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  • Summer Update

    JeffMOD - - News & Developer Updates


    Having to delay (and then having to announce it publicly) is always hard, but I'm glad it's in the name of getting improvements like this in the game! The deferred light thing in particular really excites me and I'd like to see more details - Is the entire renderer deferred now, or is there still a bunch of forward rendering going on? Are the dynamic deferred lights their own entity, or is it a flag on the existing light entities? How many of these can we use at once before the game slows to a c…

  • John Guthrie, notable to HL1 fans for being a level designer for On A Rail and the Uplink demo, as well as having the locker with ammo in it, has left Valve. They keep bleeding good people.

  • Instructions unclear - stabbed self everywhere

  • Xen Timeline

    JeffMOD - - News & Developer Updates


    I would love to see a L4D/Alien Swarm-style colour parameter on props - I could see myself getting a lot of use out of that with custom assets, and a lot of the vehicle models added in the STU update are L4D2 models built with that feature in mind. There could potentially be some use in applying that tech to xenian landscapes as well, to boost variation in the organic and rock props without creating whole new skins. That said, even the new models they've already shown off in that one screenshot …

  • I had a couple mp3s from the community contest and Joel's in-progress work lying around at some point, but I'm not sure what happened to them. Which is a shame, because I really want to listen to Nik Petsev's (sp?) track Resonance right now.

  • Also when it was reported the game was being delayed both the developers and the reporter who broke the story got death threats. NMS basically had more hype pre-release than HL3 ever did, and that was without the devs having a good track record or showing anything other than bullshots. I don't get it, myself.

  • Such is the difference between HL1 and 2. Hopefully he'll get back in the swing of things once it gets to the sections of the game where Gordon is mostly alone.

  • Now we can all make OC the hedgehog, albeit an "underpowered" (read: balanced) version.

  • Welp, looks like I got myself in hot water over a single sentence on facebook. An acquaintance made a post saying how they enjoyed watching videos of protesters getting run over by cars, to which I said "That's pretty fucked up, dude" (Because who the hell gets enjoyment out of seeing people get seriously injured or killed in real life besides Snuff film aficionados?) and apparently that means I've now "ruined his reputation" and "humiliated him" Uhhh, sure. Yeah, any backlash was definitely due…

  • As far as I've been able to tell, the particle editor has been broken in every published build of Steam BM so far. Haven't been able to get it to run at all. I guess it runs for the devs though, because I think they made some custom ones as recently as ST:U. Not sure what they do differently from the rest of us.

  • Anime/Manga Thread

    JeffMOD - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    The anime for this is very relaxing. EDIT 2016-05-14: Finally got around to watching Re:ZERO. I haven't cried this damn hard at an anime in years.

  • Quote from Crypt: “Jif confirmed for burger-loving furweeb ” I think you mean burger-loving tacoweeb. aOBA4ER.jpg

  • Hey, I like anime, I like good burgers, neither of those things make me a furry.

  • Yeah, basically whoever runs their twitter was being smug, and then someone on the internet was like "Wendy's reminds me of a smug anime girl" and then it blew up from there.

  • The Rage Topic

    JeffMOD - - Raminator's Ladies Club


    My body is an indecisive asshole and I lost 3 hours of sleep because it couldn't decide if it wanted to vomit or not. Had all the warning signs, including preliminary heaves, only to come up dry, then repeat the process all night. If you're gonna do it, get on with it, if not, don't press the panic button, you little shit.

  • Quote from Shaddy: “The last time someone found something they thought was me, it wasn't me. I'm not particularly ashamed of any of my tweets, either. It's not like unearthing one of my old terrible LPs or Sonic fan characters. There's little that I believe would be considered "cringy" on my twitter, although I suppose I use caps a lot. What comment thread, anyway? ” It was on a tweet by youtuber YuriofWind, wherein he posted a scene from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Also the twitter account…

  • I just found Shaddy's twitter entirely by accident by clicking on a comment thread.

  • Happy Birthday! I could give you a clue as a present, but it'd be a fake one, so I won't.

  • Quote from Shaddy: “I could see why he'd ask. Sometimes save files aren't totally compatible between different versions of games, even ones that don't replace the last 1/6th in an update. This one probably won't though since it's more like modifying existing files rather than moving a save between two different versions of an entire game ” Well, I mean, it's Xen. There are sure to be lots of code changes/additions what with the new NPCs and such. Hopefully won't break saves, but it might.

  • [ARG] The Pizza Code Mystery

    JeffMOD - - The Cafeteria


    As someone who has used that trick, can recommend stitching them together. A single SSTV image doesn't offer much resolution.