Custom TF2 game mode (Bot Defend) - Needs public testing

    • Custom TF2 game mode (Bot Defend) - Needs public testing

      I've been working on a plugin for TF2 for a while. Essentially, it's a custom game mode with modified rules. The features are more or less implemented, but I need to test it publicly with a group of people to see if it's fun to play and get feedback. (I think 10 players should be enough)

      I'm able to host a server. With a tickrate of 33 I'm sure even my crappy bandwidth can handle it.

      If you're interested, join the group:

      Also sorry if it isn't really correct to post this in Showoff section, I didn't really show off anything here. :P

      Edit: It's best if you live in the Europe area so our time zones would match and the ping wouldn't rise ridiculously high.

      Overview of the game:
      Players are divided to two teams. The blue team players are forced to play the medic class, red team plays as scouts. Server also spawn a bot.
      No one in this game can die except for the bot. When the bot dies, red team wins. If bot survives the round, blue team wins. Bot dies from a single hit (one pistol shot is enough).
      So in order to keep the bot alive, medics are forced to continuously keep the bot invulnerable. Getting charged by healing team mates is not an efficient method, so medics chase the scouts to hit them with ubersaws. Because real players cannot die, scouts cannot fend medics off with weapons, so they must avoid them as much as they can. If scouts are succesful, the medics won't get the charge in time and the bot will have a moment of uninvulnerability. This is enough time for the scouts to take him out. Also, by changing the plugin settings, server may spawn a second bot that tries to kill the first bot by continuously firing at him.

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    • Sounds interesting.

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      Will there be hats?


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    • It's not really VIP, because there is no progression from the control point to the other. Bot stands still in one spot in the open. Point of the game is to keep him invulnerable during the whole round.
      It's more like a more glorified version of tag: medics try to catch the scouts and hit them with their saws. Scouts try to avoid the medics.