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  • I don't know if people get smarter with age, but this stupid tablet certainly seems to do so... I was trying to play HL2 EP1 at work and was getting terrible stuttering when rotating the mouse and then looking at certain areas of some maps, but when I tried to reproduce it in front of a friend, it kept a constant 60FPS going, as if just to spite me. Sony Vaio Tap 11 in case anyone was interested. (I have a video of it running GTA V in triplehead on my youtube channel)

  • Towel also hacked the YMS twitter account (

  • 1041658.png I wish internet at my house was at least half this fast

  • screenshot_zpsb50wzejx.png later that day: scresnhshot_zpscgrmtuw7.jpg WHAT?! it works now?!? Does it think I changed the GPU in my laptop?!! I'm sure it's just teasing me.

  • Congratz, Jambo! I guess now that you won't have time to play any games, why not give someone(me) your Steam account?

  • Quote from Tiki: “Quote from sersoft: “a friend [...] a client ” Jesus, now we know how you treat your friends. Also, I don't think someone you buy something from is technically a "client". ” Well, I'm calling him a friend because he sold me his "old" laptop still in excellent condition for a great price, whatever the reason may be. He is first and foremost a client because i'm his contact for PC repair or other tech-related services. I actually remember formatting this laptop about 3 years ago.…

  • So a friend of mine got a new laptop and I bought the old one for only a couple hundred bucks. It's in excellent condition, I love dealing with a client who knows how to take care of the things that they own. Now I finally have the laptop of my dreams (of back in 2010 ) sony-vaio-z.jpg Now can anyone tell me why I can't find any modified Optimus drivers for my GT 330M.

  • Quote from CyankeeMassey: “You can almost never go wrong with Logitech IMO tho I can't remember what model mine is. All I can say is that it's blue and a trackball mouse. ” don't you mean Logi? "because tech means nothing"


  • Logitech BJ-69 is best no matter you saying also, here is what happens when you combine Google StreetView images with Microsoft's awesome new stop-motion smoothing algorithm, as you might expect, it is quite impressive, I hope we'll be seeing this transition effect on the actual google maps website pretty soon.

  • Quote from Tiki: “I wish they'd go back to naming them by year. edit: Wait, what if Windows 7 was so-named because it came out in 2007? And it just happened to be the seventh big version of Windows... edit edit: Wait, was there ever a Windows 9? ” just jumping in here 3 pages late to point out that Windows 7 came out in 2009, and it was Vista that came out in '07 I have to go now my planet needs me.

  • The Rage Topic

    sersoft - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    The only thing we can do is show them the right way by ignoring them and this stupid issue. That's why I'm gonna roll one up using my confederate flag rolling papers after grinding it with my confederate flag grinder, and continue to not worry about this problem, because it doesn't concern me.

  • We usually talk about Steam sales a lot on the Official Chat thread, didn't realize this was a separate thread. Apologies and good luck.

  • PC turns off in specific scene

    sersoft - - In-game Issues


    the answer is simple, instead of starting BM with your PC on, start BM with PC off then it will surely turn itself on at that exact same part and you will be able to play the rest of the game

  • I've never bought anything on Steam and I'm certainly not gonna start now. you guys are like brainless zombies, you just keep paying valve for simply letting you download files from their DRM servers and that's why Gaben is such a greedy jew and will never release HL3 Maybe if I didn't need money to fucking survive I would do silly things like buy games online.

  • It should have been called The New Order Blood Dragon, The Movie (80's nostalgia clichés kickstarter edition) Also I find it was way too short. Still damn fun to watch.

  • That's not the name of the file, it's the name of a norton zero-day detection method. Anyway how did you even get here? Don't you know how to use Google? It's a false positive, very common problem on bad security software like Norton.

  • My forum name is wrong...

    sersoft - - Website Issues


    Comment Production Always Fuck Up The Joke

  • So was it 5 hours or 1.5 hours?

  • get a ps4 if you don't like to play your games online for no extra charge, and also hate being able to get any work done on your gaming station, and if you love taking it up the @$$ from $0NY