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  • most of what this guy posted is something I didn't know about Half-Life. Breast jiggle physics for assassins for example

  • Someone made a barney model in workshop, but that replaces other security guard models as well I think. Wouldn't hurt to simply add that

  • This guy created a video of the whole Black Mesa Incident top down, really shows the scale of the disaster. Also there's the perspectives of the 3 protagonists.

  • Summer Update

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    I'm not gonna lie saying that I'm not a bit disappointed by the delay, but I understand completely. I have to give credit that this team has achieved what we're looking at in any time. I just hope I won't die for some reason before actually playing the game again. As for your december "do-or-die" release, I don't know if you had to do that, unless you're 100% sure you will achieve it by then. You never know when some horrible error shows up somewhere requiring another delay. Anyway, I appreciate…

  • So, summer's getting close, how is it coming along so far?

  • remember when meet the pyro or even meet the medic was something we never thought valve would release? Yet here we are

  • Xen Timeline

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    Does Joel have any samples of the Xen music to share? Or just keeping it a surprise until it gets released?

  • rambling ideas

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    I actually like the Z.E.V and H.E.V survivor idea. I don't know how difficult the Z.E.V might be to make with the long jump, but, can't be to bad to have some kind of zombie in xen as well. I hope these 2 ideas won't contradict with the devs' plans for xen too much, because, I really don't see them being too much of trouble to make (apart from the long-jump module maybe).