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  • Quote from TextFAMGUY1: “Quote from fury: “Hey guys? Any news? What's the timeframe for next BM update? ” You should know better by now than to ask for timeframes! It's coming reasonably soon. We're getting there. We'll provide a month estimate when we're comfortable with doing so, but it probably won't be as far ahead of time as the December Update was, because this update is relying on a few major features which are complex and need to be extensively tested. I'm writing some blog posts for my …

  • Ah, yea. I'm intending this to be more directed at mod/mod creations WiPs. Odd though I couldn't find that right off. I must be going blind again.

  • Quote from Crypt: “Oh, cool, now I can abuse this thread instead of the Show Off thread. ” There's a show-off thread? I didn't see a showoff thread.

  • Hey guys! I love modding, I hope I don't hide that. I've always asked people to share with me what they're working on, be it for Black Mesa or just Half-Life in general. I realized though, there isn't a thread on the forums for people to centrally share stuff that might not be 'done' enough for it's own thread, or workshop release. Well, here's that thread. Share whatever you're working on. Doesn't matter if you just started modding and you made a room with some props in it, or you're a seasoned…

  • I'm an RPG nut. LOVE my RPG's, MMORPG's prefered but not required. Been rocking out in FFXIV a bit, and it's been great. Outside of those, I just started Rise of the Tomb Raider and it's been pretty good so far. A little slow in cutscenes for me (the ingame ones, not the pre-rendered ones), but thats probably because I'm pushing my system just a daaaash too far.

  • Quote from MisterDigitalGuy: “So, I was wondering: will we be seeing improvements to existing prop models in future updates? I only ask because I've noticed a few low-poly models in game (e.g. the cooling tower models in gasworks), and I was wondering if they'd either be improved eventually, or stay the way they are. Personally, I'd be fine either way. Just wanted to ask. ” If we have time, resources or need to improve them we'll look at them. Usually when it comes to updating a model, it'll eit…

  • Hey everyone. I hate having to write posts like this, but I've had a few people come to me over the past few days warning me about a new Source Engine Server exploit that is making the rounds across various games. There has been some reports that Black Mesa MP Servers could be the target of the exploit, if someone with malicious intent wants it to. Until Valve (and then us) patch a fix in, I've made this post to inform everyone of potential danger and steps on how to avoid infection. What is the…

  • Quote from Crypt: “Glad to hear it. Question: Would Crowbar Collective be willing to reduce the overall appearances of stuff and things in favor of more junk? ” We'll put our best junker on it right away.

  • Quote from BossN00b: “What are we going to see in the upcoming CU #3 ? (Aside from a recreated ST and, according to textfamguy -> Game is too hard , AI tweaks). ” Stuff. You'll see Stuff.

  • Quote from fury: “Hi. When can we expect the next BM Dev Stream? ” I don't know. Ontop of the stuff I'm doing with Black Mesa, I have a couple other major projects (unrelated to Black Mesa) that I'm working on. One I'm even planning to release come this April. So, honestly, I'm not sure.

  • Quote from happy: “how does far does the use of the games soundtrack go in terms of copyright? can the soundtrack be used in videos? ” As long as you are not monetizing the video, or making money of it in any way, you're okay to use it. (It'd be nice if you would credit Joel though, in the description! Bonus points if you link to the soundtrack DL on the main page)

  • Black Mesa: Blueshift

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    Hey, I think that screenshot looks great.

  • Quote from Lord Grievous: “I see, so what are these coding bits that the devs aren't sure if they'll include them or not? And is it possible to load HL2/Ep1/Ep2 assets into the BMS Hammer tool? I'm asking because I would like to try to mix BMS and HL2 assets while taking advantage of the new lighting tools. BTW, I'm looking forward to the final version of STU ” I asked for clarification. SDK means stuff like 'level editor' or 'modding tools' to some people. To other, it could mean what it actual…

  • Quote from Crypt: “Recently? You mean you're not a fan of poorly recolored crowbar #517?! That's a classic! ” To be honest, there was a Candy Cane one I really liked.

  • Just browsing through the workshop: I'd like to remind everyone to check their workshop contribution list on their steam profile and check for an empty, nameless, imageless black mesa file. If you have one, PLEASE DELETE IT. If you're having problems with the workshop tool, removing the blank addon WILL help. Also, I'm loving a lot of the mods that are coming out recently!

  • Quote from Lord Grievous: “Quick question, is the Black Mesa SDK/Mod tools already available? Because I don't see it under the Tools section in STEAM Or will it be released when Xen is finished? ” The level editing tools are in SteamApps/Black Mesa/Bin as hammer.exe. If you're looking for code stuff, we haven't released it, nor do we have any plan on if we will be. Quote from themuffinman: “I don't know if this has already been answered or not, ( i'm not reading through 90 pages of questions), b…

  • Quote from Kaltsu: “Quote from Fr0z3n: “ ” ” Ok, so it looks like you're trying to overwrite files that the game either doesn't properly identify, or we're not letting you for reasons. If I can get a chance later today, I'll take a further look at the mods and see if I can help out. For the sound mod, load it up and type "snd_restart" in console, and see if that helps you.

  • blackmesa_publish.exe

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    Quote from KyuuGryphon: “Yeah, there seems to be something very strange going on there. Like I told Crypt on the Workshop itself, I actually went and deleted all the UGC-related folders for BM I could find - the steamapps one, the addons folder in /bms/ itself, everything - as well as unsubbing to all the Workshop addons I had, then subbed to the HD sleeves. In-game, both the SPAS-12 and MP5 didn't render. I can't remember exactly what I did, but after a bit of fiddling around, the SPAS-12 start…

  • Content Creator Request Thread

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    Quote from KevinJRattman: “Quote from Fr0z3n: “Quote from KevinJRattman: “ ” These are good. I'll ask about the .50cal thing, and if it's broke for sure I'll make a report for it.Our music may be in the the wrong format for previewing in sound browser, so tha probably why it's not show up. If it's not showing up in game too, then it's a bigger issue. ” I was talking about since you can't preview it in the browser you actually have to go into sounds.vpk and look for the name, and that's a bad thi…

  • Quote from Kaltsu: “Quote from Fr0z3n: “Quote from Kaltsu: “Some subscribers said that my creations stopped working so I deleted them and uploaded again. As soon as they were uploaded, I subscribed them to see if they worked. They didn´t. Both of my mods contains sounds and when start BM, the replaced sounds are just muted. Crypts´HD-sleeves, for example, works just fine. There should be nothing wrong with my folder-structure. Am I doing something wrong or is this just a steam-thing? Here´s some…