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  • I can imagine how easy of an oversight this must have been to make, and I didn't notice it until I was testing the OnDamaged output in a map I was working on, but something to look into fixing. After all, even a non-tranquilizer crossbow shouldn't be able to pierce the LAV's armor, let alone blow the entire thing up.

  • I put this in the other Op4 thread, but in case you check this one first, you do have the tools - check your Black Mesa/bin directory for Hammer. As for the knowledge required for source modding, the majority of it can be found at the VDC - everything but tutorials for photoshop and external modelling packages, and those can be found online with a quick google search. If you want to learn how to make mods, don't start by listing off problems - start by looking for solutions! One caveat, though; …

  • Both Hammer and the 2013 SDK are free. And Hammer for Black Mesa is under steam/steamapps/common/Black Mesa/bin - so if you have Black Mesa, you already have it installed.

  • M16

    JeffMOD - - The Cafeteria


    Odd, I didn't notice that when I was going through the weapon mods on the workshop - only the sound one. Well, there you go - It's been done, and it's up on the workshop, so you can just subscribe to that and get the M4.

  • M16

    JeffMOD - - The Cafeteria


    The M16/M4 was going to be in the game as an optional replacement for the Mp5, like the HL1 HD pack. It was scrapped during development of the mod version since it wasn't a big priority. Someone could make one and upload it to the workshop as a mod to replace the Mp5, and I'm actually surprised that it hasn't happened yet.

  • Be safe! Also happy Valentines day, I guess. Maybe you'll meet someone nice in the hilltop evac center?

  • It's always been like that - even as far back as Goldsource. As long as the map doesn't leak, at least. Some devs like to use the "cull nodraw" option in Hammer to see inside the map through nodraw brushes, others just use it in case they leave some geometry technically visible when it shouldn't be.

  • I mean, yes, but the people making the decision to fire people aren't going to choose themselves.

  • I hate it when that happens. Except the sleepy part. I wish I could get sleepy. I get tired and then spend 3 hours in bed waiting to fall asleep.

  • Yeah, I wasn't the hugest fan of it. Don't get me wrong, I liked a lot of the ideas in it, the storyline, the new characters, etc. But it was a chore to play singleplayer, certain scenes seemed shoehorned in, and from what I remember, basically all the puzzles are variations of "One player has to stand here while the other player goes on ahead." It's an interesting concept, but... it needs refinement.

  • With your permission, I might start feeding these onto our facebook page - lots of funny memories there.

  • Account name origin

    JeffMOD - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    Quote from Crypt: “You're name ” Your* Of, if you're a member of the HECU, Yore.

  • IIRC I joined 2 crashes ago. The forums were already pretty old by internet standards by that time. (Late '08 or early '09, I think?) Sad that all the old threads got lost in the last crash. I do miss some of the old times, such as the "Black Messiah" incident and the legend of Fee. And of course the artistic mastery that was Call of Duty: Science Mesa.

  • The crowbar hits everything else. This is an issue specifically with the func_breakable_surf entity, both in the official maps and custom maps. This has also been an issue since the original steam release, presumably due to the engine change - I reported it in the "How to report an issue" thread around release, but it got buried. Since the bug still exists, I figured it should get its own thread to ensure the devs were aware of it.

  • The small piece breaking apart was due to a physics prop settling after I knocked into it. I've gotten to point blank range with the crowbar, any closer and the player collision hull would start breaking the glass instead. Note how in the video I also hit the frame through the glass a few times. That shouldn't happen if it's a range issue.

  • As requested. As you can see, grenades don't affect the entity, but satchels and generic physics props do.

  • The Rage Topic

    JeffMOD - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    Is it possible to copy system32, delete the file, and put the copy back where it goes, or does deleting system32 trigger a system restart?

  • func_breakable_surf is able to be initially shattered by the crowbar as with all other weapons, however, once shattered, the crowbar stops affecting (or registering collisions for) the remaining shards. Bullets, physics props, explosions, and the player all cause the expected interactions with the entity - the crowbar is the only thing I've found that does not clear away shards in BM that did in HL2 and the Episodes. Given the rarity of func_breakable_surf outside of AM and select portions of QE…

  • Missing door reflection

    JeffMOD - - In-game Issues


    Odd, it looks like none of the static props are being reflected at all - there's only the shadows where those pipes should be, too. You say you have everything on high, but is the water set to reflect all? I know that that's one of the things that's never been properly auto-detected in Source.