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    • Just finished the game. Had never played HL1 (just watched some "Freemans mind" episodes) but have been a huge fan of the rest of the series.

      This game blew my mind. The effort that has gone into it is just insane, so much modeling and work - can't even begin to think how many hours...

      Amazing game, amazing modeling - amazing everything - and so long! It lasted so long in so many totally different environments. Really astounding, and it was always fun. If fans of a game can create this experience, then I wonder what the heck most game companies are doing.

      Everything just felt right. I had two crashes in total, and could not spot a single bug. I was wondering if the game would hold up to the hype - and it certainly did a hundred times.

      Some great humorous details in the game as well, like in the beginning in the bathroom, the man in the stall asks for someone to give him toilet paper when left-clicking on the stall - many small moments like that gave me good laughs.

      Can't wait for Xen. Valve will hire some of you guys I'm sure.

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    • Completely blown away

      I have been following this mod for many years and the waiting has more than paid off. Sorry for the long post but i really had to let it all out.

      I havent completed the game yet, im just about finished the chapter 'We've got hostiles'. So far i've been completely blown away.

      The level design is outstanding, all the changes from the original half-life makes sense and adds to the realism. The whole complex seems like it was actually used by scientists and such.

      The sounds are extremely impressive. From the music to the minor sound effects everything has surpassed my expectations. The music fits really well with the environments your in and has been produced to a professional standards. The sound effects gives you the feeling that it is all real. I love how the sound effects change as you enter and exit specific rooms and such, and the minor detail ex. humming of an electric generator/box really adds alot to the realism effect. The dialogue is top notch, i was really surprised with the professional quality.

      The models/textures are definetly to a high quality professional standards, and in my opinion surpassing half-life 2 episode 2's models. The amount of detail is incredible.

      The start of the game, after the tram scene and before the cascade, is one of my favourite parts so far. The attention to detail is mind blowing. Everything was pieced perfectly, from the level design to the scripted events. It all seemed very realisitical. I loved the fact that the whole place felt alive. I really felt sorry for them, knowing that most of them were going to suffer a terrible fate, and that isn't a usual feeling i get with games so well done!

      Overal there is alot of replayability, there is too much detail to simply take in with one playthrough.

      So far im over the moon with the mod, i cant stop my self from smiling throughout my playthrough. I want to thank all those who took part in developing this master piece, Black Mesa has by far surpassed my expectations.

      Again thank you.

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    • Well... only after "Unforeseen Consequences" it is clear that you guys did an amazing work on this project. Just for example, the Test-Chamber is a masterpiece: The installation, the sequence... all of it.

      In 1998 a was pretty impressed by HL, now after 14 years it's brilliant to see the game - in an adequate graphic - back. It's a stunnig interpretation of the original. - Thanks!!

      Honestly, I never believed you guys finished it. Respect.
    • I just finished the tram ride and I've already :jizz: at least four times. This is just unbelievable - the quality of the environments, the lighting, the clarity of the text on signs/loose papers.

      The phrases from all the guards and scientists are awesome. The guy at the Sector B door who plays a joke on you... ah man, this is going to take much longer than 8-10 hours :)

      Thank you all for the phenomenal effort!!
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    • Amazing... thanks for this awesome "mod." Calling this a mod is like calling a Ferrari a car, calling filet mignon some food, calling... well you get the idea. I can tell this was a labor of love, but seriously thanks for the hard work that went into this and then releasing it free of charge.
    • Astounding!

      Wow. Where to begin? I've been following the since 2009 and I've been silently, secretly hoping the mod would be finished ever since. And here it is, Black Mesa. An undertaking so mammoth and so cr I have just got up to residual processing and I had to come on here to express my feelings. So much effort, care and attention going into a remake of my most beloved game. You guys deserve so much credit, I cannot thank you enough for doing this
    • Dear developers,
      I can't even express how excited I am now! I've just finished the mod and I think I've got an orgasm from playing it! ;D
      I was enjoying every second of the game from the very first second I started playing!
      It's incredible how such work of an immense size could have been carried out!

      I was absolutely obsessed with the game because the quality of mapping and positioning all the textures is amazing!
      Each corpse / dead body you see you start thinking and imaginating about what could happen here, each peace of an even has its own history thus immersing you into the situation.
      The dimensions of the objects are perfect, everything is detalized so well! All the guns, but more over such ones as gauss gun, gluon gun are madre so awesome that when you pick them up and start using you feel like a king (of the hill)! :D

      Oh god, I'm shocked!
      Sorry for my bad English, 'cuz I'm not a native speaker. I'd say I have no vocabulary at all to describe it, it's undescribable! :D
      I'm so excited, so excited...thank you!!! THANK YOU!!!
      *waiting for a "donate-button" xP*


      Looking forward to the other two parts of this pleasure: BMDM and Xen world!

      THANK YOU!!!

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    • I'm speechless. I forget I'm even playing a fan made mod, and think I'm playing Valve developed remake. I've just reached Power Up and got BBQ'd by the Gargantua :retard:. Everything is simply incredible. Voice acting, gameplay, AI, level design, NPC animations, music, visuals, just amazing. I'd even go as far as to say it's actually better than the original (blasphemy!!!). Will you guys be remaking Opposing Force? :P

      I'd also like to add that you recaptured the originals "essence" so superbly, it shows just how much you understand what made Half Life so great at a fundemental level, and that alone deserves respect from even the most critical Half Life fan.

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    • I've been waiting 6 years for this mod, and it was all completely worth it. I feel comfortable in saying that Black Mesa is not only better than the original Half-Life, it's better than every other straight-shooter I've ever played (barring, perhaps, the first F.E.A.R.). BMS devs, you have crafted a masterpiece of game design that I will never forget, and Xen isn't even out yet!

      The graphics and attention to detail in general are sensational; this is the best the Source Engine has ever looked. Inbound is literally jaw-dropping and gave me the biggest nostalgia boner I've had in ages. I actually gawked at the vistas in Surface Tension and I love how Lambda Core looks like something straight out of Portal 2.

      The brilliantly redesigned levels have eliminated nearly every frustration I ever had with HL1. I used to somewhat dislike On A Rail, Residue Processing, and "Forget About Freeman!" - not anymore! You've done an impeccable job at improving every aspect of the game, though I do think the vorts fire a bit too fast and the marines are a bit too accurate. But those are my only complaints!

      Thank you for this amazing release, guys/gals... can't wait for Xen! (Never thought I'd say that. :D)

      P.S. The soundtrack and voice acting were absolutely amazing (even the marines!). Also, the options on the Black Mesa settings tab don't properly save for me, but it's not really a big deal.

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    • You guys. Seriously, you guys. Never in my life have I been so impresssed with a video game. I never really played much Half-Life back in the day, but I'm so looking forward to this. I have been watching this mod since 2007, every week I would catch up with what you guys were up to. I would be constantly jibed by my friends and co-workers for having your page up on my screen, saying "It's gone, give it up. It will never be out, so just move on." I lost the faith for a bit, but I always believed, deep down, that you would do it. And you did it. You actually did it. You crazy, beautiful bastards.

      I think I love you.

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    • The tram ride alone had more memorable moments than the entirety of HL2 and it's episodes.

      I have laughed, got angry, laughed a little more, run around in circles, laughed harder than I've ever laughed and just when I thought my entertainment levels had peaked, I picked up the Hivehand.

      Incredible work guys. Screw calling this a mod, you have effectively given us a new game, developed with the Source engine, for FREE!

      I will eagerly await the continuation and BMDM.

      Thank you.
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    • Ch-ch-chucklevison

      Just finished and superlatives dissolve into a puddle of joy tears trying to describe how good this game is! I was expecting something better than HL1, but BM puts HL2 in the shade for me. Not going to list every beautiful little detail but must mention the dam fight, incredible!

      Thanks to everyone involved for doing all this work - and giving it away free.
    • I've been looking in on the mod for about a year and a half...once a month or two. Have to's worth the wait. While I'm infuriated with some of the puzzles and battles being a "Die over and over until you get everything 100% right" affair....I'm still loving the game. I've made it to the end of Lambda Core, only to have to quit in the teleporter chamber due to laggy laptop + can't see the controllers past their own attacks. I'll finish it later when I've disabled everything except steam and BM and run a few tweaks to get Source working properly.

      Plus the annoying instakills are still nowhere near as frustrating as parts of games I've paid money for, so it's still a win. While I prefer parts of Half Life (jumping in particular is far easier and feels much smoother than BM), Black Mesa has exceeded it in every other way. Well done to everyone involved.