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    • Bitches, please. -Ahem- KTHXBAI!!11 Is how it is done properly.

      Solomon;438096 wrote:

      The rich and poor have this in common: The [SIZE="4"]L[/SIZE]ORD is maker of them all -Proverbs 22:2

      Christian-American and proud of it.

      If you have any questions about Christianity, PM me.

      God Bless you all
    • TheeGoatPig wrote:

      I just wanna tell you both: good luck. We're all counting on you.

      raw_bean;67462 wrote:

      FYI, When I play Half-Life 2 Gordon is a horny, filthy bastard who fondles Alyx with his eyes but is just about managing not to scare her off by keeping quiet instead of blurting out all the filth that's running through his mind. I swear Eli knows though, with his talk of 'doing our part' to repopulate the species and his knowing winks. It's like he can see my facial expressions (and the bulge in my pants/HEV suit) while I'm playing.

      Nosehole;71643 wrote:

      No one likes you.
    • It's 1am here, and I should go to bed, but I just want to sit and wait for the countdown to be over. My integrated graphics will probably melt at the first attempt to play this mod, but I am looking so forward to playing this, just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and time you've put into this project and for all the work you will continue to put into it until you have completed this monster. yeah. THANKS
    • Guys,

      It's been a very long, bumpy road. Some of us may even have thought that Black Mesa would never be released. When you first announced the project, I was very happy indeed. Finally, someone doing more than Valve managed with HL: Source - still a fun game to play, but nothing like the game you guys had planned. I, like many people, have been absolutely dying to play this beast since the first announcement - there are only a handful of games that I could say this about.

      Finally, we're here. There's been excitement, drama, disappointment, doubt, shit-throwing, and elephants in drag. OK, maybe not the last one. Anyhow, you've pushed through all of that, and I can only imagine the true amount of work that you've put in over the years - especially Ram and the long-term team members.

      So, I'd like to say a huge thank you for this work. 6 hours to release, and my anticipation and excitement for playing this game is just as high as it was when you announced it. The game looks better than it ever did throughout development, and since I've played HL1 god knows how many times now, I'm sure I'll now be replaying BM in it's place. I think I'm actually more excited about playing BM than I was about playing HL2 - and that's saying something.

      I hope you can soon take a well-earned rest, and watch BM make the kind of impact you always hoped it would. It will have a place in gaming history, I'm sure. I also hope you get a phone call from Gabe asking you to do HL3/HL2:EP3 in an official capacity, because I'd sure as hell rather have you guys doing it than Valve blatantly not doing it or screwing it up by introducing fast zombies and hat collecting :)

      Now, even 6 hours is too long. Although, I guess I should do some work in the meantime, it does pay the bills after all.

      Cheers guys :)
    • I've been following this project ever since it was announced back in 2004. I was impressed by the idea and subsequent ambition to make a complete re-vamp of Half Life. When the release was first announced in 2009, I was excited, only to be disappointed by its delay and apparent death. Honestly, I thought something catastrophic happened, such as a massive lost of data which prevented its release.

      Thanks for all the hard work guys, I was shocked and equally impressed when I saw the ValveTime gameplay trailer and the later release announcement. I couldn't believe my eyes.
    • Guys, I'm away for the weekend so will be missing the big launch but just wanted to say well done for all the hard work. Think I joined in 2006 - it's been a rough ride but we made it!! Best of luck
      I'm an occasional drinker, the kind of guy who goes out for a beer and wakes up in Singapore with a full beard.
    • Thank you. :bms:

      Regardless of how your game turns out, your team put in so much effort- and all for free! Now I have to hunt you down and give you $60 each.

      And thank you, Moderators. You've been scrubbing this place of scum for a heck of a long while too.
      Prepare for Balak-Mesa: Goldrc. A texture pack for Black Mesa using only original Half-Life textures and remakes of Black Mesa's new textures remade to fit perfectly in with Half-Life's textures.
    • I'm Chris and I've been watching closely for 6 years, excitedly waiting. Thank you for your dedication to this project. Clearly it's been a huge undertaking. What's it been, 8 years since the project was originally started? All that has come to a close and you're about to unleash it to the world for everyone to experience what could very well be the best (free) FPS video game in a long time, and like Valve, I would hug the fuck out of the team for this.
      And so ends another post of pointless speculation.

      "120% sorry!"