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  • Hi guys. It's been over a year. I have nothing further to say. So, business as usual.



  • I keep trying to think of something funny to say to cheer everyone up, or just something to change the subject. But I got nothing. Nothing I can think to say can help here, and being that powerless to help people that I've come to like sucks.

  • Grunts difference?

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    All the different male NPC faces couldn't fit on one model, so they split them into two. The different models are different NPCs so they work properly with the character creation system. Shouldn't be any different than that.

  • BLAST PIT - Stuck here?

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    Perhaps a point_clientcommand entity could be used in the map at that section to ensure gravity is set to 600? While it might be more ideal to fix that bug, it would also ensure someone could get through if they changed gravity on their own for whatever reason.

  • Always nice having someone look out for you. And no, don't think it's anything out of line. Was gonna be moving in with a buddy who lived out there, who failed to mention the place was a slum, and that he essentially wanted me to pay for just about everything. Tiny, cockroaches, bedbugs... was definitely not worth missing my family over. Especially because the main reason for the move was to eventually get moved in with my boyfriend in California, and there was no way three people were fitting i…

  • Well, just got back from two days of driving out to Colorado and back for a botched move. 2200 miles just so I could wash all my clothes for potential bedbugs. How's everybody else doing?

  • Guys, I found the answer. e69d8a7ced3c77f4af92e10d6f4cffee.png Why would you lie to us, Crowbar Collective?

  • Apologies for the bit of a bump, but one big thing I could see helping campaign creators would be allowing custom character/gib manifest files, soundscapes, etc. to be loaded per map. e.g. examplemap.bsp would load examplemap_character_manifest.txt, examplemap_gib_manifest.txt, and/or examplemap_soundscapes.txt, were the file(s) to exist. Figure per map would be the best way to avoid conflicts, and allow the loading to go automatically. Ideally, the files would be loaded on top of the default fi…

  • Black Mesa Sky List.

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    For the VDC sky images, pretty sure they just strung the four side textures together. And think it's been said already, but, nice work so far. You're a gentleperson as well as a scholar. Edit: Yeah, seems so. Would believe they follow this template: MMoDM_sky_template_.png

  • It seems the crossbow bolt spawns some distance in front of the player, I had an instance of an HECU marine standing directly in front of me who ate two bolts like it was nothing. Only upon shooting the third and having a marine behind him get killed did I realize that we're too close to fire the cannons, so to speak.

  • Unfortunately the way Source does water them adding a concavity would be damn near impossible. The big spray, while much more doable, would probably lag out lower end systems pretty badly, depending on how they would go about doing it. I always just assumed the dam was running poorly because of all the damage being done to the facility.

  • Updates/Information Needed

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    You picked the wrong game franchise to be a fan of if you're not good at waiting.

  • To answer the question without delving into all the psychological/cultural/religious implications, I'm gay.

  • Maybe it's just that time of year, has felt like the same thing here for over a month. Only really broke at all just last night because the opportunity to move in with a friend re-opened. And I'm not gonna be talked out of it a second time.

  • The short answer: No. The long answer: (Hidden Content)

  • I mean, given the B-movie nature of Half-Life's plot, I think it fit perfectly. Also, iunno if it's all those dubbed over westerns I've seen, but it didn't really bother me at all.

  • In addition to all that Jeff said, a few more issues that popped out to me: Sense of Space It almost feels like they kept the scale of the original GoldSrc version in places, it felt super claustrophobic in spots. In addition, a lot of things just didn't make logical sense. Why is there a boat fuse box panel hanging in a catacombs? Why is there a ladder in a furnace meant for cremation? What church is only accessible through multiple winding tunnels that are interspersed with graveyards? (I real…

  • So I guess it's my birthday, or something.