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  • That Env_Roomtype feature is really a neat detail, that will boost the immersion quite a bit, imo. Great job!

  • Downloaded a mod for C&C Tiberian Sun. „Twisted Insurrection“ is pretty awesome! I‘m on mission 13 on the GDI campaign and up until now it has been rather challenging but fun! Feels like a proper C&C game, albeit without the cheesy cutscenes. Mission 13 however had me cringing a lot. You have to protect 10 super slow convoys while constantly being assaulted from all sides. It‘s super frustrating at first and there‘s a lot of R‘n‘R. Had to watch a couple of playthrough to get an idea of a decent …

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  • sounds really nice, glad to hear everything is working out so nicely, at least on the material front. It's been over six month now since we moved to Brazil. We're still struggling to get a foot on the ground and find some descent and well paid work. Our day-to-day routine is also a bit slow atm as we still have a one-year old at home who doesn't go to Kindergarten yet, having very few time left to actually sit down and get shit done. So I'm looking to find some opportunities in teaching German a…

  • Sweet big ass Summer update from Tripmine Studios hit yesterday. Check the sweet in-game waepons reel and quite a few new screens over here!

  • In the last map of urface Tension (the artillery map), there is a wall, that electricutes you. When you enter the area and go to the left, right away you'll reach a fence (that does nothing when touched), but to concrete wall to the right of it eletrecutes you. I'll add images and the setpos: Entering the area, go to the left (Hidden Content) into the little space (Hidden Content) find this wall (Hidden Content) which will eletrecute you (Hidden Content) setpos -1435.470459 5018.078125 -27.83033…

  • So, since Surface Tension Uncut went retail I came across a pinboard texture that I didn't see anywhere else, yet. Right after the helipad battle there's a security booth to the left, you can enter it. There's some magnum ammo and a pinboard. nothing to peculiar, except this paper: (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) wherease everything else is unreadable, this clearly says "page 428". Did anyone catch this one, yet? I never saw it anywhere. What could it refer to? Maybe a forum page on some other…

  • Summer Update 2018

    wayne_acoba - - News & Developer Updates


    ^ Best thing just to ignore the offending haters/trolls On Topic: Awesome news!! And awesome pics! I am kinda getting to the point where I'd actually like to avoid seeing any more media, but I just can't avoid it, when there's something new....and looking and the pics I am starting to get worried about my system being able to still give some decent fps while playing this But that's of course my very own problem. I'd love to see a playthrough of all the core HL games! Quote from TextFAMGUY1: “ We…

  • So E3, anyone? Again I'm so dazzled by Death Stranding. Can't wait to play it some time. (Hidden Content) Awesome cast! Also The Last of us Part II looks amazing, too. I gotta say, Games that are driven by a gripping story do catch me the most. To be fair, DS is just dropping so little of its story, but it does it so well that at least I find myself dying to find out more about this game. What were your personal favorites so far? Oh, also Doom Eternal. That followed kinda quick, didn't it? Looks…

  • General Xen Chit-Chat Thread

    wayne_acoba - - The Cafeteria


    Quote from AsinoEsel: “Gotta love Steam forums ” Forgot to censor the name of that dude in the response of redeye.

  • Thank you very much for the recent update! I don't know how you managed to pull it off, but CSM and dynamic lighting seem to be working well enough on my 2012 AMD system! Still in the recent beta i had some very weird visual bugs starting from c2a5g (ST uncut), where the shadows were cast from a totally diffrent direction than from where the sun was. Anyway, seems to be straightend out, so yeah! With the recent update however the trajectory of the missiles of the rocketlauncher seem off. They fl…

  • So I tried out the recent update to the beta real quick. The dynamic shadows issue with my AMD card has been resolved. Yay! But the controls feel extremely really slow and heavy. It's pretty unpleasent atm. Is that normal? EDIT: Upon further playing, I think the movement is fine. I think it felt strage because I played other fps games since. felt so damn diffrent.

  • General Xen Chit-Chat Thread

    wayne_acoba - - The Cafeteria


    Quote from darkone: “ ZEV can be spawned with npc_create npc_zombie_HEV currently is bugged though, damage to head does not hurt it, seriously head shot it kills the headcrab the the HEV zombie keeps going until you kill it with body shots. Also it has a working flashlight. Oh and the one screenshot with the melee A-grunt was me seeing if that still ends up in an animation loop of you spawn it. the answer is yes. EDIT spawned a few to see how …

  • Quote from RedEye: “Quote from wayne_acoba: “So I started to check the BMS steam forums, as the devs post there more often. But geez... reading through all those post...Crikey, now I'm glad this place has become this calm and laid back forum it currently is. ” Sadly, there is not a single location where updates and snippets of information reside. Info is scattered between 2 different forums. Here is an example of what I mean Xen 2.0 and prop is only posted in this forum and probably th…

  • So I started to check the BMS steam forums, as the devs post there more often. But geez... reading through all those post...Crikey, now I'm glad this place has become this calm and laid back forum it currently is.

  • Soldier Zombies

    wayne_acoba - -


    Quote from halflife3: “ - Because in Half Life - Opposing Force have a HECU zombie, so why Black Mesa could not have a HECU zombie? The game campaign looks very repetitive, I would like to have HECU Zombie, maybe in surface tension. EDIT: I posted here because I can't create an account. ” They ARE in Black Mesa, and they first appear in Surface Tension. Rejoice, for all of your wishes were granted! They have been added with the Halloween Update. Just read literally the post above yours!

  • Last Film You Saw

    wayne_acoba - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    Saw Annihilation yesterday. To my total surprise the film went straight to netflix - at least outside of the US. It's a bit of a shame because a film with such amazing visuals needs to be on a big screen, imo. I liked it a good deal. Garland managed to create this amazing and strange world that is the shimmer. And with it come some truly unnerving horror scenes, although I think the film could have used some more of that. The strange fauna in the shimmer also could have used some more variety as…

  • Or do it yourself! That reminds me that I really wanted to try a mac and cheese recipe myself. I don't believe I ever had a classic 'merican mac and I really should try it out!

  • man, this...this game and everything that went with's just so unfortunate. I only got to know about the game when I saw a playthrough of the techdemo a few month back (btw none of the content of the techdemo is in the actual game, right?) This game is just not worth looking at. And yet I keep watching Reviews that tear the game apart. It's a bit like a car accident. It makes you uncomfirtable to watch, and yet you cannot look away. In this case however, It's like somebody tries to sell t…

  • So I made my first gif. Nice weather in Belo Horizonte. (Hidden Content)