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  • Text, have you updated STU since the mod release? The last time I played through the map with the big parking garage, I had some weird bug where whenever I walked through a door, the area behind me vanished, and when I stood on the other side of the door, the opposite side was gone. There was also something wonky about the damaged versions of the vehicles, especially the Humvees, that made them only show up as errors. Maybe I'm missing models or something. I really liked the expanded design of t…

  • Quote from Admiral Sakai: “Apparently the original female scientist voices were recorded all at once by the mother of one of the devs, so I don't think we could get the same VAs for fan projects, but I bet we could get good approximations. I wonder what the Hazard Course modders did about voices for that mod? ” Going off of precedents, I can safely say that having the same voice actor for the security guards and the scientists would not be in our best interest anyway.

  • Quote from Gunsrequiem: “ EDIT: I was doing some digging into the IRC clues, namely HAFB and the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). What most interests me is that HAFB is smack dab in the middle of the test range. Check out these two maps for comparison: (Hidden Content) What is also intriguing is that both of these locations are referred to as "sites." In the Storyline page of the wiki, I posted my own interpretation of the events of the ARG. One portion had this: "In the same clue that identifi…

  • Quote from Sage J. Fox: “ As for getting female guards modeled, depends. If it were just stitching the female heads/hands onto the guard bodies, with a few tweaks to look more feminine/fit the female rig, would be easy enough. Making an entirely custom model of the guard uniform for females is another story, though, certainly not impossible. Bigger issue would be the lack of female guard lines and things of that sort. While I wouldn't mind seeing them myself, like I said, without the support fil…

  • Looks like something that belongs in the original Doom.

  • This should be neat. I always thought there was a lack of custom single player missions.

  • You mentioned being reminded of Jurassic Park? Is the containment chamber is supposed to be some secure environment where packs of houndeyes and bullsquids are kept? All I can picture now, is getting to the containment chamber and finding the cages broken and the Xen creatures no where sight. (Bonus Points if there's a field of long grass between the containment center and the nuke bunker to be ambushed in.) Now if only the Panthereye made it into Half Life, that's all this scenario needs. .... …

  • I'm really excited to see how these maps will connect the different areas of Black Mesa to each other as well as fleshing out what is behind every door. On that note, Sakai, I think you posted an image of the complete tram line to connect the various maps together as a sort of scenic tour? Would the tour start exactly like Inbound, (Which could really use the whole fleshing out as well) or at the Level 1 Main Facility Entrance mentioned in the tram map? It always bugged me how few views we get o…

  • After playing through the mod again, I realized that many of the scientists seem younger than in the original. For example, In Half Life, all the scientists had worn faces and gray hair. In the mod, most of the scientist lack that characteristic and only two of them look to be over 55. Any chance the Einstein look will make a comeback with the retail version?

  • Quote from TextFAMGUY1: “They were bugged. When Deniz re-did our AI, he fixed this.” But will said scientist say something special if you kill the sniper before he shoots the scientist?

  • Not sure if this has been addressed yet, who all remembers that that one part of Black Mesa where the sniper shoots the scientist who runs out to help the dying security guard? I guess they didn't account for other factors.

  • Headcrabs- Facehuggers Bullsquids-Cthulhu dogs or Snot Monsters Vortiguants-Zappers or Minions Gargantua-Godzilla Itchyosaurs-Sharks Alien Grunts- Galactic Stoners

  • BBMIP 17

    Sergeant Guthrie - - Developer Updates


    Is there any chance of seeing new skins for things like the vending machines, computer screens, security camera monitors or office photos?

  • It might be a good idea to explain beforehand what you know about the Half Life games from either your own knowledge or hearsay, that way you can differentiate yourself from the other let's plays out there. I know that a lot of what you are saying is unscripted, but that isn't an excuse for lack of relevant dialogue. If this is your first time, don't just tell us, show us by commenting on the details in the map, the props, the dialogue, the atmosphere, your limited understanding of the plot. You…

  • Black Mesa Deathmatch Poster

    Sergeant Guthrie - - Show Off


    When I saw that there was progress on Black Mesa DM, I decided to turn my excitement into creativity and whipped this up in Photoshop. black%20mesa%20poster%20Rocket%20chamber.jpg I was going for a L4D style poster with characters from Black Mesa. I couldn't think of a clever tagline other than "Prepare for unforeseen consequences" so I went with a Freeman's Mind quote instead. If you look closely, you can see the names of the developers on it.

  • Quote from TextFAMGUY1: “ Not particularly. Unless it's a core part of the entire map, those gimmicks can often detract from the gameplay rather than add to it. We had a few prototype maps with things like that in and it just wasn't very fun/effective. There's nothing to stop the community making maps with that stuff in, though. One prototype, early map which I'm working on, has a few hazards like that in, but the level is designed around them. It remains to be seen whether I'll finish it or not…

  • I don't think it would necessarily spoil the dialogue that Eli and Kleiner give Gordon. The lines for the scientist and guard could be simple like needing to check the guard for any other injuries or coming to terms with the horror around them. The possibilities for dialogue are endless, and it doesn't detract too much from the carnage in the area or the importance of Eli.

  • A gamemode I'd like to see is a L4D style escape mod. Players are scientists, security guards, or maybe even marines, who have to fight through varying levels of zombies/aliens/marines to escape the facility. Some ideas for escape options could include hot wiring a car, sneaking through sewers/vents,taking a train from the rail yards, getting to an airfield and flying a corporate jet out, or commandeering a tank and blasting their way out. It's probably an unrealistic idea, but it would be cool.

  • Quote from Problematic A-hole: “ Uh-oh” Reminds me of this fan fiction that speculated that Breen was indirectly and consciously allowing the resistance to grow leading to the events of Half Life 2.

  • I'd highly doubt that the BMS team and Valve are working together on hl3. More likely is that Valve won't mention that they gave up on HL3 because no one would buy anything from steam if they admit that.