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  • I've been playing Hyper Light Drifter, which I got in one of the latest Humble Bundles. It's awesome.

  • Humble Day of the Devs Bundle. It has RiME in it, which I've been interested in, but it also has Hyper Light Drifter, which I've been playing and enjoying the hell out of. Plus other games, as well.

  • Playing Celeste. It's super good.

  • The Rage Topic

    geekofalltrades - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    Did you know that if you hurt yourself enough times in a sacrifice room in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, it teleports you to the last level? I didn't. I finally had a Missing Poster and a sacrifice room show up in the same run, and thought I might finally get to unlock The Lost, but no, the sacrifice room teleported me to the Dark Room, where of course there are no sacrifice rooms. It's not as if The Lost is one of the last unlockables for me in this save file.

  • Quote from Shaddy: “Isaac Rebirth has been the only PC game I've played for a while (beyond SADX modding shenanigans), and I just beat Mega Satan on Hard with Lazarus, one of the last completion goals I've had, so I might finally put down the game for a wh- ai9sfLr.png god fucking damn it edmund ” Fucking what!? I've never actually tried Antibirth; I was waiting for it to support Afterbirth+. This is amazing. Quote from BendyBread: “Hollow Knight. Bloody loving it. I love metroidvanias as a gene…

  • I'm playing Hollow Knight. The new DLC appears to be... boss rushes. I was really hoping for something more interesting.

  • Hollow Knight is on sale this weekend in celebration of the release of its fourth and final free DLC update, Godmaster. Seriously, if you have any love for metroidvanias and/or the gloomy atmosphere and obscure storytelling style of Dark Souls, buy this goddamn game. It's easily my favorite videogame of the last several years. It's great, it's beautiful, it's huge (even bigger now, what with all the free updates), and it's a steal even at its normal full price of $15. GIVE TEAM CHERRY YOUR MONEY

  • Wakako-Zake continuing to nail it. x5.png

  • Update on Iconoclasts: Jesus Christ, this game is fucking brutal. The characters keep doing really horrible, fucked up things to each other. (Hidden Content) And I'm only about halfway through! This game looks way too cute for this shit. I love how fucked up and conflicted all of the characters are. I've got some issues with some of the gameplay choices, but I'm loving the story and storytelling so far. It's giving me Cave Story flashbacks.

  • Found a fun new YouTube channel: The media BBcode doesn't let me set a time, but I was trying for 11m12s:

  • In a moment of weakness, I bought Celeste and Iconoclasts in the summer sale. Normally I would wait for them to get a lot cheaper, but I'm excited for these two in particular. Got started on Iconoclasts, After working around an obnoxious issue. This game is great. I wish I could switch the shooting and melee buttons on my controller without also having to switch the "back" button in menus (melee/back are tied to the same key), because it's a lot more natural for me to have melee on X and shootin…

  • The Rage Topic

    geekofalltrades - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    I was feeling like jumping back in to my last New Vegas game, but I started up Mod Organizer and it's lost my installed mods list and load order, so I guess that game is just gone forever.

  • Wow, sold. I've heard great things about that game.

  • The Shantae games have been on my radar for a little while now. They went on sale in the Humble Spring Sale, so I grabbed a couple. I finishedShantae: Risky's Revenge today, and dove into Shantae and the Pirate's Curse directly afterwards. The games are exactly what I'd heard they were: really competent, really polished, bright and fun action platformers. Risky's Revenge, which I guess is the second one in the series (the first one, just called Shantae, I couldn't find anywhere), was a really cu…

  • Quote from Johnwalter: “You know what i simply love about the system? How it states that unemployed people should be going out and explore their whole city/town wasting all the time and resources to find a job. Then why aren't the companies doing the same? I can't say much, since i'm young and only worked two, three jobs. But like, come on. Every company does not take risks, trying to hire imperfect applicants, giving them a shot. They take the best possible match and ditch them if a better show…

  • Today I passed 1000 kanji (Japanese characters) learned in the Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course. I was studying 4 a day (one page) for a long time, then over the past couple months, went up to 8 a day (two pages). I've also been using unofficial kanji and vocab Anki decks every day to review my progress. 1300 Kanji left in the course.

  • The forum moderation team aren't the same as the development team.

  • The ingenuity of modders never ceases to amaze.


  • Quote from RedEye9: “The Most Wanted Games Sale 150+ most wishlisted games and DLCs up to -85% | Ends on April 23 ” The original Roller Coaster Tycoon is $1.49 in this sale.