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  • Sid Meyer's Leisure Suit Larry - you basically run a school for sub-5'5" pick-up artists with receding hairlines. One of the features is trying to come up with the worst pick up lines imaginable and then selling those to the sad fucks who pay for your courses. Commandos : Beyand the Call of D.... oh shit it is an actual game.

  • Quote from Tiki: “…402e4c7cbdaed49ff304b37dd ” 9b0584bc81e73c62238ea3dadab2ffcd--real-superman-superman-stuff.jpg

  • Sup. Happy 2018 you cunts.

  • Still not ready after 4 years, I see. You'd fit into Vulva/Crowbar collective really well my bros. Will your dude get it done by Xen release Juniez? (pretty lenient deadline, namsayin?),

  • Yay. EkL5jSqss3-6.png Suck it shitlib SJW's! 2a85hrn.png America needs a Leader? America needs a Troll. /srs

  • Quote from (rot)(fodder: “I loved mech4 (vengeance and etc) and 2, and honestly I like mwo for what it is. What did you find wrong with it? It is rediculously grindy, but the game itself is fun. ” What, besides the fact it is a free-to-play unbalanced ass-fest (still a glorified beta after 4 years) with ONE game-mode ? I'd write a 1000-word paragraph to elaborate, but his guy does it better than me:

  • Reviews are in. Just what you can expect from an 'AAA' (focus on quotation marks) title nowadays

  • Fucking Retrowave, of course. If you are not in that groove these days - you are an inspiration for birth control.…dance-with-the-dead-remix

  • It depends. If we are talking about MWO, it should be recognized for the POS cashgrab it is. But aye, the whole industry is a piece of shit cashgrab nowadays. If we are talking about the likes of MW4 - the FASA/Microsoft titles received all the praise they deserved. Somewhat obscure today, sure, but never underrated. I am proud to own the big box edition of Vengeance btw. P.S. Also page 700, but whatever .

  • Even though it has been ages since I've posted anything here... the news really made me fucking sad. Rest in Peace.

  • I'd start working on it now, but in the light of recent news about the new version of the publisher royally fucking up on people.... It really just involves a lot of listening and typing on my part (as the pack is practically over with), but with until the recent troubles, I dunno if I can be bothered as I that would mean tapping into a valuable (unpaid) vacation time. Sucks.

  • Okay guise, would anyone like this nostalgia pack done for the steam version? I am feeling like launching audacity and faceposer again. If so, I woill need your guidance. Anyone can point me towards an instruction on how to properly submit your own stuff on workshop?

  • Installing this little gem. Big Baux edition, came in original wrap (game came out in 2000) 20zcoax.jpg Quote from Shaddy: “IVE GOT NO GOOD CONSOLE TO OF PLAY ANY THIS SHIT ”…9d9203:g:xIoAAOSw3KFWeXag…72455d:g:vmkAAOSw~otWd~MY…0432b2:g:HO8AAOSwCQNWdAqN Quote: “Track down The Twin Snakes for Gamecube and play that? ” They sell for an average price of a slim ps2 each. Plus TS sucks in more than one way.

  • Quote from RageMaker: “Episode 7 was fantastic. Anyone bitching about how it's practically a copy of episode 4 either can't appreciate movies that aren't completely original or That was literally one of the few plot elements re-used from episode 4. If anything having some elements be similar to episode 4 is brilliant because it's for the new generation of movie goers who didn't get to see the original in theatres. Seriously, it's like fans don't know wtf they want. ” *either can't appreciate mov…

  • Star Wars Episode IV The New Hope VII Force Awakens. Nuff fucking said. P.S. Don't get me wrong, great spectacle, but holy fucking shit....

  • Hey look, news!

  • Copypasted from my favorite games list I've compiled ages agoOff the top of my head: Quake Quake II Quake III Doom Doom 2 Wolfenstein 3d Half-Life 1 Half-Life 2+Episodes MGS1 MGS2 MGS3 W40k Dawn of Warr Gran Turismo 4 NFSU Shadowman NFS High Stakes GUNMAN CHRONICLES RUNE Devil May Cry Devil May Cry 2 Devil May Cry 3 Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks God Hand Comix Zone (genesis) Any Game with music done by Matt Furniss Postal Postal 2 Vampire The Masqafuckingrade Manhunt Manhunt 2 Alan Wake Sin Jurass…

  • LMAO, as if 'Ishmael' speaking in Kiefer's voice and face changing prompt didn't make it obvious.

  • Enemies not reacting to barrels exploding within 5 meters of them, not getting a memo after you turn off the generator 5 times in a row, searching for intruder after you drive an apc or a tank near them, at the same time paying absolutely no mind to an obviously foreign camouflaged armored vehicle going right through their outpost... Buggy mess. The rest of it, basically Peace Walker 2 (aka Metal Gear Happy Farm) with incrustations of Far Cry, GTA and Splinter Cell, which makes sense considering…

  • 1. Rogue Nation Fine and mostly well done... but why would you want to have that fucking ugly CGI underwater scene in the film - I do not fucking know. Also jet plane sounds on a fucking PROP airplane? WTF. 2. Man from U.N.C.L.E. It... didn't disappoint. Pretty damn well made actually.