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  • If Valve ever will release Episode 3\Half-Life 3 I hope they will improve Combine AI a lot.I often criticize HECU AI in Black Mesa but it is so much better by a large margin than Overwatch one.

  • I like their vision:you shouldn't reinvent a wheel,all you have to do is to keep your gameplay and atmosphere as close as possible to original while removing all meaningless stuff.It seems like they want to add the new enemies because I don't recall anything similar to creatures on second art in Opposing Force.I also like their AI demonstration and sky textures and I hope we will have a lot of cross mods so people who like OBM\Black Mesa version more will be able to change the textures\NPCs\loca…

  • It's Time to Call It, Guys

    Nova Terra - - Half-Life Series


    Not surprised.

  • The Nihilanth's neck part from your art reminds me of Christmas garland.

  • I'm kinda late but I like this screenshot.It is great to see more "human" Xen like it was in Blue Shift that was considered the greatest Xen version rather than HL1 one.

  • Game trailers thread

    Nova Terra - - Technology and Gaming


    Quote from Chickenprotector: “I'll leave this here: ” What a shitty facial animation,it is much worse than it was in HL2 which was made 12 years ago.The environment looks pretty as well as NPCs.I am also sceptical about the "each planet has its own story" thing and those monsters which are just standing on the fields and do nothing,reminds me of early 2000s RPGs rather than 100 000 000$ or more next gen game with three amazing predecessors that was in development …

  • Quote from CyankeeMassey: “@RedEye and @geekofalltrades I mean, they have Steam, they don't need a new game to make their money. ” Everyone wants more money,so do Valve.According to Laidlaw's words they don't have fear to make a new one and if they have Steam then why did they make Portal 2 and L4D2 back then if Steam already was enough in those years to make profit?I think we will see another game in future unless it will be Starcraft:Ghost story again, but now with Valve.

  • On A Rail/Surface Tension

    Nova Terra - - The Cafeteria


    The only thing I like more in free version is A-22 airport scene because in retail version it was simply cut.

  • On A Rail/Surface Tension

    Nova Terra - - The Cafeteria


    Quote from RedEye: “On a Rail Uncut (OARU) is a click away in the workshop and will always be that way. Surface Tension Uncut (STU) was recently added to the game with a content update. ” He talking about the free version.Free version does not contain on a rail uncut and surface tension update.I have a feeling we won't see any of these uncut location in the free version.

  • I expected to see a new cliff area in STU update, but it was a little dissapointment for me to see literally the same version again.This area should be expanded a bit because they created such a great skybox and we spend only 10 min there.The part with building and water is good but the closer parts need to be reworked.Maybe they can use parts of their new STU skybox there?

  • Default 99% of the time.

  • Quote from Chrillen: “Something I have been working on: ” Quote from Chrillen: “@Admiral Sakai - I have considered a temporary power outage in the beginning, but I'm so lazy with scripting that I have postponed pretty much indefinitely I should probably get on to adding something to indicate that shit has hit the fan, although instead of an explosion I would settle for a shockwave. @CPU - I honestly hadn't considered water on the floor, but I will definitely see w…

  • Black Mesa Hardcore

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    Quote from rabinovich: “This mod modifies the original levels Black Mesa. It extends and complements them. It makes difficult the passing game [/attach]…89ccc6731c387cf9dd4b493b6 ” From which part of Black mesa is this?Also what is the plot of this mod?

  • Alternate Twist

    Nova Terra - - The Cafeteria


    Quote from OneJayden1: “if the HECU did not kill the scientist/security in Black Mesa? ” then Quote from OneJayden1: “the Black Ops team still will be sent to Black Mesa ” If the government originally planned to kill all scientists they could do it without a problem if they needed so.In 1998 we didn't know the Administrator in person and his connection with Combines.Maybe in HL3 we will learn more about incident and if we speak about the government there are a lot of groups which weren't interes…

  • Quote from TornadoAP: “In a medium range enagement? Use the MP5 or the shotgun's alternate fire. In a short range engagement? MP5 as well. A bunch of enemies are grouped up? Use the MP5's alt fire ” And that is why I hate the current system.There is no place for hivehand,snarks(even though there is not much ammo for them) and tripmines,grenades,satchels aren't popular because why do you need them when you have MP5,revolver,crossbow or Tau?

  • I'm trying to save as much people as possible even when it's dangerous for my health and I will use more ammo because it will be better to have someone to talk instead of having a dead body near from you.Also when I played HL1 and especially Opposing Force I've tried to not use my allies at all and killed all of my enemies alone and only then I escorted them without casualties.

  • Maybe add some tanks parked outside or just dozen of HECU on airfield just like it was in HL2 when you saw a lot of combines near from the nexus?That will force you to think that it might be better to choose the stealth way instead of shooting those HECU because others can hear you outside and therefore you will be dead.

  • There are some shootings in Munich and it seems like it was related to immigrants.Police still can't catch them and if they were an ISIS fighters it might be more than dozen of deaths.

  • Joel Nielsen deserves a significant amount of money for his work.After 4 years I still remember all tracks from Black Mesa and I can't say anything bad about it.However there is my list: Action:Questionable Etchics 1 easily my top 1 because it feels fresh if we compare it to the rest tracks."Brightish" if you want.The 2nd one is Surface Tension 2 mostly because it was unpredictable because the original track was very diffirent from it and overall it's a good one.The 3rd one is the new Surface Te…

  • Quote from JeffMOD: “I used to self-censor foul language as a kid and in my early teenage years, to the point where people were still taken aback when I swore well after I stopped doing the censoring. Now I swear like a sailor (though one on a passenger ship, not one of them rough-and-tumble crab fishing boats) and I kind of wish I knew how to stop. I do censor certain categories of thoughts, because some things simply aren't said in polite company, and I try to avoid other people when I'm in a …