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  • Always start small. Never go for a big game, as thing always take more time than one thinks. Your post is kinda like a "I want to make the new Star Wars movie but I don't know how to turn on the camera." =/

  • M16

    LordDz - - The Cafeteria


    Well you have this: Should go good with this:…=527342855&searchtext=mp5

  • Quote from lambdaman: “Roses are red, patience is the key, one day i hope that you won't friendzone me ” Plot twist: There is no friendzone. Happy valentines day!

  • Quote from MichaelTannock: “Wouldn't they save more if they fire the people at the top? I mean, they're usually being paid a lot more. ” Well for the developers, they sorta have to fire the ones who joined last according to the law, so it was between me and another guy. Both of which are junior developers. So 50% chance they took me.

  • I got fired from my job today. So was several others so there wasn't anything personal to it. Company gotta save them monies and the best way is to fire people! .. Got two workfree paid months leave at least, so that's good.

  • Tiki confirmed to be a bully who makes people jump.

  • I finished "Life is Strange" on Xbox a few days ago. Have felt empty inside for a while since then..

  • Yeah.. Some people on the steam discussion page where complaining how the Black Mesa game changed things and how they only wanted a graphical port.. Imagine their rage when xen comes out. Ofc the same people would probably complain how it was only a graphical port if the devs didn't change anything.

  • Xen Holiday Screenshot

    LordDz - - News & Developer Updates


    We need more rape friendly monsters in the game!

  • Yeah, I just feel like.. It's 1 screenshot. It's kinda too early to give feedback about how it will affect the xen world. I'm sure there will be enough organic stuff in the game, so if the cave isn't so organic, that's ok. It will only help reduce the feel of repetitiveness which would happen if everything in the xen was organic.

  • Snark, I'm gonna try really hard not to respond in a very sarcastic way here. But you're comparing this:…odolzhenie-black-mesa.jpg with this: Why aren't you comparing the cave with this?…ry/deriv/1369/1369335.jpg or this:…0129120110&path-prefix=en To wage critism about how 1 piece of a level looks.. It's 1 screenshot, it doesn't show how the whole of all levels looks in bms xen, b…

  • Lighting drop off

    LordDz - - In-game Issues


    Could you upload a save of it when it happens? To see if it's your machine or if it's the map. The saves should be in: steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms\save Which you easiest get to by right clicking the game on steam, properties, local files, browse local files...


  • Quote from lambdaman: “So what some of you guys are saying is that there are people who have wasted more than 7 years of their lives on the forums. I'm not exactly sure how I feel. ” And each of your posts contribute to your wasting of your life! Hurray! Now go out there and show the world what a productive human machine you are.

  • Links to images doesn't work.

  • The Rage Topic

    LordDz - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    Quote from MisterDigitalGuy: “I wholeheartedly agree. What happened to the days when people actually bothered to verify something before believing it like it was indisputable fact or denying it like it was completely made up? This is the biggest reason why I avoid social media like the plague. ” Those days never existed. It's just that before we never had any social media in the same scale that we do now. But yes, fake news site are bad. I love the fact that we have a few pages in sweden, where …

  • You broke the glass and then broke off a small piece off it again with the crowbar. Isn't the bug just that the crowbar range was shortened? Use noclip and go closer to it and you would probably be able to break more glass off. (I don't know this for sure, just guessing).

  • Quote from Dragunov2: “They Always played well in full screen and just some games using the latest engine are minimizing to taskbar. e.g. Half Life 2 and Black Mesa Mod play well, but Black Mesa Retail and Portal 2 just keep minimizing, not able to play it. I tried Windowed mode, that worked, but I wonder if there is some kind of update done so this games have those bug now Running latest version of Windows 10 Insider Fat Ring and Steam Beta ” Well -windowed -noborder and you have both fullscree…

  • Do you play in Windowed mode or not? If not, try it.. -windowed -noborder -console in launch settings.

  • Quote from Maxey: “Quote from lambdaman: “I was testing out how well Half-Life 2 runs on my PC, so I removed the FPS cap and turned my settings to minimum. Turns out my graphics card likes it when I turn it up to max, because I was getting maximum of 500 fps compared to 400 in Black Mesa East. Thanks Valve. ” Turns out modern graphics cards actually run certain stuff better at higher settings than they do at low. A few years ago when I got a new GPU, I ran some tests and noticed some games perfo…