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  • Quote from Kamikal: “unknown.png Part of me wants to leave this at 1999 hours forever so I never have to say I put 2,000 hours into a game. ” you're going to have to get 2,000 hours somehow, plus you have an achievement you can brag about Tqs4FiQ.gif

  • How would you guys pronounce Dvorak? Would you pronounce it like Duh-vor-ack or D-V-O-R-A-K or some other way?

  • are there benefits for dvorak compared to qwerty

  • Honestly, I don't mind what month the Xen update comes out as long as the developers have worked hard and that they give us a kickass update. <inb4 they were pulling a valvetime on us>

  • Quote from CyankeeMassey: “I actually like Arby's. Fuck. Edit- is a bogan a dude-bro equivalent? ” yeah, sorta, the characteristics of typical bogans include: - Patriotism (especially barbies m8, best way to show it) - Use of Aussie slang (like 'yeah the boys' and other stuff) - Likes footy (australian football) - Overly 'masculine' - Drinks beer - Tends to be aggressive sometimes - Really, really hates other races, i.e Muslims (which Australia, or at least Victoria, has a bunch of) - Does not f…

  • sorry for derailing your awesome arby's posts guys, but i have a story Picture me, some guy that's travelling back to school from a war memorial service of some sort. I took a train back to school. There were these two guys that got into the same carriage as me, though at a different station. These two guys look and sound like the typical Australian 'bogan' types. Firstly, they brought what looked like beer into the train and unpacked it when they sat down. At first, naive me thought it was appl…

  • "People do crazy things when they're in ads... like eat at Arby's!" "I'm so hungry I could eat at Arby's!" "If I can keep down Arby's I can keep down this." idk what special relevance these have, but we're talking about Arby's so...

  • The Rage Topic

    lambdaman - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    We had an athletics day where i was, once again, sitting on the sidelines cheering (not really) my mates to win. But, in an interesting turn of events, one of the younger students had the bright idea to squish his water bottle to eject water onto his friends. Almost all of that water landed on me and my friend beside me. It was even worse, too, since my friend was playing with a pen that was a battery. Soon after, some other person decided to splash water from his water bottle onto his friend as…

  • Portal 2 : Repercussions

    lambdaman - -


    Lamarr, that's some awesome work you've done. I wanted to post a clap gif but there aren't enough in the world.

  • holy fuck that looks like something i'd see an article on

  • can i shitpost gotta go fast memes just for you shaddy

  • What Shaddy said. I recommend you watch it if you're into Half-Life, the writing is great.

  • just the Freeman's Mind series (original) as in how people refer to Half-Life as HL1 etc, not like Battlefield 1 tho

  • FM2 has been confirmed to be not a joke! Now I'm even more hyped! (go to 4:31 if the time link doesn't work)

  • but why jeans tho i bet a shirt worn on the legs makes no difference at all

  • Quote from shingeki_is_real: “Quote from Admiral Sakai: “5. Weird, empty bookcases look weird and empty. Why are bookcases even in a conference room to begin with? ” Books, Records, Research and stolen memes from Aperture Science... @TextFAMGUY1, @AdmiralSakai, btw, I've been doing the idea thing you've been telling me.. and I'm starting to re-texture and modify things.. ” I think conference rooms should have more administrative things. Bookcases should be left to the research or archives people…

  • On the topic of small little details: Now, granted, most of these aren't little details, but have some of them worked their way into Black Mesa? (e.g feeding bullsquid or shockwave behaviour) If they haven't, it would be really cool if they did. I know you guys are working on Xen and all that stuff, but this could probably be implemented later.

  • There is one post between this post and Tiki's most recent post. One letter after L in HL3 is M. HM3... HOTLINE MIAMI 3 IS CONFIRMED GUYS, TIME TO GET NEW 'R' KEYS

  • Xen isn't much on story (unless you're into theorizing like mad) but it links together some important bits between HL1 and HL2. My best bet is to play Xen on Half-Life 1 then move onto HL2, if you're going to delve into the story a lot. Otherwise, play HL2 because some of the NPCs give context into HL1's Xen in there.

  • Pre-Black-Mesa Black Mesa

    lambdaman - -


    These new textures are awesome. Where did you get these super high-quality textures? (i like open-world adventure games so the april fool's joke is on you)