, or at least him, weren't/wasn't interested in being hired by Valve, even if they did offer.” I think what they really said was that they didn't start this project just to get noticed by Valve.

  • First, here's the required info: Map: bm_c1a1a at: 1319 x, 1808 y, -448 z Pos: 1319.504272 1808.179565 -448.468750;setang 11.261879 -95.059372 0.000000 What went wrong: This is the first elevator after the main incident.. if you get onboard, and activate it, but are partially off the elevator while it lifts, you will take -1 point of damage and the elevator will lower back down and you will not be able to activate it again. Only way to continue is to reload from earlier save.

  • I will have to start looking for a job now.. and maybe move out of my parent's house...

  • The part of me that wants to wait for Steam and the part of me that's been waiting for so long are dueling (with pistols). The thing is, it can't kill that part of me that's been waiting for so long...

  • 1zhD9.jpg I don't have too many pictures atm, but this is an old one from my fb profile.

  • I think I said this a long time ago in an unrelated Xen topic.. But if you were to see NPC marines/HECU who randomly found themselves on Xen, it would seem fairly logical that they would not attack you. In that situation IRL they would probably no longer view you as their mission objective or a hostile, since they aren't on earth anymore and would see you (a scientist!) as their only way back. In fact, they would probably become friendly and help you in a similar way that the BM guards do. EDIT:…