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  • Quote from geekofalltrades: “ ” when potato quality just isnt potato enough so you need the console

  • even in my head this plays, how 2 stop

  • Roses are red, patience is the key, one day i hope that you won't friendzone me

  • The Happy Topic

    lambdaman - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    Quote from Shaddy: “Feeling pretty good right now. Mom's back from her parents in California, finals week is over, new Steven Universe, Dragon Ball, JoJo (well the dub at least) and Sonic Boom episodes coming regularly, and to top it off, I actually have enough money to buy a new console on launch for once (though, I probably won't be, seeing as how Nindy's handling supplying the thing to retailers). My dad's got a job that he actually enjoys, my sister's had a ton of fun watching One Piece with…

  • Five days into school (started on the 1st cuz australia) and our geography teacher has already managed to state, without hesitation, that he doesn't like our class. Though, it's mainly because we're a bunch of cunts who come late and talk when we aren't supposed to, except me, I'm too much of a nerd. As a result of this, he raises his voice even at one person who does something wrong like not bring their books or come late, and he wastes 5 minutes in total of a period of 43. I guess you could sa…

  • Black Mesa Classic Weapons

    lambdaman - - The Test Chamber


    Looks 100% dank. Keep up the good work EDIT: imagine classic hl1 weapon sounds + this classic weapon pack, pretty soon theres gonna be people fucking up wall textures to make it look like hl1

  • Quote from Dragunov2: “Quote from TextFAMGUY1: “Our screenshot has no HL1 counterpart. It's an entirely new area. ” Then they (Valve) forgot to add this part to the Original HL game! ” Soon, Valve will realise they dun fucked up and add more Xen in an entirely new update called the HLX (Half-Life Xen) update, and to access it you will need to buy an access pass which costs $12! If you want more, you will need to purchase new packs such as the "Xen Achievement Pack" with 19 new achievements, for …

  • Main problem with me for Decay wasn't the storyline; I'm somewhat familiar with it, it's more of the version I got had the player, when switch out, look to a default location and that fucked things up. Also some not so obvious things in-game that also fucked me over e.g: (Hidden Content) but otherwise pretty good

  • I was playing the PC mod for HL:Decay for about 30 minutes, then when I was browsing my game library looking for something to play, I thought about the second player (was playing in SP cuz im a loner) Send help, please.

  • This is probably naive of me to think such a thing, but if a group of people want the magical Xen cave to be orange, wouldn't there be a mod changing lighting effects a week after Xen is released? I don't think there's anything preventing anyone to be making mods that change the map, although yeah its gonna take a while, just keep in mind Source can be heavily modded, this is *technically* a mod (in literal terms) as well P.S: I don't know anything about mapping so go ahead and roast me if you w…

  • So what some of you guys are saying is that there are people who have wasted more than 7 years of their lives on the forums. I'm not exactly sure how I feel.

  • Account name origin

    lambdaman - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    For some reason I thought you weren't an American due to that name. Racism confirmed!

  • Second question of the question time! I've been digging 'round the forums because I love secrets and shit, and the 'FAQ' thread made in 2009 suggests that there was an earlier forums. What happened to it, can someone link me it, and how long has it been around for?

  • So why the account deletion? Personal choice or...?

  • I'm a guy who likes to know stuff. My question is, who is "Raminator", and why is his account deleted? Did he do some very bad mean shit?

  • I was testing out how well Half-Life 2 runs on my PC, so I removed the FPS cap and turned my settings to minimum. Turns out my graphics card likes it when I turn it up to max, because I was getting maximum of 500 fps compared to 400 in Black Mesa East. Thanks Valve.

  • It's Barney's twin brother with a mustache, Arnie Calhoun. One time, he shaved his mustache and Gordon gave $20 to the wrong Calhoun for beer payments, and now Arnie is $20 richer. Goddamn you, Arnie.

  • @Kamikal let's have a drink at the barbie moite! Happy birthday, may you turn more multiples of 18.

  • Quote from wayne_acoba: “Hotline Miami 2: Wrong number ...back to a ultrabrutal, murdurous yet stylish killing frenzy fueled by heart-pounding electronic music. I love it. ” That's weird, because I recently picked it up in the Steam sale and started playing it close to when the year started. (3rd Jan) I loved the game, and the music.

  • Last Film You Saw

    lambdaman - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    I'm way too late but I watched Rogue One a couple days ago. My family didn't like it as much as me as they wanted to see some more well-known characters, I liked it a lot though, aside from some nitpickings.