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  • [Code] Insert new line in subtitle ?

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    Quote from Stapheen: “Hello there! I have done translating the game to Arabic language for a along time. Sadly the game doesn't support Arabic from right to left. But that's okay, there is some method I can do to make it work. To let this method work, I need to know what is the code I should write/use in subtitle file, to make insert new line in the game. Without it is quite impossible to make Arabic language work in long sentences. That's why I need to make them short sentences. I really need y…

  • Thanks, @LordDz! Hey folks, There are only 3 spots left in the Private Black Mesa Dev Deathmatch. Don't miss your chance to frag the crap out of The Crowbar Collective before the TRUMANTHOLOGY Kickstarter ends on June 5th!

  • UPDATE: I'm offering spots in an exclusive Black Mesa Deathmatch w/ the Devs! You'll get to play in a private deathmatch with myself and other esteemed members of the Crowbar Collective

  • Hey folks, I'm Benjamin Truman, the Story Lead/Narrative Director for Black Mesa. I have started a Kickstarter to collect all my short comics under one cover . There are lots of zombies, monsters, sci-fi & horror stories inside. I figured that the BM community might be interested in supporting the project. Every little bit helps, so even if you can only share the link, that's great! 40kcDF0.png Thanks for your time, and thanks for your continued support of Black Mesa!

  • Patch 0.0.2

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    I am ready to hop in and test the update... Who else is coming?

  • Translations Needed

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    Hello! ¡ Hola! Salut! Shalom! Black Mesa is looking for help in translating our script so that everybody across the globe can enjoy the story as well as the action. Which one of you fine polyglots will step up to the challenge? We will send you our .txt file upon acceptance, and we will gladly GIFT you a copy of the game after completion of your translation duties. Thanks for all your support! The game would not have been possible without the amazing dedication from this community.

  • That's great, thanks for taking the initiative on that. One thing that will be important to this document is assigning the names to the community member that suggested them... We'll want to give proper credit once we round out our final list!

  • I am amazed at the consistent flow of good ideas from you folks... In fact, this has become a much larger collection of ideas than I had imagined. Is there anybody out there that would be willing to compile these in a web-based spreadsheet? Any other ideas for organizing this info would be appreciated.

  • You folks are doing a kick-ass job... Very impressed with all the creative names and the different approaches to this project. Thanks again for participating. You've already got me thinking we should do a similar project for the Scientists and Security Guards... edit: Especially cool to see that Anmat the Ankh's first post is in a community project. Welcome aboard!

  • Folks, We held auditions for a new hgrunt voice a while back, and we have found our new actor, Michael Tsarouhas. One of our primary goals during the rerecord is to also overhaul the hgrunt response rules. That’s where the Black Mesa Community Hivemind comes in The hgrunts have been referring to all of the various Xenians as "uglies", "bogies","aliens"... But those generic lines don't really help the player understand the particulars of the battlefield. We want their reactions to the world aroun…

  • Quote from k3nny1550: “ As far as the voice bits- could I toss in some more appropriate soldier vernacular? (Instead of "Sir, I heard something," could I say instead: "Squad, soft contact?")” Absolutely, I'd like to know how to improve the dialog in that regard.

  • Quote from xalener: “it's not like you can photoshop two voices together ” Yes, we'd need some kind of... voiceshop. Folks, please don't get bogged down trying to theorize what a young Eli would sound like. We'd rather hear a performance closer to Robert Guillame's than anything. If you can nail that, we can tweak how young or old it needs to sound once we get down to business.

  • Crowbar Collective is looking for a NEW voice for Dr. Eli Vance! We are looking for an actor that can impersonate Robert Guillaume, the voice of Dr. Eli Vance in Half-Life 2 and Episode 1 & 2. The ideal applicant will provide dry recordings from a dead room. I know that sounds gross, so let me clarify. A dry recording is a recording with no added effects. We are more interested in your performance than your audio mixing skills. A dead room is a quiet, echo-free recording space. No reverb, street…

  • Crowbar Collective is looking for a NEW voice for the HECU Soldier! The ideal applicant will provide dry recordings from a dead room. I know that sounds gross, so let me clarify. A dry recording is a recording with no added effects. We are more interested in your performance than your audio mixing skills. A dead room is a quiet, echo-free recording space. No reverb, street sounds, roommates, hisses or hums in the background. We're also looking for somebody with access to quality recording equipm…

  • Quote from Lemonz&oranges: “amazing news, i wonder if paid version will implement the efforts of those "Uncut" addons (like the uncut on a rail, and surface tension) or even the option to enable remastered HL1 assets (like sounds/music) or HL1 weapon/enemy balances” I'll bet all of those would like very nice in the Steam Workshop.

  • Thanks! The trade is currently available for INCREDIBLY CHEAP! $13.59, marked down from $20. US:…83&sr=8-4&keywords=hawken UK:…TF8&qid=1346649079&sr=8-1 And Heisenberg, you are a bad, bad man. Last nights prison shanking montage was too much!

  • Hey folks! I'm Benjamin Truman, the Story Lead for Black Mesa. Since graduating from Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where I met many of Black Mesa's developers (including Project Lead Carlos Montero), I have been writing comics full time. I've been lucky enough to do stories for Conan the Cimmerian & Creepy Magazine, both published by Dark Horse. I was even a part of FUBAR, a world war 2 zombie anthology that debuted on the New York Times Bestsellers list! Recently, I concluded my proudest work - …

  • Steamcast (2 hour)

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    Quote from calhoun freeman: “We've been actively waiting for a mod (Duke nukem... we didn't actually WAIT for that thing, did we?) for... 6 and a half years.” In for a penny, in for a pound.

  • Steamcast (2 hour)

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    Quote from brokenfridgehinge: “Thankyou Kane for getting that uploaded, appreciate it man. Any chance of getting the Forget About Freeman one up too? edit: actually, I'm serious here, look at the amount of hype that the latest upload caused. Releasing the other radio plays that was on a public podcast will only generate more hype, which is a good thing this near to completion I would think.” Indeed. I'd especially like to get some of our NEW content out there.

  • Steamcast (2 hour)

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    Quote from brokenfridgehinge: “Catz just did the tram announcer and parts of the PA system I believe.” Yes, correct. She did the HEV voice too, but we're going to stick with Valve's original recordings.