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  • Looks like someone alt-tabbed their game.

  • I'm currently playing the "Only 30 minutes left before I go home from work", it's not a very fun game.

  • No music on window 8.1

    LordDz - - In-game Issues


    Do you sub to any mods that alter the music, is on the normal gameplay or on a mod? In the console, type: snd_restart and reload your saved game and see if it helps.

  • I've started working on a co-op port of the Heart of the Swarm campaign, which will play similar to my Wings of Liberty co-op port. Also playing lots of Warhammer Total War.

  • Yup, more or less just like Sven Coop.

  • You shoot enemies on maps made for co-op, using the deathmatch respawn system. Then you simply move the player spawns forward when the players reaches checkpoints in the map.

  • Rev-Amp

    LordDz - -


    Small pet peeve: The manifest in hammer. It just takes up a lot of space for .. nothing. Also save your maps with lowercase and no spaces, the console really doesn't like spaces.…e036cadfbb5c4c4384c8756d3

  • Someone asked on the Source Modding Community discord if someone could port Sven Coop to Black Mesa. Sadly my experiments with turning BMS into coop doesn't work right now. One reason for it is that the MP5 that the HGrunt carries, does crash the game the instant they fire it. They can fire the shotgun, but the MP5 is off. Then the stability is overall a bit crashy when it comes to co-op, but a start would be to fix the MP5 from instacrashing the game, when it's fired by a npc. Disclaimer that I…

  • I've had very little to do at work this week, so I decided to learn react.js which we will use in some future projects. So I made a portfolio website for myself! It still needs some finishing touches but it's mostly done. Portfolio website

  • General Xen Chit-Chat Thread

    LordDz - - The Cafeteria


    Only ~3 months left to christmas, we might see Xen this year guys!

  • Made another game at a Game Jam this weekend, this time on 'No More Sweden' in Malmö.

  • Evil PCGamer and their ads, causing you to get viruses from Facebook.

  • Summer Update 2018

    LordDz - - News & Developer Updates


    Yeah I like it. Neat! To nitpick: The menu bar isn't visible in smaller web resolutions (mobile)…e036cadfbb5c4c4384c8756d3 The move to top icon overlaps the steam icon.…e036cadfbb5c4c4384c8756d3 The wiki link (that the menu has) links to which isn't used. And the favicon.ico is missing.

  • Friends->Settings->"Display a notification when a friend joins a game" should be mandatory for all streamers to uncheck.

  • While you wait for Xen...

    LordDz - - Show Off


    Go play my maps! I just uploaded a new version of the "A Spy on a way home", so that it's playable on the newest patch. This includes a lot of bug fixes, lighting changes, etc. One of the maps have been extended and now also features two additional music tracks to blast alien heads to.…e036cadfbb5c4c4384c8756d3…e036cadfbb5c4c4384c8756d3…e036cadfbb5c4c4384c8756d3 This will probably be my last time in hamm…

  • How is the hud made? I've used a lot of screenoverlays to display text and hud elements for my spy maps, and they work without disabling rendering of the weapon models.

  • I played this a few days ago, I liked it a lot. A mix of happy fantasy lands and dark horror.

  • Black mesa: A Spy in a Madman's way

    LordDz - - Show Off


    Bump: Maps updated, check first post for more info.

  • So.. We should all stop posting on the forum I guess? But didn't you just say that the devs shouldn't respond to posts and instead spend time working on the game?

  • Quote from RedEye: “Quote from LordDz: “Fine, I get it that the devs get asked these questions a lot, but to dislike them whenever they're asked.. I mean, the folks who ask them just show that they still like the development of the game. Isn't it better to have people ask about the development of the game rather than just let the forum die because nobody discusses anything anymore? ” You are aware that the devs are working on the game. Time spent responding to the " Give us updates on the game t…