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  • Summer Update 2018

    JeffMOD - - News & Developer Updates


    If you've already bought the Early Access, there's not really any point to "boycotting" the game if it doesn't come out when you want it to. You already own the game, you already paid for it, why not just enjoy it when it arrives?

  • I haven't posted in one of the Pre-Disaster threads in ages, but I've been keeping tabs on the project - looking good as always! Quote from Admiral Sakai: “Dampening Field Monitor ” Judging by dialog in Decay, I'm guessing either they never got anyone for this position or they were very, very bad at their job. After all, according to Rosenberg, the fields were designed not to fail, yet they did anyway.

  • General Xen Chit-Chat Thread

    JeffMOD - - The Cafeteria


    Yeah, unless it was something Nihilanth stole, there wouldn't be very much combine stuff in Xen. It was the one place they didn't know how to reach. Though maybe a torn-apart citadel or something, as part of a failed invasion attempt, would be interesting...

  • You Laugh, You Lose

    JeffMOD - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    I feel personally targeted by this one, not sure why.

  • Summer Update 2018

    JeffMOD - - News & Developer Updates


    I wouldn't expect it per se unless we have official confirmation, but one can be hopeful. It would be the most poetic release date.

  • Xen Engine Hotfix and Public Release

    JeffMOD - - Patches


    And not just on Linux, there was a Windows patch today as well. Gee, it's almost like the devs have actually been doing stuff, and just aren't pushing their daily changes to the public builds of the game because that would be a waste of their time and our bandwidth when they could just push out a bunch of fixes at once.

  • Convex Collision Meshes In Blender

    JeffMOD - -


    The Smooth tool is under the Edit heading in the Tools tab:…9c016863fd7f4fdef36d071ac I'd also recommend making a copy of your collision mesh pieces and putting them in a separate layer before merging them, just in case something goes wrong or you need to adjust it later, which happens often, especially if you have a particularly complex (or small) model - and make sure that any given part of the collision pieces isn't .5 units thick or less, because otherwise the …

  • Quote from RedEye9: “ Quote from JeffMOD: “I'm 23 and where are all the employers? ” The employers are busy interviewing prospective employees, why aren't you there? ” Because apparently they've all deemed that my application isn't worth following up on because I "only" have a bachelor's degree and not 5-10 years professional experience in whatever the specific job is, regardless of whether it's skilled industry work or stocking shelves. Don't try and feed me some line about "It's easy to get a …

  • I'm 23 and where are all the employers?

  • It's a remix. Of a remix. It's also damn good.

  • When attempting to change a prop_static to use props_am\am_server.mdl, Hammer crashes with the following error dialog:…9c016863fd7f4fdef36d071ac Not sure what caused this to suddenly happen, but the model loads fine into the in-hammer viewer and clearly works both ingame and back when it was being added to AM and UC. I'm also pretty sure that the model has far fewer than 27960 verts, so maybe it's a format issue? Other variations of the server model work fine, so i…

  • Crowbar Collective announces Loot Mesa!

  • Black Mesa Classic Weapons

    JeffMOD - - The Test Chamber


    Some day I want to be as good at hard surface modelling as you are, Juniez. That is one nice-ass revolver.

  • Not that I want to reignite a flame war, but to be perfectly honest, the biggest danger of nuclear power is not making new plants. Modern reactor designs are a lot safer and produce a lot less waste than the older ones, but because older reactor designs had a handful of issues worldwide, nobody wants to OK the construction of new plants, meaning that the old ones are kept running to fill energy quotas instead of being decommissioned in favour of more environmentally sound designs. I just ran the…

  • Titor_insignia.jpg

  • Isn't the BM vort model just the Episode 2 vort model using the slave shackle variant you see in HL2? (The Ep2 vorts having been backported into HL2 in the '09 update) Not that I don't think HDTF is crap, or that I doubt that there's fishy stuff going on, but between that and the HL2 trainstation maps that are part of the SDK content as examples there are some thing being thrown about as evidence that... isn't. I'm not 100% sure about the Adobe FUSE stuff, but I seem to recall the license for th…

  • Did it make you feel like a badass? I hope it made you feel like a badass. Would have offset the annoyance.

  • I suppose I'll have to look into building a manifest externally then, since I do have a few sounds I play from the beginning. It looks like if you call snd_restart before loading the map the sounds will be fixed for that entire instance, including through load screens, until you restart the local server by loading a save file - but I don't want to put the burden on the end user if I can avoid it. If the devs can re-add snd_writemanifest, that would be very helpful! EDIT: Actually, after a few at…

  • Sound mounting via the workshop appears to be broken. When mounting the content as a folder directory using gameinfo.txt, or using a vpk and mounting with gameinfo.txt, the audio plays fine, but the same vpk mounted via the workshop system will not play any custom sounds, instead spitting out error messages with the following format: Cannot figure out which search path sound\stojkeholm\sh_sinetone.wav came from. Absolute path is A:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\362890\1282390981…

  • Not currently, but I'm sure as soon as there is we will get a post about it.