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  • Screwing around with the gravity

    UntouchedShadow - - Help!


    Does anyone know how to fuck around with the game's gravity so that it affects gibs, environmental props, and projectiles? Sv_gravity only changes the gravity on my jumping. Is there a specific console command for this kind of thing?

  • Source Recorder for BM?

    UntouchedShadow - - The Cafeteria


    There's a couple of things I want to record in game and when it comes to Source games, Source Recorder has always been the best. For Black Mesa however, the standard H264 method doesn't work and I can only convert recorded footage into an image sequence. That's not too much of a problem considering I can throw those images into Virtual Dub. However, the images are TGAs which will absolutely rape my hard drive space. Any solutions?

  • Hey, I'm the dude with all those pizza facts, and I just found another today before I completed the game. When you're teleport jumping in that big chamber with all the portals, one of them takes you into a room that has 2 scientists and a security guard in it. Upon popping in, one of the scientists says "You're that one from the Anomalous Materials Lab!" to which the guard responds, "Really? I thought he was the pizza guy..."

  • There's quite a bit about pizza in this game. First time is the scientist who wins a bet about whether Freeman would show up to work. He says he'll eat pizza. Then you see messages on a TV screen later on informing Dr. C Horn that his pizza is ready for pick up. Later on, you find an actual pizza, completely uneaten, the 2 scientists mentioned before dead near it. Afterwards, various messages are scribbled on the whiteboards by Dr. C. Horn, telling people to stop eating his pizzas. I'm nearing t…

  • Missing Eye Textures

    UntouchedShadow - - In-game Issues


    Forget it, I fixed it myself.

  • Not sure what to think of this.