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  • The Rage Topic

    JeffMOD - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    My body is an indecisive asshole and I lost 3 hours of sleep because it couldn't decide if it wanted to vomit or not. Had all the warning signs, including preliminary heaves, only to come up dry, then repeat the process all night. If you're gonna do it, get on with it, if not, don't press the panic button, you little shit.

  • Quote from Shaddy: “The last time someone found something they thought was me, it wasn't me. I'm not particularly ashamed of any of my tweets, either. It's not like unearthing one of my old terrible LPs or Sonic fan characters. There's little that I believe would be considered "cringy" on my twitter, although I suppose I use caps a lot. What comment thread, anyway? ” It was on a tweet by youtuber YuriofWind, wherein he posted a scene from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Also the twitter account…

  • I just found Shaddy's twitter entirely by accident by clicking on a comment thread.

  • Happy Birthday! I could give you a clue as a present, but it'd be a fake one, so I won't.

  • Quote from Shaddy: “I could see why he'd ask. Sometimes save files aren't totally compatible between different versions of games, even ones that don't replace the last 1/6th in an update. This one probably won't though since it's more like modifying existing files rather than moving a save between two different versions of an entire game ” Well, I mean, it's Xen. There are sure to be lots of code changes/additions what with the new NPCs and such. Hopefully won't break saves, but it might.

  • [ARG] The Pizza Code Mystery

    JeffMOD - - The Cafeteria


    As someone who has used that trick, can recommend stitching them together. A single SSTV image doesn't offer much resolution.

  • You three, Do you enjoy hurting other people? Wait... 3 HL3 shitposts in a row... OH MY GOD! HALF-LIFE 3 CONF-

  • Yeah, if you use a vending machine (or break them, a feature that was in HL1 but didn't serve to heal you) you still get 1 hitpoint per can as in HL1. I seem to recall this was not the case at one point in development, (and your wording indicates you were around the forums at that point) but env_beverage is back, baby!

  • We've waited a decade since the project was first started, another couple months without new Xen media isn't going to kill anyone. Just be patient, don't call on the devs to ruin the surprise.

  • This happens to me literally any time I buy tickets for anything, including movies. I don't like going places, even if I know I'll have fun. I also have this thing where I get really panicked internally if I'm alone (Not with anyone I know) in a large crowd or line, to the point where I feel like crying. It's overwhelming for me.

  • Super Mario World. First experience was with the second controller while my brother played a 1-player file.

  • Moon Sprite In Black Mesa?

    JeffMOD - - The Test Chamber


    You can't change env_sun to look like the moon, however, if you create an info_particle_system with the 'Particle System Name' value set to oar_nightsky_moon (And have it start active, of course!) and place that in your map's 3D skybox, you'll get the same beautiful moon as On A Rail had. EDIT: Just uh, make sure the info_particle system is way above the map, because it's pretty bloody massive, even in full map scale instead of the standard 1/16th - Vt5wRRg.jpg Kind of looks like it belongs in T…

  • There is absolutely no need for a Matrix reboot. (and it could be argued that the final 1.5 movies were unnecessary as well) Also, I have no idea how the hell they'd even pull it off. The late 90s/early 2000s grunge aesthetic were essential to the look and feel of the film, as well as parts of the plot (where the hell are you gonna find a payphone nowadays?) and I highly doubt a reboot is gonna have it set in the past instead of a super shiny (and flat, and shitty) neo-present (no Matrix pun int…

  • If memory serves, he left the team after the initial mod release, as he had become tired of doing game development. I guess after he wasn't part of the team, he didn't feel any desire to stay active on the forums.

  • Anime/Manga Thread

    JeffMOD - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    So, my top pics for this season have got to be Konosuba Season 2: uh3nn1e.jpg And Youjo Senki: Youjo%20Senki%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2015.jpg Two very different animes that both happen to have great faces for turning into reaction images.

  • Glad you figured out the cause (I was coming in here to tell you to compile with RAD/HDR) but this thread is definitely one that needs attention from the devs, IMO. It's an issue that can be worked around, but it's still an issue, and it slows down development time by causing designers to have to re-compile their lighting when making only gameplay tweaks.

  • If possible, password protect your stuff. If not, hide it somewhere obscure, maybe?

  • New weapons?

    JeffMOD - - The Test Chamber


    Some kind of script system would be cool, but I don't know that that sort of thing is under the pervue of "Recreate Half-Life in Source" Maybe as a post-Xen update they could do that - if they do, I'd also much appreciate exposing a few entity parameters, such as models for HEV and Health chargers, pickups, the ability to choose which MP arms the player uses in SP maps, etc. Not that I expect them to do that, as it's a lot of work that wouldn't improve the base game and would probably go underus…

  • Quote from Johnwalter: “Damage is damage. ” Quote from shingeki_is_real: “I think that's because of the great damage caused by crossbows on entities, as they could just one-shot kill normal npc and enemy entities... ” Well that's kind of the thing - bullets don't damage the LAV at all, neither does the crowbar, hivehand, etc. There's a damage filter on it that excludes most damage types so that you have to use explosives on the LAV, regardless of how much damage the other weapons deal. But someh…