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  • There are few players, that are destroing this game, not because of skills but because of cheats! 35/0 K/D ratio - it's not normal, AIM, WH, you name it. I would love to play with all you guys, veterans, fresh players - but it's impossible. I was considered few times a cheater myself because of knowledge and skills, but please... Really - some people just joining server to destroy a party. You feeling pretty good with normal-playing users, and BOOM... Some Russian chackers joined, and I'm not th…

  • Online cheaters

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    Quote from [RLS] Flow: “Well I don't know why people in this thread blaming v952 or me for cheating, If you think you have some proof, bring it up now. ” I believe I don't use specific nick or server name, and I do believe that we play "normal" a few times together (even few seconds ago). The main subject is that the problem exists, and the question - is it possible to stop it, or fix it somehow? Maybe some other gamers will provide more info, some specific data, anything, or they will just shar…

  • Online cheaters

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    I can tell that this is true (what Spiffmeister said), there is one public server with few gamers online, and whole clan - I believe they run this server - they have it with some tweaks. I doesn't matter if some guy broadcasting it, if server have some "upgrades" for clan. This is really hard to achieve to kill them, even when few gamers are against one of them. The latency is ok (almost the same for all players), so it's not the thing. For now it's a problem, because not so much players play on…

  • Quote from Keresh: “Are you sure your system date is set correctly? Also what's your browser?” Holy shii, You have right sir. My date is changed somehow Or some of my associate in company making jokes Edit: Sorry for bothering.

  • There is a weird problem on the website. When You will visit it redirect to and then... There is nothing. The server is not responding. Edit: blackmesarelase.png Only this can be seen in sec, after that there is nothing.

  • Almost 4 Years Ago I bougth A 0,7l bottle of Jägermeister waiting to press "play" button. And all this time it was never opened. I can't believe that this day will come. Few months ago I propably was bitching about relase date, for now I have to say "hey, it's only 11 days?! It so fast...". So many changes during those years. So many feelings. So many excitings. Thanks to everyone here. Team, You've done great work. This will be Your drink...

  • And....?!?! My heart is like pneumatic hammer!

  • It so close I can't even work in here. My boss will kill me. 50 Remaining!!!

  • Did you ever hear about Cinematic Mod? Try this! There is no need to remake again HL 2 series.

  • Yep, a lot (In €, because I'm from Europe) And of course few titles on Ps, Ps2, Ps3 Quote from Keresh: “Not many. Jambo on the other hand” Holy F**k!

  • It is pointless ... Edit: I mean - You will play all the time in this indie games, later - when Portal 2 will be relased - You will be "exhausted" and You will have no more energy, to play this f... awesome game - Portal 2. Ok, now I understand everything - I was playing in Audiosurf - tell me someone - in every single game from this list we can find some stuff from Portal? I mean - every single game was somehow change? I'm just curious.

  • Nope, numbers are not going down. There are updating, but not all the time. Anyway this is still fucking retard idea to do shit like that. No ofence... Edit: Heh, just for fun. Check my Steam Account (what I'm playing right now - no, this is not, that you think it is, of course that is fake, I'm really boring with waiting ;/ on Portal 2)

  • The diagram shows us a number of gamers, that are currently during game (on the list of course) few seconds ago there was only about 500 in Audiosurf, now there are more than 2000! I don't think, that so many people buy this in few seconds.

  • Fuck it... Another joke... I'm leave. Do not disturb, now I'm playing Portal 2

  • It will be pretty annoying, when it will be relased today ('couse I have to go work ;/ f**k). I guess, this is another one joke with this countdown (but of course it's only my opinion).

  • Go to the steam store, and check date: "Available: 18 April 2011 This game will unlock in approximately 2 months, 1 week, 3 days and 3 hours"

  • BM Fans around the world

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    Poland again

  • Quote from Maxey: “ManlyStump, that's exactly the place where I found it, except the video shows it on the other side, since I had fiddled with it around prior to making the video. And no, that's not Garry's Mod, that was real HL2 gameplay.” I know, I know - thats why I'm sorry I found this too (without missing materials on walls)

  • Quote from Omega_Absolute: “I don't think I've ever seen so many dragons in a thread.” Abbb... You mean our avatars? Don't worry, meaby in this month (after few years) I'm gonna change it

  • Quote from ManlyStump: “Definitely not fake, I just found it. d3c17050001j.jpg I also found this interesting thing since the update: d3c17050000.jpg What do you guys reckon, specular materials missing?” Ok, I found this. So I believe, I don't have any missing materials "Lets see how many we can find!" Lol