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    • well the expectations of this game were huge, due to the long development and this badass trailer. And now this game is even soo much better than i would have ever dreamed.
      It's just perfect. The love to details, this perfect mix of old memories and new elements and i didnt even have noticed a single bug/glitch. It's such an awesome masterpiece! I feel pretty ashamed that i can benefit from ur hard work without paying anything. I'd glad to donate something, is there any possibilty?
    • Just wanted to say:

      THANK YOU!!!

      I just wanted to say, this is 100x better than I expected, fuck for the first time in years I am able to get surprised by everything in black mesa. feels great, yet still has the nostalgic feel, thank you for all your hard work, as I have been following the mod since it was first announced many years ago after the release
      of Half-Life 2, I can say, it was well worth the wait, I never doubted you amazing people who devoted so much time and effort to such an amazing thing, if there is a heaven, you are all going to it for the great deed you have all done.
      But seriously, thank you for taking my childhood game, and renovating it to todays standards. I honestly think, even Gabe Newell would even be impressed with this work.
    • You Guys RULE!

      I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work you've all put into Black Mesa. I've been watching this mod from a distance for years now, but I just played the first few levels, and I am very impressed. All I have to say is, kudos for bringing back one of the first PC games I ever touched and for respecting the original gameplay. In short, I freaking love it. Keep up the impressive work! :freeman:
    • I just wanted to say (before the game finishes installing) that I am soooo thrilled to be able to play this wonderful creation of yours. It has been a long journey, obviously more for you than us (maybe ;)) but we are here! Your finest hour!

      Thank you to all of you who were involved in bringing the best source mod to life!
    • Hey guys! Great job!

      Long time no see. You probably don't remember me at all, because I did very little in the development process (textured the cbar, magnum, tau, gluon, + random doors, hatches, levers, etc). Very happy to see the project completed. It's absolutely incredible!! I wish I could have had stuck around a bit longer, but real life got in the way. I'm amazed at perseverance of the entire mod team throughout all these years. Since the time I left, I managed to get through school and graduate with an MS in engineering physics, and am now working as a laser engineer. What are you guys up to now a days? How have your lives changed since you started the mod? Even if you weren't a dev, how has your life changed since you started anticipating the mod?

      You can really feel the love that went into this game when you play it. Every nook oozes with detail and delicate care. The core changes that I've seen so far are extremely well done. There were certain small areas of the original game that just felt awkward, and so far those have all been replaced with extremely creative transitions and new areas. I've loved every second of the experience so far. Best wishes for the future! You guys are heroes to millions!
    • I'm only a couple hours in thus far, but this is quite easily the best remake I've ever played... It captures the survival horror feeling of the original perfectly, but what i like most is those little touches you've added, such as the blood splatters on your weapons and hands in close combat, the way you can interact with the science team in certain parts before the resonance cascade, and the conversations between black mesa staff members that werent in the original...

      This "mod" if you can even really call it that (I see it as being more of a full fledged game than a mod) really raises the bar in terms of what a remake should be, not only for amateur modders but also AAA developers...

      I cant thank you enough for all your hard work over the last 8 years, the wait has totally been worth it... Thanks again Black Mesa team!
    • Bloody wonderful so far. Modern era fps are so restrictive, only allowing you to jump at scripted locations. I just love this era of gaming where I can jump around like a spastic, Space + CTRL FTW.

      I also love that head-tilt is back, Quake style :) it's a small thing but even back in Quake\Doom era they focused on little immersive features like that.

      The environments are absolutely beautiful, huge credit for that. As for voice acting, it's true that they don't all match and can be a bit goofy, but the actual delivery is quite good, even from white Eli.

    • Wanted to give the devs a big thanks, finished it just now, and I must say, those long years of development were used well. This is one of the best mods I've probably ever played, I'd say as good as a commercial product. I really like the Survival-Horror you really pushed in and, I must say Questionable Ethics was definitely my favorite. I was grinning so much while playing. I shall continue to replay it again and again :D. At least until Xen gets released.

      All in all, big thanks devs, and good luck with BM: DM and Xen!

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    • Let me just say that I was sooo excited after dnlding and installing it as I hit start new game I almost wet myself in anticipation. It was worth the wait welll and truly. How can I say thank you for doing to my most favourite game of all time what can only be described as "Superb". I was astounded that it looks so incredibly professional. You havent missed a thing, details sound even (well I wont spoil it for those who havent played yet). Thank You for all your hard work and determination and I apologise for every time I went to the website and cursed you guys for not saying anything about a release date other than that horrible one line 'We have always gone for a its done when its done approach" Sorry, I now know you had other things to do than pander to uptight fanboys like myself. Did I say Thank you yet! I will donate as soon as I find out how, Ratcat out!
    • Raminator wrote:

      Use this thread to say g'day, express your thanks, and share the love.

      I just have to say, that as I was running around before I got the hazard suit, interacting with everything, and everyone, it felt EXACTLY like it did back in 1999 when I first discovered half-life. Ok, yes I did giggle a bit when I was running around throwing chairs at scientists...

      WELL worth the wait, and I'll go out on a limb to say, it seems that this is was valve was trying to achieve when they first did the game.

      The media releases did not do this mod justice. It has to be the most beatiful work I've ever seen in a game.

      My hat's off to you guys. I would have to call this the BEST. MOD. EVER!