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    • Thanks :) is there a download of 'Guard Duty' like Black Mesa because I can not find it ? :(
      Favourite Games: 'Gyruss', The Last Ninja, Kane II, Star Wars (1983), 'Landstalker', 'Tomb Raider to Angel Of Darkness', 'Half-Life Game Of Year Edition', 'Zelda Link To The Past to Minish Cap', 'Splinter Cell 1 to Chaos Theory', Richard Burns Rally, 'Jedi Knight to Jedi Academy', 'Red Dead Revolver/Redemption', Oblivion
    • I just wanted to say thanks to the Black Mesa team for giving us all what we expected HL:Source to be (and what it totally wasn't).
      The mod was phenomenal, I played it within days of release and it actually exceeded my high expectations!

      Now that the retail version came out I was just glad to be able to support you guys!
      It's still downloading, but I'm already just as excited (if not more) as around the mod version's release, to return to our favorite research facility and see all the new good stuff you guys have come up with.
      Much respect to you guys, I can't believe so many people are complaining about this new version being paid; it felt almost unfair to get the already highly polished mod for free 3 years back!
      I myself was out of wallet funds & with no CC that I'd be ready to use online atm, I went ahead and parted with my expensive-ish AK-47 skin (CS:GO) to buy Black Mesa, but I am simply glad that I can support the development of something I've followed over so many years & dammit; you guys keep delivering! Okay, we all were hoping for Xen already, but I have faith in you coming up with something totally unique; it was probably a wise choice not to rush it.

      So well, sure, you guys might have kind of adopted Valve time, heh, but hey, at least this is no Duke Nukem Forever (Ugh..)..

      You guys were able to reinvigorate the game I pretty much have to play at least once a year as it is. You were able to craft an experience so fresh yet so familiar.. (..and I thought I had a way with words, but... that is the best way I can describe it).
      Utterly amazing. And I'm still talking about the mod version.. Can't wait to experience the improved AI, the new lightning and and...

      Not sure if this will reach the devs, but I sure hope so! Much respect from another HL aficionado. Keep it up!
    • the mood was set so nicely for dialogue sections and chapters, lighting and all. the short music blurbs as the scientists explain things to you get honorable mentions, and i love the ambient music effects for big ominous areas, like the big crate smashing room in UC, or the start of questionable ethics

      honestly, when i walked through the door starting qe, i thought you guys were changing the area into a horror section with the dark evil lighting of the big pod and the wishy washy ambient music effect. i got a bit paranoid for the duration of that part
    • Greetings, I am Fake Gabe Newell, I used to have an account called "Gabe Newell" but I couldn't get the damn thing authorized properly so I switched to this. I love Black Mesa, and its realism. My main love for this game, as well as Valve games themselves is the unneeded detail, for example, lighting a zombie on fire in parts of Office Complex sets the sprinklers off, a feature few will notice, and those who do will be further immersed into the metaphorical gelatinous liquid that represents this game. You seem to do a lotta improvement on level design compared to Half-Life which seemed to have rather inexplicable things, and as demonstrated in web series "Freeman's Mind," the entire game is based around a gun-toting badass in a hazard suit not being able to do a pull-up. Other things I really love is that you are the one game who has realistic airplane noises, I mean seriously, how hard is it for other devs to go outside a few miles from an airport, wait for a jet plane to pass, and record it! Love has been shared, shutting down.
    • Hi, I bought the game yesterday after playing the free version once when that was first released. I'm blown away by it and almost feel guilty for buying it while on sale (I'm a poor student). It's beautiful, a true work of art and a worthy tribute to the original. I'm only 4 hours in (just got to On a Rail) but already I've been very impressed. I'm excited about the content update in December, it looks like there's a tonne of additions and improvements. Keep up the good work. This should tide me over until Valve announces HL3 (ha).
    • Hello, Crobwar Collective. I came to say THANK YOU! Just finished the game (Steam version) half hour ago and it was awesome ride. Literally gave me goose bumps and allowed me to time travel 17 years ago to when I first finished original HL1 with my cousin as a teenager. The atmosphere was awesome and I didn't notice any bugs. Great job, will recommend it to my friends for sure!
    • Hi Devs,

      I just wanted to thank you all for your continued work on this game. I've been keeping an eye on the mod (and now standalone game) since the Bullsquid render was posted on moddb and to see it selling on Steam is well deserved. I've enjoyed watching the progress and improvements in mapping, texture work, the re-working and re-imagining of areas, and the build up to releasing the mod and getting the game on Steam. I've found some of the devs blogs and progress updates refreshingly honest and interesting. Over the years there has been a bit of flak from the community about the release date the mod or more information, but I believe there are a lot people, who may remain non-vocal, that have enjoyed playing through Black Mesa once again.

      At the moment, with future content updates inbound, I feel that Black Mesa is currently on a steady course of incremental improvements. This seems to cause a few people to get niggly or make trolling comments on the Steam community, which is a bit of shame in my eyes, but people can post their displeasure. This game has gone through a lot of revision and that has taken time. For now I'm looking forward to the extension of the Surface Tension chapter but also I like the Community additions on the Workshop. There are some clearly talented members out there and I think it is great that the devs have been open and complementary of the work uploaded. I hope being on Steam and having a Workshop provides a good insight for you to prepare for final release (that's if you can get through all the Xen related questions) ^^

      Black Mesa to me does work as a re-imagining of Half-Life, I have always viewed it as that and not a direct replacement. The work that has gone into it so far is, in my opinion, outstanding and helping it stand on its own. I do believe that some of the chapters are better than the ones in Half-Life, not just aesthetically, but from simply trimming or re-working the moments that make little sense to modern standards. The animations and sound design of the laboritories and large equipment in places like QE, and Lambda Core are real specticles for me. I hope you all keep adhering to the quality standards you have set so far and continue to build upon them and polish this game. It is no longer a mod and is getting further away from the 2012 release. I hope that you do now view yourselves as game developers and see how far you have come with Black Mesa (yes, I'm aware that some have current and past experience in making games).

      There has been some gripes over the years with the Steam release but to me it is similar to the backlash of L4D2 release. People will eventually get over it and either not buy it or see it for what it is. You've built a very good game and tweaked and modernised a much loved game in Half-Life. Good luck, keep at it, and thanks once again. That is too all the devs and not just the ones that active on these forums. :)
    • Dear all,
      Bought your half life version on Steam 2 weeks ago as player's community said it was the best fps of 2015 ! Well, curious that the best FPS of 2015 was also the best 1st FPS ever, i had to play to it. And i have to say that you did a really great job, that's 2 weeks of pure fun for me, worth the 20 euros to go back in time, with a really good game, well developped & designed, and i encountered very few & minor bugs. Major companies should have a look to your work organization !
      I expect more than that for the years to come regarding FPS but your work shows the world that not a lot has been done since Half Life, it is still a good adventure and a fantastic game when re-developped with recent technologies, and maybe still one of the best ever.
      I hope that you have plan of yours and a kind of new FPS to come, as i'm fan of it (and really deceived by recent major releases from the industry as i'm getting older ) because you are definitely good at it !
      Thank you all, keep working !
    • Okay, the last time I posted something it was about the Xen levels and what is the current status of them. At that time I was under the impression that there were no updates to the game... then I did a full play through and damn was there an update. I must say that the gameplay has very much improved for me with the addition of the entire Surface Tension is amazing to watch and I must admit it stays true to Half-Life. In my full view of the game as I see it now, I would give it a grade of an A- (until the Xen levels are added). But besides that I must admit that the textures are beautiful and I had a very interesting thought come into my head: what if you had both Black Mesa and Half-Life 2 in one combo (as in after Black Mesa was over, Half Life 2 would start immediately)? It's a suggestion once Black Mesa if fully completed and the Xen levels are added and the game can go to its conclusion. Now I do know of course that doing that would make the gameplay time at least twice-three times as long and the coding would be a nightmare but it's an idea/thought. Besides that, keep up the good work Black Mesa Dev. Team!

      Also in other news: I got the Half-Life Anthology and I think you guys got practically everything from the original Half-Life (except the Xen and the full 'On a Rail'). I just finished Opposing force this morning and it was amazing.
    • This is the one game I never get tired of and keep coming back to. In fact I've just jumped in again after many months away to find Surface Tension Uncut, which is a great achievement in itself.
      I'm a long time HL player since the day it was originally released and whilst I was never a big fan of Xen, I can't wait to see it happen.
      Great work, all done with loving care and the praise heaped on the team is more than deserved.
    • I just wanted to stop in and give my random 2 cents. I only stop here once every year or 2, but I wanted to say that I went back through some of my old posts.....LOL.

      I still wonder if The New (Currently unnamed project) Duke Nukem Game will be released before Xen levels.
    • I wanted to say that I really enjoy playing this 'Half-Life: Source - as it should have been'. Brings back so many memories. The first time I've played the original Half-Life was in 2004, and even though the graphics were outdated, I was a huge fan from the beginning! It also set the standard for me to compare with other games. Not many FPS-games come close to the Half-Life series, in my opinion. Not only storywise, but also gameplay-wise. Black Mesa brings back that (scary) feeling, just like when I was playing HL1 in 2004, and later Half-Life 2 in 2006 (and the expansions and Episodes inbetween). So many 'waaauw' moments. I just love the attention for little details by the devs.

      I was thrilled when I first heard about Black Mesa: Source (around 2009), as HL Source was indeed disappointing; just Half-Life 1 ported to the Source engine, but with HL1 graphics... When the release date was set back over and over again, I kinda lost track of it, but I'm glad I've found it again and can finally play! Can't wait to play the Xen-levels. I liked the Xen fauna and flora that already can be seen at the Black Mesa base. I loved Xen in the original Half-Life, and looking forward to be amazed with the BM-version. Keep up the good work!