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  • I wish I could help you but I know nothing.As HL1 fan I want to say that it's always nice to see more original things being implemented into BM,can't wait to play with Juniez pack and your icons.I also subscribed on your HL1-style ammo pack in workshop.Do you have any plans to implement HL1 style HUD in Black Mesa?

  • I would love to play Decay in solo mode since it's almost impossible to implement coop into BM.Will we see some scrapped maps from original Decay?Are you going to add new maps or rework some of them?Will we see new dialogues?

  • Black Mesa: Black Ops

    Nova Terra - - Show Off

    Post So it will be something like that?What features are planned?Are you going to add new weapons\enemies?Will we meet some allies and kill some scientists\HECU?

  • Summer Update

    Nova Terra - - News & Developer Updates


    Quote from Stobing17: “And while it's sad that they'll probably tone down the platforming from the original (thanks to those who can't do a proper jump for two cents) ” Platforming was unfun it was simply frustrating when you misstep or use the wrong key(hello crouch jumping) and all your progress lost.It was a real problem not only in Xen but on cliff map from Surface Tension too.

  • Quote from AsinoEsel: “I guess that would make sense, although that sounds like kind of a big coincidence to me. Exactly one hour after Gordon enters the tram? Hm. ” Yeah,it seems like we've spend about one hour to reach office complex,plus HECU needed about 20 minutes to arrive in Black Mesa to meet the first survivors,to see the scale and enemies and to report it for their HQ.

  • Quote from AsinoEsel: “Inbound. The resonance cascade is happening a few minutes later, at 8:58 according to the Half-Life Wiki (quoting Marc Laidlaw as source). It's a small little detail that nobody is ever going to notice, but hey... ” I guess 9:47 AM is the time when the US government was informed about the scale of Black Mesa disaster also you can see that HECU is already dispatched from that report so it seems they spend about 30 minutes discussing what to do with Black Mesa and decided to…

  • Quote from snark567: “Unless you show images of level's that aren't so influenced from ocean life (which you seem to refuse to do) then it's easier to assume that levels differing from earthly inspired caves and coral reefs won't be too common. ” CC said we will see more alien-ish levels in Xen and there will be more crazy levels than it was in original so it makes sense they won't showing you their main features yet.You will start from said "caves" and then you will see more and more stuff whic…

  • Summer Update

    Nova Terra - - News & Developer Updates


    Quote from TextFAMGUY1: “Quote from guesswho312: “Would we be getting a public beta for the Xen update like we had with Crossfire and Surface Tension Uncut? ” No. But we are planning to deploy the engine (minus Xen content) before we deploy the actual Xen content, as a way of making sure that Xen's engine branch is stable and functional for everyone before we actually drop the Xen content. This will hopefully make the actual release of Xen very smooth, as we then only need to add content to the …

  • Summer Update

    Nova Terra - - News & Developer Updates


    Believe me or not but I had a dream during a sleep today about looking on some stuff from Xen update on Steam,it was something blue-ish and then I wake up turning my PC on and guess what I see?Those blue skies that I saw during the sleep but they are real!

  • Quote from Johnwalter: “Try to put yourself in a game dev shoes. Very brief example: 1. Wake up 2. Go to work 3. Go back home 4. Do chores if there are some 5. Work on the game 6. Go to sleep ” I love Black Mesa but you don't need to glorify it so much.I dreamed of HL1 on Source since HL2 came out,but they don't work on it for free.It's like your 2nd job,your boss(customer) most likely always will be unsatisfied,but you get money from it so it's not a slavery. Quote from Johnwalter: “ She's talk…

  • Quote from snark567: “Found a new Xen leak screenshot XEN%2BIS%2BRAPE.png ” At least it's faithful to original.

  • Antlion Level

    Nova Terra - - The Cafeteria


    Just add some voicelines\antilon eggs in vortigaunt "homes" or something like rock paintings with antilons on them.

  • Quote from Epitaph: “Ok time for Easter Holidays Screenshot. Don't let the Easter Bunnies get mad... ” Ye let us see that cave from another perspective.

  • Honestly if they release Xen 2-3 month later after summer to work on HECU animations and human animation in generall,I'll be happy because seeing those combine and metrocop animations aren't satisfying because it is a new game and it was normal back when it was a mod,not a standalone game.

  • If Valve ever will release Episode 3\Half-Life 3 I hope they will improve Combine AI a lot.I often criticize HECU AI in Black Mesa but it is so much better by a large margin than Overwatch one.

  • I like their vision:you shouldn't reinvent a wheel,all you have to do is to keep your gameplay and atmosphere as close as possible to original while removing all meaningless stuff.It seems like they want to add the new enemies because I don't recall anything similar to creatures on second art in Opposing Force.I also like their AI demonstration and sky textures and I hope we will have a lot of cross mods so people who like OBM\Black Mesa version more will be able to change the textures\NPCs\loca…

  • It's Time to Call It, Guys

    Nova Terra - - Half-Life Series


    Not surprised.

  • The Nihilanth's neck part from your art reminds me of Christmas garland.

  • I'm kinda late but I like this screenshot.It is great to see more "human" Xen like it was in Blue Shift that was considered the greatest Xen version rather than HL1 one.

  • Game trailers thread

    Nova Terra - - Technology and Gaming


    Quote from Chickenprotector: “I'll leave this here: ” What a shitty facial animation,it is much worse than it was in HL2 which was made 12 years ago.The environment looks pretty as well as NPCs.I am also sceptical about the "each planet has its own story" thing and those monsters which are just standing on the fields and do nothing,reminds me of early 2000s RPGs rather than 100 000 000$ or more next gen game with three amazing predecessors that was in development …