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  • Quote from geekofalltrades: “Quote from BendyBread: “Such a good game. Do yourself a favor and try to figure out the story yourself before you look it up. ” ” Will do. I'm not really understanding it very well so far but there has been some reference to an 'infection'. (Hidden Content)

  • Hollow Knight. Bloody loving it. I love metroidvanias as a general thing but this one is really really good.

  • Quote from geekofalltrades: “Hollow Knight is on sale this weekend in celebration of the release of its fourth and final free DLC update, Godmaster. Seriously, if you have any love for metroidvanias and/or the gloomy atmosphere and obscure storytelling style of Dark Souls, buy this goddamn game. It's easily my favorite videogame of the last several years. It's great, it's beautiful, it's huge (even bigger now, what with all the free updates), and it's a steal even at its normal full price of $15…

  • Fortnite. Been playing a lot of it lately. It's actually a lot of fun, if only I didn't suck at shooters. Slowly getting better though and learning how each of the weapons handle, and it's a lot more fun with friends.

  • Technically it's not new, I just didn't know about it beforehand - Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The new trailer for it looks awesome and I'm super super excited for it. Looks like the combat will be made slightly more indepth which I'm stoked about since that was my only/main let down with OatBF.

  • The Talos Principle, 80% off for standalone, 85% for the "Gold" edition which is basically 1 DLC level pack and the rest are extra bits and bobs you might not care about. Never played it myself so I can't give say too much but having seen videos of it it looks awesome and I've picked it up myself to play. 27 hours left on the sale as of posting this.

  • Stories: The Path of Destinies Free till the 13th of May. Highly recommend it as a short, fun game to play here and there. Don't expect anything huge or fleshed out but it's definitely fun.

  • Quote from Kamikal: “i bought a pink og ds today for $5. i think this may be the best purchase i've ever made in my life. ” Man back in the day I wanted a DS so bad, purely to play Nintendogs. I mean I never did, but a boy can dream.

  • Quote from Kamikal: “hey now it's my birthday ” Wait. Seriously? Mine too!

  • Glad you self admitted to it, cause jeez that was a blunt way to put it...

  • Quote from Medkit: “ Did they fixed the sound in Bioshock remastered yet? When I checked it out after release it was like as if my ears were dropped. EDIT: also here is an interesting thing about Bioshock: when you are down to your last bullets, you are doing increased demage. This little secret really helps the game to be so immersive. By the way, I was playing Tomb Raider (2013) today. The reboot game and it's sequel are awesome! ” Not sure. There have been a few different "solutions" people o…

  • Bioshock 2: Remastered Edition. I've finally gotten back to Dionysus Park, which is where I stopped my original Bio 2 playthrough. I ended up leaving legit like 200 dollars back in Siren Alley because I was just having a cash fountain "problem". Maxed out all my ammos and carryables and then looted corpses but there was still a lot just lying around. I hate doing that in games lol.

  • Hyper Light Drifter. Much trickier than I thought it'd be but definitely enjoying it.

  • How/Why did you get perma'd from FP?

  • Quote from RedEye: “In the future check out for gaming issues, it has saved my but a couple of times.Notable console commands include: m_smooth 0 - Disables mouse acceleration ” I concur. PCGamingwiki has helped me with a bunch of games. Sucks to have to do it sometimes but I'd rather look up a fix and do it to play a game I want/like. Currently trying to find a fix for Bioshock 2: Remastered sound issues.

  • Summer Update

    BendyBread - - News & Developer Updates


    Well, can't say I'm not dissapointed or let down but oh well. We'll get it when we get it. Pretty excited about the lighting upgrades/changes/additions though, they look sweet! Especially loved the shot with the police car sirens.

  • Started up Bioshock 2: Remastered. I never actually finished 2 so I figured I'll just start it up again using the newer version. I've always hated getting back into games after long pauses. Still need to finish Dead Space 3. That's one where I don't care to re-start it. I'll just continue where I left of.

  • Quote from RedEye: “ for free, a 100% discount on this package that bundles Outlastwith the Whistleblower DLC for the Windows, macOS, and Linux survival/horror game. The deal is for a limited time. as seen on ” Oh neat, I'd heard good things about this game and seen a lot of youtube videos about it. Cheers.

  • Quote from lambdaman: “So, I'm a learner driver. For anyone not in Australia or similar, learner drivers start from the minimum age of 16, so long as you pass a test, and you have to have some L plates which are yellow squares with a black L on the front and back windshields of your car. I haven't driven a lot, about forty minutes over two trips. On the second trip (last Saturday), I was driving in some light traffic, and I went pretty slowly (checking both sides to turn, keeping at a safe speed…

  • Marc Laidlaw's 'Epistle 3'

    BendyBread - -


    Damn. Really sounds like an awesome premise for a game, sad we'll probably never see it. It's probably been discussed to death but IDK why Valve hasn't/won't make HL2:Ep3/HL3. Sure it might not live up to expectations or hopes, but isn't it better to make _something_ that gives a sense of closure and finality?