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  • Well, I doubt anyone will be interested, but I've just found an official source saying that the "anticlimactic" ending where you die is actually considered a possibility Someone at Valve apparently answered a fan question about it at E3 at the booth. Just in case it affects the development of the mod in the part at the end where you choose.

  • Quote from Lamsey: “Marc Laidlaw said so. He's the chief writer for the Half-Life series.” Ah, ok. Was it in an interview or something or in Raising the Bar? You'd think Valve would at least change the model or something in HLSource, but they couldn't be bothered...

  • Why are the scientists you see right after the resonance cascade going to be Kleiner and Eli if the caucasian one is the "Einstein" model instead of the one they later used for Kleiner? It's been a while since I last played all the way through, but are there really no other scientists who escape who aren't named something else? Couldn't "Einstein" just be someone else and Kleiner is somewhere else?

  • Quote from Imonfire: “Does it really makes a difference at all?” More than cartridges and casseroles.

  • Quote from geekofalltrades: “It's in HL2, I don't see why it wouldn't be in Black Mesa.” Not in the same way. In HL1, the reticule moves onto the target, while in HL2 it just kind of steers the bullets a bit.

  • Will there be autoaim in easy mode like in the original game?

  • about Xen atmosphere

    UnclGhost - - Half-Life Series


    I always assumed a force field or something around the head, but it's unclear why Gordon would have that and no one else would. And the two other games are canon, just a lower level than HL1, HL2, episodes, and Portal.

  • Quote from MaxTheLimit: “I think a hit from the gauss would be cool showing the disintegration effect from HL2...I can't load up HL2 right now...did anything unique happen in HL2 when you shot the combine with the gauss gun mounted to the buggy?” No, they just die as they normally would. I think the mounted gauss gun in HL2 acts the same way as the pulse rifle's primary fire.

  • Sorry if this has been asked, but I couldn't find it with search. Will it be possible to replace the sound files of the new soundtrack with the original soundtrack to listen to HL1 music in-game? Also, will the vending machines work like in HL1 where you press a button and get soda containing 1 HP, like in HL2 where you get a can to throw around, or some combination thereof?