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  • Bans have been delivered and I deleted a bunch of off-topic replies. Bit silly to get yourself banned the day before a big news update, but hey, that's on you guys. Next bans for you will be for a much longer period of time. Any beyond that? Are permanent.

  • Joe isn't on the team anymore. He hasn't been for at least...2 years now. What do you want to discuss?

  • The request isn't unreasonable, but there's no benefit to using the iron sights without a zoom. The zoom is kind of the whole point! The gun doesn't actually get any more accurate, so if you're using the iron sights you're basically making it harder for yourself to aim, because the crosshair is likely more precise!

  • Rev-Amp

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    That is an incredibly colourful Hammer! What's with your nodraw texture?

  • There will be an update at some point in the reasonable future. Currently as a team we all just have our heads down and are grinding, grinding, grinding.

  • General Xen Chit-Chat Thread

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    It was awful. We never took it anywhere because it was a totally rubbish mechanic and entirely against the spirit of Half-Life. It kinda got "stealthed" into the game by one of our programmers many years ago, and never got taken out.

  • -realskylightscale scales the amount of light from the skybox generated by the image based lighting by x times. 2 would double the brightness, for example. -extrasky increases the number of light bounces calculated from the environment light. I believe the default is -32 when you're using the -final switch in the compiler. So you need values of 64 or 128 to have a noticeable effect. Dramatically increases compile times.

  • Compile the map with the switch -realskylight in VRAD.

  • There are no Marines in Xen. We're not interested in straying THAT far from the formula. Quote from jessiestorm88: “What I've been wondering about is how the flow of the game is going to feel with Xen being so drawn out that it keeps getting referred to as "almost another game", "as long as the whole Earth chapter", "the first map takes as long as all of the old Xen maps" and so on. That might all be amazing when you keep starting from Xen, but I hope somebody is taking into account that it's ju…

  • Xen's Maps?

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    Xen - 5 maps - c4a1x Gonarch's Lair - 3 Maps - c4a2x Interloper - 5 Maps - c4a3x Nihilanth - 1 Map - c4a4a Endgame - 1 Map - c5a1a This is where we stand currently. As always, potentially subject to change. Posters above have already correctly outlined the way our naming convention works. EDIT: Just to clarify, the first number is like "Act". The second number is like "Chapter". The final letter is the map name.

  • Quote from ZenoPopo: “that either means you've never really did anything xen related until latter part of 2016, or that you've started making it from scratch several times. Either of these don't fill me with optimism. ” What does this post contribute? What did you hope to achieve by writing this? I have no issue whatsoever with negativity, but it needs to be constructive, and facilitate some kind of discussion. None of what you've posted does that. You're just being needlessly negative for the s…

  • Quote from sansuni: “-Snip- ” C'mon now, how have I "hurt" you apart from rebuking your points with my own opinion? At no point did I suggest that I thought your opinion wasn't constructive criticism, nor do I feel like I was defensive. I addressed what you said and that's it. That isn't defensive, that's just a response. I didn't even deny your concerns were real. I denied that they were particularly relevant to the topic at hand, and I felt like they didn't hold up upon further scrutiny. If yo…

  • Where to start with this? With regards to visual cues, we use them plenty. Although our game has its weak moments, as with anything else, I think we generally do a very good job of guiding players and keeping them on task. The reason you never got lost in HL1 is because every corridor is simple and empty. It's hard to get lost because the world has very little visual detail, and generally has pretty uniform lighting. That, and everything is a lot smaller. Your two examples are both outliers with…

  • Quote from ysrael214: “Are the leeches returning to the game even as particles? ” No, sorry. Quote from Leck: “Hello, Will Xen have dinamic skybox? I mean, glow effects, moving rocks, etc, I think using 3d skybox can achieve some of this effects, and its better than any static skybox This also gives the sensation that xen is live. So i think that would be a very nice addition if its already added. Thanks! ” Yes, we are making full use of 3d skyboxes, naturally. We have in the rest of Black Mesa,…

  • Yep, that's me. I think it covers pretty much all the questions about that topic.

  • Quote from ZenoPopo: “pardon me, but the only thing I said is that I am not amused by an update, that tells us little to no info. It's not a perfect world where screenshots will amaze everyone. You've got to leave your comfort zone and accept the fact, that people have diffirent opinions than you. As for the main post itself, what does an "art" phase mean? Most of the designers work on sole "art" process mostly at the beginning of their work, rather than at the last part of it, so I guess you me…

  • 3d0cd6c2fe1b4ca1070b5a8314524384012b90a5.jpg Summer Sale Hope everyone is having a great summer. Black Mesa is now on sale for 60% off! It’s a GREAT time to pick up the game at a discounted price 2e37aea759e0823e7002ee6664946e92ef072b2a.jpg Xen There has been lots of progress on Xen. We have started external playtesting. The first two chapters, "Xen" and "Gonarch's Lair", clock in around two hours. For reference, all five chapters of Xen in HL1 can be completed in approximately one hour! We are …

  • Can't wait to see the Xen ones

  • This is bloody awesome. Great work!

  • General Xen Chit-Chat Thread

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    I'm seriously sick of these discussions constantly devolving into pointless namecalling and mobbing people with negative opinions and statements. I'm also sick of people getting defensive and upset so easily. My response was sufficient, and if Quetejodan wanted to rebuke my comments, he could have. Instead it just deteriorated into a shit-slinging competition. Unnecessary. Please don't. I love this community and it's sad to see it become like this. So I'm gonna lay down some serious law from now…